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  • 1. An Alternatively Spliced Sirtuin 2 Isoform 5 Inhibits Hepatitis B Virus Replication from cccDNA by Repressing Epigenetic Modifications Made by Histone Lysine Methyltransferases.
    Piracha ZZ; Saeed U; Kim J; Kwon H; Chwae YJ; Lee HW; Lim JH; Park S; Shin HJ; Kim K
    J Virol; 2020 Jul; 94(16):. PubMed ID: 32493816
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  • 2. Decoding the multifaceted interventions between human sirtuin 2 and dynamic hepatitis B viral proteins to confirm their roles in HBV replication.
    Piracha ZZ; Saeed U; Piracha IE; Noor S; Noor E
    Front Cell Infect Microbiol; 2023; 13():1234903. PubMed ID: 38239506
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  • 3. Sirtuin 2 Isoform 1 Enhances Hepatitis B Virus RNA Transcription and DNA Synthesis through the AKT/GSK-3β/β-Catenin Signaling Pathway.
    Piracha ZZ; Kwon H; Saeed U; Kim J; Jung J; Chwae YJ; Park S; Shin HJ; Kim K
    J Virol; 2018 Nov; 92(21):. PubMed ID: 30111572
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  • 4. HBx relieves chromatin-mediated transcriptional repression of hepatitis B viral cccDNA involving SETDB1 histone methyltransferase.
    Rivière L; Gerossier L; Ducroux A; Dion S; Deng Q; Michel ML; Buendia MA; Hantz O; Neuveut C
    J Hepatol; 2015 Nov; 63(5):1093-102. PubMed ID: 26143443
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  • 5. SIRT3 restricts hepatitis B virus transcription and replication through epigenetic regulation of covalently closed circular DNA involving suppressor of variegation 3-9 homolog 1 and SET domain containing 1A histone methyltransferases.
    Ren JH; Hu JL; Cheng ST; Yu HB; Wong VKW; Law BYK; Yang YF; Huang Y; Liu Y; Chen WX; Cai XF; Tang H; Hu Y; Zhang WL; Liu X; Long QX; Zhou L; Tao NN; Zhou HZ; Yang QX; Ren F; He L; Gong R; Huang AL; Chen J
    Hepatology; 2018 Oct; 68(4):1260-1276. PubMed ID: 29624717
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  • 6. HDAC11 restricts HBV replication through epigenetic repression of cccDNA transcription.
    Yuan Y; Zhao K; Yao Y; Liu C; Chen Y; Li J; Wang Y; Pei R; Chen J; Hu X; Zhou Y; Wu C; Chen X
    Antiviral Res; 2019 Dec; 172():104619. PubMed ID: 31600533
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  • 7. Parvulin 14 and Parvulin 17 Bind to HBx and cccDNA and Upregulate Hepatitis B Virus Replication from cccDNA to Virion in an HBx-Dependent Manner.
    Saeed U; Kim J; Piracha ZZ; Kwon H; Jung J; Chwae YJ; Park S; Shin HJ; Kim K
    J Virol; 2019 Mar; 93(6):. PubMed ID: 30567987
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  • 8. SIRT7 restricts HBV transcription and replication through catalyzing desuccinylation of histone H3 associated with cccDNA minichromosome.
    Yu HB; Cheng ST; Ren F; Chen Y; Shi XF; Wong VKW; Law BYK; Ren JH; Zhong S; Chen WX; Xu HM; Zhang ZZ; Hu JL; Cai XF; Hu Y; Zhang WL; Long QX; He L; Hu ZW; Jiang H; Zhou HZ; Huang AL; Chen J
    Clin Sci (Lond); 2021 Jun; 135(12):1505-1522. PubMed ID: 34128977
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  • 9. PRMT5 restricts hepatitis B virus replication through epigenetic repression of covalently closed circular DNA transcription and interference with pregenomic RNA encapsidation.
    Zhang W; Chen J; Wu M; Zhang X; Zhang M; Yue L; Li Y; Liu J; Li B; Shen F; Wang Y; Bai L; Protzer U; Levrero M; Yuan Z
    Hepatology; 2017 Aug; 66(2):398-415. PubMed ID: 28236308
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  • 10. Hepatitis B virus basal core promoter mutations show lower replication fitness associated with cccDNA acetylation status.
