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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Integrated analysis of single-cell RNA-seq and bulk RNA-seq unravels tumour heterogeneity plus M2-like tumour-associated macrophage infiltration and aggressiveness in TNBC.
    Bao X; Shi R; Zhao T; Wang Y; Anastasov N; Rosemann M; Fang W
    Cancer Immunol Immunother; 2021 Jan; 70(1):189-202. PubMed ID: 32681241
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  • 2. Integrated analysis of single-cell RNA-seq and bulk RNA-seq unravels T cell-related prognostic risk model and tumor immune microenvironment modulation in triple-negative breast cancer.
    Guo S; Liu X; Zhang J; Huang Z; Ye P; Shi J; Stalin A; Wu C; Lu S; Zhang F; Gao Y; Jin Z; Tao X; Huang J; Zhai Y; Shi R; Guo F; Zhou W; Wu J
    Comput Biol Med; 2023 Jul; 161():107066. PubMed ID: 37263064
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  • 3. Landscape of toll-like receptors expression in tumor microenvironment of triple negative breast cancer (TNBC): Distinct roles of TLR4 and TLR8.
    Roychowdhury A; Jondhale M; Saldanha E; Ghosh D; Kumar Panda C; Chandrani P; Mukherjee N
    Gene; 2021 Aug; 792():145728. PubMed ID: 34022297
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  • 4. Tumor-associated macrophages promote epithelial-mesenchymal transition and the cancer stem cell properties in triple-negative breast cancer through CCL2/AKT/β-catenin signaling.
    Chen X; Yang M; Yin J; Li P; Zeng S; Zheng G; He Z; Liu H; Wang Q; Zhang F; Chen D
    Cell Commun Signal; 2022 Jun; 20(1):92. PubMed ID: 35715860
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  • 5. Comprehensive Molecular Analyses of an M2-Like Tumor-Associated Macrophage for Predicting the Prognosis and Immunotherapy in Breast Cancer.
    Chang K; Yue Q; Jin L; Fan P; Liu Y; Cao F; Zhang Y
    J Immunother; 2024 Jul-Aug 01; 47(6):205-215. PubMed ID: 38686904
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  • 6. Characterization of Exosome-Related Gene Risk Model to Evaluate the Tumor Immune Microenvironment and Predict Prognosis in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer.
    Qiu P; Guo Q; Yao Q; Chen J; Lin J
    Front Immunol; 2021; 12():736030. PubMed ID: 34659224
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  • 7. The Immunosuppressive Microenvironment in BRCA1-IRIS-Overexpressing TNBC Tumors Is Induced by Bidirectional Interaction with Tumor-Associated Macrophages.
    Sami E; Paul BT; Koziol JA; ElShamy WM
    Cancer Res; 2020 Mar; 80(5):1102-1117. PubMed ID: 31911557
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  • 8. The heterogeneity of tumour-associated macrophages contributes to the clinical outcomes and indications for immune checkpoint blockade in colorectal cancer patients.
    Tang J; Ming L; Qin F; Qin Y; Wang D; Huang L; Cao Y; Huang Z; Yin Y
    Immunobiology; 2024 May; 229(3):152805. PubMed ID: 38669865
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  • 9. Triple-negative breast cancer influences a mixed M1/M2 macrophage phenotype associated with tumor aggressiveness.
    Pe KCS; Saetung R; Yodsurang V; Chaotham C; Suppipat K; Chanvorachote P; Tawinwung S
    PLoS One; 2022; 17(8):e0273044. PubMed ID: 35960749
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  • 10. Taraxacum mongolicum extract inhibited malignant phenotype of triple-negative breast cancer cells in tumor-associated macrophages microenvironment through suppressing IL-10 / STAT3 / PD-L1 signaling pathways.
    Deng XX; Jiao YN; Hao HF; Xue D; Bai CC; Han SY
    J Ethnopharmacol; 2021 Jun; 274():113978. PubMed ID: 33716082
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  • 11. Triple-Negative Breast Cancer with High Levels of Annexin A1 Expression Is Associated with Mast Cell Infiltration, Inflammation, and Angiogenesis.
    Okano M; Oshi M; Butash AL; Katsuta E; Tachibana K; Saito K; Okayama H; Peng X; Yan L; Kono K; Ohtake T; Takabe K
    Int J Mol Sci; 2019 Aug; 20(17):. PubMed ID: 31461932
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  • 12. M2-like tumor-associated macrophage-related biomarkers to construct a novel prognostic signature, reveal the immune landscape, and screen drugs in hepatocellular carcinoma.
    Qu X; Zhao X; Lin K; Wang N; Li X; Li S; Zhang L; Shi Y
    Front Immunol; 2022; 13():994019. PubMed ID: 36177006
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  • 13. Integration of single-cell RNA sequencing and bulk RNA transcriptome sequencing reveals a heterogeneous immune landscape and pivotal cell subpopulations associated with colorectal cancer prognosis.
    Zhang Q; Liu Y; Wang X; Zhang C; Hou M; Liu Y
    Front Immunol; 2023; 14():1184167. PubMed ID: 37675100
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  • 14. Integrated analysis of tumor-associated macrophages and M2 macrophages in CRC: unraveling molecular heterogeneity and developing a novel risk signature.
    Shi L; Mao H; Ma J
    BMC Med Genomics; 2024 May; 17(1):145. PubMed ID: 38802881
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  • 15. Single-cell RNA-seq enables comprehensive tumour and immune cell profiling in primary breast cancer.
    Chung W; Eum HH; Lee HO; Lee KM; Lee HB; Kim KT; Ryu HS; Kim S; Lee JE; Park YH; Kan Z; Han W; Park WY
    Nat Commun; 2017 May; 8():15081. PubMed ID: 28474673
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  • 16. LCP1 correlates with immune infiltration: a prognostic marker for triple-negative breast cancer.
    Pan S; Wan M; Jin H; Ning R; Zhang J; Han X
    BMC Immunol; 2024 Jul; 25(1):42. PubMed ID: 38977952
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  • 17. Triple negative breast cancer: Key role of Tumor-Associated Macrophages in regulating the activity of anti-PD-1/PD-L1 agents.
    Santoni M; Romagnoli E; Saladino T; Foghini L; Guarino S; Capponi M; Giannini M; Cognigni PD; Ferrara G; Battelli N
    Biochim Biophys Acta Rev Cancer; 2018 Jan; 1869(1):78-84. PubMed ID: 29126881
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  • 18. Unraveling Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Tumor Microenvironment Heterogeneity: Towards an Optimized Treatment Approach.
    Bareche Y; Buisseret L; Gruosso T; Girard E; Venet D; Dupont F; Desmedt C; Larsimont D; Park M; Rothé F; Stagg J; Sotiriou C
    J Natl Cancer Inst; 2020 Jul; 112(7):708-719. PubMed ID: 31665482
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  • 19. MIF as a potential diagnostic and prognostic biomarker for triple-negative breast cancer that correlates with the polarization of M2 macrophages.
    Chen M; Liu H; Hong B; Xiao Y; Qian Y
    FASEB J; 2024 May; 38(10):e23696. PubMed ID: 38787620
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  • 20. SILAC proteomics based on 3D cell spheroids unveils the role of RAC2 in regulating the crosstalk between triple-negative breast cancer cells and tumor-associated macrophages.
    Guo Y; Deng X; Wang S; Yuan Y; Guo Z; Hao H; Jiao Y; Li P; Han S
    Int J Biol Macromol; 2024 Jan; 254(Pt 1):127639. PubMed ID: 37879580
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