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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 21. Breast density, scintimammographic (99m)Tc(V)DMSA uptake, and calcitonin gene related peptide (CGRP) expression in mixed invasive ductal associated with extensive in situ ductal carcinoma (IDC + DCIS) and pure invasive ductal carcinoma (IDC): correlation with estrogen receptor (ER) status, proliferation index Ki-67, and histological grade.
    Papantoniou V; Sotiropoulou E; Valsamaki P; Tsaroucha A; Sotiropoulou M; Ptohis N; Stipsanelli A; Dimitrakakis K; Marinopoulos S; Tsiouris S; Antsaklis A
    Breast Cancer; 2011 Oct; 18(4):286-91. PubMed ID: 20143189
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  • 22. Apocrine ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast: histologic classification and expression of biologic markers.
    Leal C; Henrique R; Monteiro P; Lopes C; Bento MJ; De Sousa CP; Lopes P; Olson S; Silva MD; Page DL
    Hum Pathol; 2001 May; 32(5):487-93. PubMed ID: 11381366
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  • 23. Feasibility of Quantitative MRI Using 3D-QALAS for Discriminating Immunohistochemical Status in Invasive Ductal Carcinoma of the Breast.
    Amano M; Fujita S; Takei N; Sano K; Wada A; Sato K; Kikuta J; Kuwatsuru Y; Tachibana R; Sekine T; Horimoto Y; Aoki S
    J Magn Reson Imaging; 2023 Dec; 58(6):1752-1759. PubMed ID: 36951614
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  • 24. Quantitative comparison of immunohistochemical staining measured by digital image analysis versus pathologist visual scoring.
    Rizzardi AE; Johnson AT; Vogel RI; Pambuccian SE; Henriksen J; Skubitz AP; Metzger GJ; Schmechel SC
    Diagn Pathol; 2012 Jun; 7():42. PubMed ID: 22515559
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  • 25. Is there different correlation with prognostic factors between "non-mass" and "mass" type invasive ductal breast cancers?
    Jiang L; Zhou Y; Wang Z; Lu X; Chen M; Zhou C
    Eur J Radiol; 2013 Sep; 82(9):1404-9. PubMed ID: 23540946
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  • 26. Automated imaging analysis of Ki-67 immunohistochemistry on whole slide images of cell blocks from pancreatic neuroendocrine neoplasms.
    Shaker N; Shen R; Limbach AL; Satturwar S; Kobalka P; Ahmadian S; Sun S; Chen W; Lujan G; Esnakula A; Parwani A; Li Z
    J Am Soc Cytopathol; 2024; 13(3):205-212. PubMed ID: 38433072
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  • 27. Potential rapid intraoperative cancer diagnosis using dynamic full-field optical coherence tomography and deep learning: A prospective cohort study in breast cancer patients.
    Zhang S; Yang B; Yang H; Zhao J; Zhang Y; Gao Y; Monteiro O; Zhang K; Liu B; Wang S
    Sci Bull (Beijing); 2024 Jun; 69(11):1748-1756. PubMed ID: 38702279
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  • 28. Bax protein expression in DCIS of the breast in relation to invasive ductal carcinoma and other molecular markers.
    Rehman S; Crow J; Revell PA
    Pathol Oncol Res; 2000; 6(4):256-63. PubMed ID: 11173657
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  • 29. A Multi-Stain Breast Cancer Histological Whole-Slide-Image Data Set from Routine Diagnostics.
    Weitz P; Valkonen M; Solorzano L; Carr C; Kartasalo K; Boissin C; Koivukoski S; Kuusela A; Rasic D; Feng Y; Sinius Pouplier S; Sharma A; Ledesma Eriksson K; Latonen L; Laenkholm AV; Hartman J; Ruusuvuori P; Rantalainen M
    Sci Data; 2023 Aug; 10(1):562. PubMed ID: 37620357
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  • 30. Ki67 expression in invasive breast cancer: the use of tissue microarrays compared with whole tissue sections.