    Koumbi L; Pollicino T; Raimondo G; Stampoulis D; Khakoo S; Karayiannis P
    Virus Res; 2016 Jul; 220():150-60. PubMed ID: 27132039
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  • 11. Hepatitis B virus X protein counteracts high mobility group box 1 protein-mediated epigenetic silencing of covalently closed circular DNA.
    Kim ES; Zhou J; Zhang H; Marchetti A; van de Klundert M; Cai D; Yu X; Mitra B; Liu Y; Wang M; Protzer U; Guo H
    PLoS Pathog; 2022 Jun; 18(6):e1010576. PubMed ID: 35679251
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  • 12. HAT1 signaling confers to assembly and epigenetic regulation of HBV cccDNA minichromosome.
    Yang G; Feng J; Liu Y; Zhao M; Yuan Y; Yuan H; Yun H; Sun M; Bu Y; Liu L; Liu Z; Niu JQ; Yin M; Song X; Miao Z; Lin Z; Zhang X
    Theranostics; 2019; 9(24):7345-7358. PubMed ID: 31695772
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  • 13. Hepatitis B virus replication is regulated by the acetylation status of hepatitis B virus cccDNA-bound H3 and H4 histones.
    Pollicino T; Belloni L; Raffa G; Pediconi N; Squadrito G; Raimondo G; Levrero M
    Gastroenterology; 2006 Mar; 130(3):823-37. PubMed ID: 16530522
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  • 14. Hepatitis B Virus Core Protein Is Not Required for Covalently Closed Circular DNA Transcriptional Regulation.
    Zhong Y; Wu C; Xu Z; Teng Y; Zhao L; Zhao K; Wang J; Wang W; Zhan Q; Zhu C; Chen X; Liang K; Cheng X; Xia Y
    J Virol; 2022 Nov; 96(21):e0136222. PubMed ID: 36226986
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  • 15. IL6 Inhibits HBV Transcription by Targeting the Epigenetic Control of the Nuclear cccDNA Minichromosome.
    Palumbo GA; Scisciani C; Pediconi N; Lupacchini L; Alfalate D; Guerrieri F; Calvo L; Salerno D; Di Cocco S; Levrero M; Belloni L
    PLoS One; 2015; 10(11):e0142599. PubMed ID: 26580974
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  • 16. Forkhead O Transcription Factor 4 Restricts HBV Covalently Closed Circular DNA Transcription and HBV Replication through Genetic Downregulation of Hepatocyte Nuclear Factor 4 Alpha and Epigenetic Suppression of Covalently Closed Circular DNA via Interacting with Promyelocytic Leukemia Protein.
    Li Y; He M; Gong R; Wang Z; Lu L; Peng S; Duan Z; Feng Y; Liu Y; Gao B
    J Virol; 2022 Jul; 96(13):e0054622. PubMed ID: 35695580
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  • 17. Conserved Lysine Residues of Hepatitis B Virus Core Protein Are Not Required for Covalently Closed Circular DNA Formation.
    Hong X; Hu J
    J Virol; 2022 Aug; 96(15):e0071822. PubMed ID: 35867543
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  • 18. An allosteric inhibitor of sirtuin 2 blocks hepatitis B virus covalently closed circular DNA establishment and its transcriptional activity.
    Tang L; Remiszewski S; Snedeker A; Chiang LW; Shenk T
    Antiviral Res; 2024 Jun; 226():105888. PubMed ID: 38641024
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  • 19. Retinoid X Receptor α-Dependent HBV Minichromosome Remodeling and Viral Replication.
    Zhang Y; He S; Guo JJ; Peng H; Fan JH; Li QL
    Ann Hepatol; 2017; 16(4):501-509. PubMed ID: 28611266
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  • 20. Pregenomic RNA Launch Hepatitis B Virus Replication System Facilitates the Mechanistic Study of Antiviral Agents and Drug-Resistant Variants on Covalently Closed Circular DNA Synthesis.
    Zhao Q; Chang J; Rijnbrand R; Lam AM; Sofia MJ; Cuconati A; Guo JT
    J Virol; 2022 Dec; 96(24):e0115022. PubMed ID: 36448800
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