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  • 1. Diminished expression of 5hmc in Reed-Sternberg cells in classical Hodgkin lymphoma is a common epigenetic marker.
    Siref A; McCormack C; Huang Q; Lim W; Alkan S
    Leuk Res; 2020 Sep; 96():106408. PubMed ID: 32659407
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  • 2. Detection of genomic imbalances in microdissected Hodgkin and Reed-Sternberg cells of classical Hodgkin's lymphoma by array-based comparative genomic hybridization.
    Hartmann S; Martin-Subero JI; Gesk S; Hüsken J; Giefing M; Nagel I; Riemke J; Chott A; Klapper W; Parrens M; Merlio JP; Küppers R; Bräuninger A; Siebert R; Hansmann ML
    Haematologica; 2008 Sep; 93(9):1318-26. PubMed ID: 18641027
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  • 3. Classical Hodgkin lymphoma is characterized by high constitutive expression of activating transcription factor 3 (ATF3), which promotes viability of Hodgkin/Reed-Sternberg cells.
    Janz M; Hummel M; Truss M; Wollert-Wulf B; Mathas S; Jöhrens K; Hagemeier C; Bommert K; Stein H; Dörken B; Bargou RC
    Blood; 2006 Mar; 107(6):2536-9. PubMed ID: 16263788
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  • 4. Small and big Hodgkin-Reed-Sternberg cells of Hodgkin lymphoma cell lines L-428 and L-1236 lack consistent differences in gene expression profiles and are capable to reconstitute each other.
    Rengstl B; Kim S; Döring C; Weiser C; Bein J; Bankov K; Herling M; Newrzela S; Hansmann ML; Hartmann S
    PLoS One; 2017; 12(5):e0177378. PubMed ID: 28505189
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  • 5. TET Enzymes and 5hmC in Adaptive and Innate Immune Systems.
    Lio CJ; Rao A
    Front Immunol; 2019; 10():210. PubMed ID: 30809228
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  • 6. Hydroxymethylation and tumors: can 5-hydroxymethylation be used as a marker for tumor diagnosis and treatment?
    Xu T; Gao H
    Hum Genomics; 2020 May; 14(1):15. PubMed ID: 32375881
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  • 7. Dysregulation and prognostic potential of 5-methylcytosine (5mC), 5-hydroxymethylcytosine (5hmC), 5-formylcytosine (5fC), and 5-carboxylcytosine (5caC) levels in prostate cancer.
    Storebjerg TM; Strand SH; Høyer S; Lynnerup AS; Borre M; Ørntoft TF; Sørensen KD
    Clin Epigenetics; 2018 Aug; 10(1):105. PubMed ID: 30086793
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  • 8. Pathway-focused gene expression profiles and immunohistochemistry detection identify contrasting association of caspase 3 (CASP3) expression with prognosis in pediatric classical Hodgkin lymphoma.
    Vera-Lozada G; Segges P; Stefanoff CG; Barros MHM; Niedobitek G; Hassan R
    Hematol Oncol; 2018 Oct; 36(4):663-670. PubMed ID: 29901224
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  • 9. Genomic analyses of microdissected Hodgkin and Reed-Sternberg cells: mutations in epigenetic regulators and p53 are frequent in refractory classic Hodgkin lymphoma.
    Mata E; Fernández S; Astudillo A; Fernández R; García-Cosío M; Sánchez-Beato M; Provencio M; Estévez M; Montalbán C; Piris MA; García JF
    Blood Cancer J; 2019 Mar; 9(3):34. PubMed ID: 30858359
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  • 10. Epigenetic processes play a major role in B-cell-specific gene silencing in classical Hodgkin lymphoma.
    Ushmorov A; Leithäuser F; Sakk O; Weinhaüsel A; Popov SW; Möller P; Wirth T
    Blood; 2006 Mar; 107(6):2493-500. PubMed ID: 16304050
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  • 11. Non-invasive detection of genomic imbalances in Hodgkin/Reed-Sternberg cells in early and advanced stage Hodgkin's lymphoma by sequencing of circulating cell-free DNA: a technical proof-of-principle study.