    Muftah AA; Aleskandarany MA; Al-Kaabi MM; Sonbul SN; Diez-Rodriguez M; Nolan CC; Caldas C; Ellis IO; Rakha EA; Green AR
    Breast Cancer Res Treat; 2017 Jul; 164(2):341-348. PubMed ID: 28478613
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  • 31. Comparison of different histopathological methods for the examination of sentinel lymph nodes in breast cancer.
    Nährig J; Richter T; Kowolik J; Kuhn W; Avril N; Höfler H; Werner M
    Anticancer Res; 2000; 20(3B):2209-12. PubMed ID: 10928179
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  • 32. Construction and validation of artificial intelligence pathomics models for predicting pathological staging in colorectal cancer: Using multimodal data and clinical variables.
    Tan Y; Liu R; Xue JW; Feng Z
    Cancer Med; 2024 Apr; 13(7):e6947. PubMed ID: 38545828
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  • 33. Comparative diagnostic and prognostic performances of the hematoxylin-eosin and phospho-histone H3 mitotic count and Ki-67 index in adrenocortical carcinoma.
    Duregon E; Molinaro L; Volante M; Ventura L; Righi L; Bolla S; Terzolo M; Sapino A; Papotti MG
    Mod Pathol; 2014 Sep; 27(9):1246-54. PubMed ID: 24434900
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  • 34. An international Ki67 reproducibility study.
    Polley MY; Leung SC; McShane LM; Gao D; Hugh JC; Mastropasqua MG; Viale G; Zabaglo LA; Penault-Llorca F; Bartlett JM; Gown AM; Symmans WF; Piper T; Mehl E; Enos RA; Hayes DF; Dowsett M; Nielsen TO;
    J Natl Cancer Inst; 2013 Dec; 105(24):1897-906. PubMed ID: 24203987
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  • 35. Accuracy and efficiency of an artificial intelligence tool when counting breast mitoses.
    Pantanowitz L; Hartman D; Qi Y; Cho EY; Suh B; Paeng K; Dhir R; Michelow P; Hazelhurst S; Song SY; Cho SY
    Diagn Pathol; 2020 Jul; 15(1):80. PubMed ID: 32622359
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  • 36. Evaluation of immunohistochemical staining using whole-slide imaging for HER2 scoring of breast cancer in comparison with real glass slides.
    Kondo Y; Iijima T; Noguchi M
    Pathol Int; 2012 Sep; 62(9):592-9. PubMed ID: 22924845
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  • 37. Immunohistochemical analysis on biological markers in ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast.
    Iwase H; Ando Y; Ichihara S; Toyoshima S; Nakamura T; Karamatsu S; Ito Y; Yamashita H; Toyama T; Omoto Y; Fujii Y; Mitsuyama S; Kobayashi S
    Breast Cancer; 2001; 8(2):98-104. PubMed ID: 11342981
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  • 38. Ki-67 assessment of pancreatic neuroendocrine neoplasms: Systematic review and meta-analysis of manual vs. digital pathology scoring.
    Luchini C; Pantanowitz L; Adsay V; Asa SL; Antonini P; Girolami I; Veronese N; Nottegar A; Cingarlini S; Landoni L; Brosens LA; Verschuur AV; Mattiolo P; Pea A; Mafficini A; Milella M; Niazi MK; Gurcan MN; Eccher A; Cree IA; Scarpa A
    Mod Pathol; 2022 Jun; 35(6):712-720. PubMed ID: 35249100
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  • 39. Optimized generation of high-resolution phantom images using cGAN: Application to quantification of Ki67 breast cancer images.
    Senaras C; Niazi MKK; Sahiner B; Pennell MP; Tozbikian G; Lozanski G; Gurcan MN
    PLoS One; 2018; 13(5):e0196846. PubMed ID: 29742125
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  • 40. Automated segmentation of routinely hematoxylin-eosin-stained microscopic images by combining support vector machine clustering and active contour models.
    Glotsos D; Spyridonos P; Cavouras D; Ravazoula P; Dadioti PA; Nikiforidis G
    Anal Quant Cytol Histol; 2004 Dec; 26(6):331-40. PubMed ID: 15678615
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