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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. MYC expression has limited utility in the distinction of undifferentiated radiation-associated sarcomas from sporadic sarcomas and sarcomatoid carcinoma.
    Mito JK; Qian X; Jo VY; Doyle LA
    Histopathology; 2020 Oct; 77(4):667-672. PubMed ID: 32506510
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  • 2. PRAME expression in spindle cell melanoma, malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumour, and other cutaneous sarcomatoid neoplasms: a comparative analysis.
    Hrycaj SM; Szczepanski JM; Zhao L; Siddiqui J; Thomas DG; Lucas DR; Patel RM; Harms PW; Bresler SC; Chan MP
    Histopathology; 2022 Dec; 81(6):818-825. PubMed ID: 36102613
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  • 3. Sarcomatoid mesothelioma and its histological mimics: a comparative immunohistochemical study.
    Lucas DR; Pass HI; Madan SK; Adsay NV; Wali A; Tabaczka P; Lonardo F
    Histopathology; 2003 Mar; 42(3):270-9. PubMed ID: 12605647
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  • 4. Radiation-associated sarcomas other than malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumours demonstrate loss of histone H3K27 trimethylation
    Panse G; Mito JK; Ingram DR; Wani K; Khan S; Lazar AJ; Doyle LA; Wang WL
    Histopathology; 2021 Jan; 78(2):321-326. PubMed ID: 32735735
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  • 5. MYC immunohistochemistry in angiosarcoma and atypical vascular lesions: practical considerations based on a single institutional experience.
    Udager AM; Ishikawa MK; Lucas DR; McHugh JB; Patel RM
    Pathology; 2016 Dec; 48(7):697-704. PubMed ID: 27780597
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  • 6. Postradiation cutaneous angiosarcoma after treatment of breast carcinoma is characterized by MYC amplification in contrast to atypical vascular lesions after radiotherapy and control cases: clinicopathological, immunohistochemical and molecular analysis of 66 cases.
    Mentzel T; Schildhaus HU; Palmedo G; Büttner R; Kutzner H
    Mod Pathol; 2012 Jan; 25(1):75-85. PubMed ID: 21909081
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  • 7. High frequency of MYC gene amplification is a common feature of radiation-induced sarcomas. Further results from EORTC STBSG TL 01/01.
    Käcker C; Marx A; Mössinger K; Svehla F; Schneider U; Hogendoorn PC; Nielsen OS; Küffer S; Sauer C; Fisher C; Hallermann C; Hartmann JT; Blay JY; Mechtersheimer G; Hohenberger P; Ströbel P
    Genes Chromosomes Cancer; 2013 Jan; 52(1):93-8. PubMed ID: 23012233
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  • 8. Anti-mesothelial markers in sarcomatoid mesothelioma and other spindle cell neoplasms.
    Attanoos RL; Dojcinov SD; Webb R; Gibbs AR
    Histopathology; 2000 Sep; 37(3):224-31. PubMed ID: 10971698
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  • 9. CD10 immunoreactivity in sarcomatoid carcinomas: comparison with true sarcomas.
    Vennapusa B; Fischer EG; Wick MR; Cerilli LA
    Appl Immunohistochem Mol Morphol; 2011 Oct; 19(5):408-12. PubMed ID: 21908981
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  • 10. INSM1 Expression in Angiosarcoma.
    Warmke LM; Tinkham EG; Ingram DR; Lazar AJ; Panse G; Wang WL
    Am J Clin Pathol; 2021 Mar; 155(4):575-580. PubMed ID: 33210141
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  • 11. Clinical and Pathologic Characterization of 94 Radiation-Associated Sarcomas: Our Institutional Experience.
    Kao EY; McEwen AE; Aden JK; Schaub SK; Ricciotti RW; Mantilla JG
    Int J Surg Pathol; 2023 Aug; 31(5):532-547. PubMed ID: 35695212
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  • 12. Inhibin is more specific than calretinin as an immunohistochemical marker for differentiating sarcomatoid granulosa cell tumour of the ovary from other spindle cell neoplasms.
    Shah VI; Freites ON; Maxwell P; McCluggage WG
    J Clin Pathol; 2003 Mar; 56(3):221-4. PubMed ID: 12610103
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  • 13. Clinicopathologic assessment of postradiation sarcomas: KIT as a potential treatment target.
    Komdeur R; Hoekstra HJ; Molenaar WM; Van Den Berg E; Zwart N; Pras E; Plaza-Menacho I; Hofstra RM; Van Der Graaf WT
    Clin Cancer Res; 2003 Aug; 9(8):2926-32. PubMed ID: 12912938
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  • 14. Alternative epithelial markers in sarcomatoid carcinomas of the head and neck, lung, and bladder-p63, MOC-31, and TTF-1.
    Lewis JS; Ritter JH; El-Mofty S
    Mod Pathol; 2005 Nov; 18(11):1471-81. PubMed ID: 15976812
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  • 15. Expression of SATB2 in primary cutaneous sarcomatoid neoplasms: a potential diagnostic pitfall.
    Szczepanski JM; Siddiqui J; Patel RM; Harms PW; Hrycaj SM; Chan MP
    Pathology; 2023 Apr; 55(3):350-354. PubMed ID: 36732203
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  • 16. Distinct genomic landscapes in radiation-associated angiosarcoma compared with other radiation-associated sarcoma histologies.
    Dermawan JK; Chi P; Tap WD; Rosenbaum E; D'Angelo S; Alektiar KM; Antonescu CR
    J Pathol; 2023 Aug; 260(4):465-477. PubMed ID: 37350195
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  • 17. GATA3 Immunohistochemistry for Distinguishing Sarcomatoid and Desmoplastic Mesothelioma From Sarcomatoid Carcinoma of the Lung.
    Berg KB; Churg A
    Am J Surg Pathol; 2017 Sep; 41(9):1221-1225. PubMed ID: 28614203
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  • 18. ERG expression in epithelioid sarcoma: a diagnostic pitfall.
    Miettinen M; Wang Z; Sarlomo-Rikala M; Abdullaev Z; Pack SD; Fetsch JF
    Am J Surg Pathol; 2013 Oct; 37(10):1580-5. PubMed ID: 23774169
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  • 19. The impact of MYC gene amplification on the clinicopathological features and prognosis of radiation-associated angiosarcomas of the breast.
    Kuba MG; Xu B; D'Angelo SP; Rosenbaum E; Plitas G; Ross DS; Brogi E; Antonescu CR
    Histopathology; 2021 Nov; 79(5):836-846. PubMed ID: 34165212
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  • 20. The diagnostic utility of reduced immunohistochemical expression of SMARCB1 in synovial sarcomas: a validation study.
    Ito J; Asano N; Kawai A; Yoshida A
    Hum Pathol; 2016 Jan; 47(1):32-7. PubMed ID: 26520417
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