    Vandenberghe P; Wlodarska I; Tousseyn T; Dehaspe L; Dierickx D; Verheecke M; Uyttebroeck A; Bechter O; Delforge M; Vandecaveye V; Brison N; Verhoef GE; Legius E; Amant F; Vermeesch JR
    Lancet Haematol; 2015 Feb; 2(2):e55-65. PubMed ID: 26687610
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  • 12. Altered 5-Hydroxymethylcytosine Landscape in Primary Gastric Adenocarcinoma.
    Liu H; Xu T; Cheng Y; Jin MH; Chang MY; Shu Q; Allen EG; Jin P; Wang X
    DNA Cell Biol; 2019 Dec; 38(12):1460-1469. PubMed ID: 31657619
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  • 13. Pitfalls in mitochondrial epigenetics.
    Pawar T; Eide L
    Mitochondrial DNA A DNA Mapp Seq Anal; 2017 Sep; 28(5):762-768. PubMed ID: 27246961
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  • 14. Gene expression profiling of microdissected Hodgkin Reed-Sternberg cells correlates with treatment outcome in classical Hodgkin lymphoma.
    Steidl C; Diepstra A; Lee T; Chan FC; Farinha P; Tan K; Telenius A; Barclay L; Shah SP; Connors JM; van den Berg A; Gascoyne RD
    Blood; 2012 Oct; 120(17):3530-40. PubMed ID: 22955918
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  • 15. [Study on the origin of H/RS cell and their biological behavior in Hodgkin lymphoma by using multiple mark techniques].
    Wang JF; Xi YF; Wang LX; Yin WD; Zhang JW; Gong FC
    Zhonghua Xue Ye Xue Za Zhi; 2004 Oct; 25(10):579-82. PubMed ID: 15634588
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  • 16. Comparison of miRNA profiles of microdissected Hodgkin/Reed-Sternberg cells and Hodgkin cell lines versus CD77+ B-cells reveals a distinct subset of differentially expressed miRNAs.
    Van Vlierberghe P; De Weer A; Mestdagh P; Feys T; De Preter K; De Paepe P; Lambein K; Vandesompele J; Van Roy N; Verhasselt B; Poppe B; Speleman F
    Br J Haematol; 2009 Dec; 147(5):686-90. PubMed ID: 19775296
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  • 17. Immunoglobulin gene rearrangement analysis in composite hodgkin disease and large B-cell lymphoma: evidence for receptor revision of immunoglobulin heavy chain variable region genes in Hodgkin-Reed-Sternberg cells?
    Bellan C; Lazzi S; Zazzi M; Lalinga AV; Palummo N; Galieni P; Marafioti T; Tonini T; Cinti C; Leoncini L; Pileri SA; Tosi P
    Diagn Mol Pathol; 2002 Mar; 11(1):2-8. PubMed ID: 11854595
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  • 18. BET inhibitors induce NF-κB and E2F downregulation in Hodgkin and Reed-Sternberg cells.
    Fernández S; Díaz E; Rita CG; Estévez M; Montalbán C; García JF
    Exp Cell Res; 2023 Sep; 430(2):113718. PubMed ID: 37468057
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  • 19. Flow sorting and exome sequencing reveal the oncogenome of primary Hodgkin and Reed-Sternberg cells.
    Reichel J; Chadburn A; Rubinstein PG; Giulino-Roth L; Tam W; Liu Y; Gaiolla R; Eng K; Brody J; Inghirami G; Carlo-Stella C; Santoro A; Rahal D; Totonchy J; Elemento O; Cesarman E; Roshal M
    Blood; 2015 Feb; 125(7):1061-72. PubMed ID: 25488972
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  • 20. Matrix metalloproteinase-9 expression by Hodgkin-Reed-Sternberg cells is associated with reduced overall survival in young adult patients with classical Hodgkin lymphoma.
    Campos AH; Vassallo J; Soares FA
    PLoS One; 2013; 8(9):e74793. PubMed ID: 24086377
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