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  • 1. SAS-6 Association with γ-Tubulin Ring Complex Is Required for Centriole Duplication in Human Cells.
    Gupta H; Rajeev R; Sasmal R; Radhakrishnan RM; Anand U; Chandran H; Aparna NR; Agasti S; Manna TK
    Curr Biol; 2020 Jun; 30(12):2395-2403.e4. PubMed ID: 32442461
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  • 2. The ubiquitin ligase FBXW7 targets the centriolar assembly protein HsSAS-6 for degradation and thereby regulates centriole duplication.
    Badarudeen B; Gupta R; Nair SV; Chandrasekharan A; Manna TK
    J Biol Chem; 2020 Apr; 295(14):4428-4437. PubMed ID: 32086376
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  • 3. Human SAS-6 C-Terminus Nucleates and Promotes Microtubule Assembly in Vitro by Binding to Microtubules.
    Gupta H; Badarudeen B; George A; Thomas GE; Gireesh KK; Manna TK
    Biochemistry; 2015 Oct; 54(41):6413-22. PubMed ID: 26422590
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  • 4. HsSAS-6-dependent cartwheel assembly ensures stabilization of centriole intermediates.
    Yoshiba S; Tsuchiya Y; Ohta M; Gupta A; Shiratsuchi G; Nozaki Y; Ashikawa T; Fujiwara T; Natsume T; Kanemaki MT; Kitagawa D
    J Cell Sci; 2019 Jun; 132(12):. PubMed ID: 31164447
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  • 5. RBM14 prevents assembly of centriolar protein complexes and maintains mitotic spindle integrity.
    Shiratsuchi G; Takaoka K; Ashikawa T; Hamada H; Kitagawa D
    EMBO J; 2015 Jan; 34(1):97-114. PubMed ID: 25385835
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  • 6. A Short CEP135 Splice Isoform Controls Centriole Duplication.
    Dahl KD; Sankaran DG; Bayless BA; Pinter ME; Galati DF; Heasley LR; Giddings TH; Pearson CG
    Curr Biol; 2015 Oct; 25(19):2591-6. PubMed ID: 26412126
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  • 7. GCP6 is a substrate of Plk4 and required for centriole duplication.
    Bahtz R; Seidler J; Arnold M; Haselmann-Weiss U; Antony C; Lehmann WD; Hoffmann I
    J Cell Sci; 2012 Jan; 125(Pt 2):486-96. PubMed ID: 22302995
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  • 8. PLK4-phosphorylated NEDD1 facilitates cartwheel assembly and centriole biogenesis initiations.
    Chi W; Wang G; Xin G; Jiang Q; Zhang C
    J Cell Biol; 2021 Jan; 220(1):. PubMed ID: 33351100
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  • 9. CEP295 interacts with microtubules and is required for centriole elongation.
    Chang CW; Hsu WB; Tsai JJ; Tang CJ; Tang TK
    J Cell Sci; 2016 Jul; 129(13):2501-13. PubMed ID: 27185865
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  • 10. TACC3 protein regulates microtubule nucleation by affecting γ-tubulin ring complexes.
    Singh P; Thomas GE; Gireesh KK; Manna TK
    J Biol Chem; 2014 Nov; 289(46):31719-31735. PubMed ID: 25246530
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  • 11. The microtubule-associated protein EML3 regulates mitotic spindle assembly by recruiting the Augmin complex to spindle microtubules.
    Luo J; Yang B; Xin G; Sun M; Zhang B; Guo X; Jiang Q; Zhang C
    J Biol Chem; 2019 Apr; 294(14):5643-5656. PubMed ID: 30723163
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  • 12. Stabilization of cartwheel-less centrioles for duplication requires CEP295-mediated centriole-to-centrosome conversion.
    Izquierdo D; Wang WJ; Uryu K; Tsou MF
    Cell Rep; 2014 Aug; 8(4):957-65. PubMed ID: 25131205
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  • 13. TACC3-ch-TOG interaction regulates spindle microtubule assembly by controlling centrosomal recruitment of γ-TuRC.
    Rajeev R; Mukhopadhyay S; Bhagyanath S; Devu Priya MRS; Manna TK
    Biosci Rep; 2023 Mar; 43(3):. PubMed ID: 36790370
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  • 14. Centriolar SAS-7 acts upstream of SPD-2 to regulate centriole assembly and pericentriolar material formation.
    Sugioka K; Hamill DR; Lowry JB; McNeely ME; Enrick M; Richter AC; Kiebler LE; Priess JR; Bowerman B
    Elife; 2017 Jan; 6():. PubMed ID: 28092264
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  • 15. PLK4 phosphorylation of CP110 is required for efficient centriole assembly.
    Lee M; Seo MY; Chang J; Hwang DS; Rhee K
    Cell Cycle; 2017 Jun; 16(12):1225-1234. PubMed ID: 28562169
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  • 16. Aurora A site specific TACC3 phosphorylation regulates astral microtubule assembly by stabilizing γ-tubulin ring complex.
    Rajeev R; Singh P; Asmita A; Anand U; Manna TK
    BMC Mol Cell Biol; 2019 Dec; 20(1):58. PubMed ID: 31823729
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  • 17. Microtubule nucleation and anchoring at the centrosome are independent processes linked by ninein function.
    Delgehyr N; Sillibourne J; Bornens M
    J Cell Sci; 2005 Apr; 118(Pt 8):1565-75. PubMed ID: 15784680
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  • 18. Elongation of centriolar microtubule triplets contributes to the formation of the mitotic spindle in gamma-tubulin-depleted cells.
    Raynaud-Messina B; Mazzolini L; Moisand A; Cirinesi AM; Wright M
    J Cell Sci; 2004 Nov; 117(Pt 23):5497-507. PubMed ID: 15479719
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  • 19. SAS-6 defines a protein family required for centrosome duplication in C. elegans and in human cells.
    Leidel S; Delattre M; Cerutti L; Baumer K; Gönczy P
    Nat Cell Biol; 2005 Feb; 7(2):115-25. PubMed ID: 15665853
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  • 20. NEDD1-dependent recruitment of the gamma-tubulin ring complex to the centrosome is necessary for centriole duplication and spindle assembly.
    Haren L; Remy MH; Bazin I; Callebaut I; Wright M; Merdes A
    J Cell Biol; 2006 Feb; 172(4):505-15. PubMed ID: 16461362
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