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  • 1. LncRNA TTN-AS1/miR-134-5p/PAK3 axis regulates the radiosensitivity of human large intestine cancer cells through the P21 pathway and AKT/GSK-3β/β-catenin pathway.
    Zuo Z; Ji S; He L; Zhang Y; Peng Z; Han J
    Cell Biol Int; 2020 Nov; 44(11):2284-2292. PubMed ID: 32749739
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  • 2. LncRNA TTN-AS1 sponges miR-376a-3p to promote colorectal cancer progression via upregulating KLF15.
    Wang Y; Jiang F; Xiong Y; Cheng X; Qiu Z; Song R
    Life Sci; 2020 Mar; 244():116936. PubMed ID: 31610194
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  • 3. Long non-coding RNA TTN-AS1 promotes cell proliferation and inhibits cell apoptosis in prostatic cancer by sponging miR-193a-5p.
    Luo JF; Xu J; Zheng JZ
    Eur Rev Med Pharmacol Sci; 2019 Sep; 23(18):7816-7825. PubMed ID: 31599406
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  • 4. LncRNA TTN-AS1 acts as sponge for miR-15b-5p to regulate FBXW7 expression in ovarian cancer.
    Miao S; Wang J; Xuan L; Liu X
    Biofactors; 2020 Jul; 46(4):600-607. PubMed ID: 32049388
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  • 5. LncRNA TTN-AS1 regulates osteosarcoma cell apoptosis and drug resistance via the miR-134-5p/MBTD1 axis.
    Fu D; Lu C; Qu X; Li P; Chen K; Shan L; Zhu X
    Aging (Albany NY); 2019 Oct; 11(19):8374-8385. PubMed ID: 31600142
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  • 6. Long non-coding RNA TTN-AS1 facilitates tumorigenesis of papillary thyroid cancer through modulating the miR-153-3p/ZNRF2 axis.
    Cui Z; Luo Z; Lin Z; Shi L; Hong Y; Yan C
    J Gene Med; 2019 May; 21(5):e3083. PubMed ID: 30811764
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  • 7. LncRNA TTN-AS1 promotes the progression of cholangiocarcinoma via the miR-320a/neuropilin-1 axis.
    Zhu H; Zhai B; He C; Li Z; Gao H; Niu Z; Jiang X; Lu J; Sun X
    Cell Death Dis; 2020 Aug; 11(8):637. PubMed ID: 32801339
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  • 8. LncRNA TTN-AS1 intensifies sorafenib resistance in hepatocellular carcinoma by sponging miR-16-5p and upregulation of cyclin E1.
    Zhou Y; Huang Y; Dai T; Hua Z; Xu J; Lin Y; Han L; Yue X; Ho L; Lu J; Ai X
    Biomed Pharmacother; 2021 Jan; 133():111030. PubMed ID: 33378944
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  • 9. Lnc GNG12-AS1 knockdown suppresses glioma progression through the AKT/GSK-3β/β-catenin pathway.
    Xiang Z; Lv Q; Chen X; Zhu X; Liu S; Li D; Peng X
    Biosci Rep; 2020 Aug; 40(8):. PubMed ID: 32735016
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  • 10. LncRNA TTN-AS1 drives invasion and migration of lung adenocarcinoma cells via modulation of miR-4677-3p/ZEB1 axis.
    Zhong Y; Wang J; Lv W; Xu J; Mei S; Shan A
    J Cell Biochem; 2019 Oct; 120(10):17131-17141. PubMed ID: 31173403
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  • 11. Long noncoding RNA TTN-AS1 promotes the proliferation and migration of prostate cancer by inhibiting miR-1271 level.
    Zhu Y; Yang Z; Luo XH; Xu P
    Eur Rev Med Pharmacol Sci; 2019 Dec; 23(24):10678-10684. PubMed ID: 31858535
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  • 12. Downregulation of microRNA-15b-5p Targeting the Akt3-Mediated GSK-3
    Zhu J; Xu X; Liang Y; Zhu R
    Biomed Res Int; 2021; 2021():8814862. PubMed ID: 33506036
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  • 13. Long Noncoding RNA OIP5-AS1 Contributes to the Progression of Atherosclerosis by Targeting miR-26a-5p Through the AKT/NF-κB Pathway.
    Ren M; Wang T; Han Z; Fu P; Liu Z; Ouyang C
    J Cardiovasc Pharmacol; 2020 Nov; 76(5):635-644. PubMed ID: 32833899
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  • 14. Long noncoding RNA OIP5-AS1 targets Wnt-7b to affect glioma progression via modulation of miR-410.
    Sun WL; Kang T; Wang YY; Sun JP; Li C; Liu HJ; Yang Y; Jiao BH
    Biosci Rep; 2019 Jan; 39(1):. PubMed ID: 30498093
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  • 15. Long noncoding RNA PRKCQ-AS1 promotes CRC cell proliferation and migration via modulating miR-1287-5p/YBX1 axis.
    Cui G; Zhao H; Li L
    J Cell Biochem; 2020 Oct; 121(10):4166-4175. PubMed ID: 32619070
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  • 16. Long noncoding RNA TTN-AS1 facilitates tumorigenesis and metastasis by maintaining TTN expression in skin cutaneous melanoma.
    Wang Y; Li D; Lu J; Chen L; Zhang S; Qi W; Li W; Xu H
    Cell Death Dis; 2020 Aug; 11(8):664. PubMed ID: 32820147
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  • 17. p21-Activated kinase 3 promotes cancer stem cell phenotypes through activating the Akt-GSK3β-β-catenin signaling pathway in pancreatic cancer cells.
    Wu HY; Yang MC; Ding LY; Chen CS; Chu PC
    Cancer Lett; 2019 Aug; 456():13-22. PubMed ID: 31051214
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  • 18. HNRNPU-AS1 Regulates Cell Proliferation and Apoptosis via the MicroRNA 205-5p/AXIN2 Axis and Wnt/β-Catenin Signaling Pathway in Cervical Cancer.
    Niu Z; Wang F; Lv S; Lv Y; Liu M; Fu L; Yao Y; Wang L; Lin W; Yuan F
    Mol Cell Biol; 2021 Sep; 41(10):e0011521. PubMed ID: 34309414
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  • 19. TTN-AS1 delivered by gastric cancer cell-derived exosome induces gastric cancer progression through in vivo and in vitro studies.
    Wang Y; Jiang R; Zhao H; Li F; Li Y; Zhu M
    Cell Biol Toxicol; 2023 Apr; 39(2):557-571. PubMed ID: 36214926
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  • 20. Long non-coding RNA titin-antisense RNA1 contributes to growth and metastasis of cholangiocarcinoma by suppressing microRNA-513a-5p to upregulate stratifin.
    Liu Y; Sun J; Qi P; Liu Y
    Bioengineered; 2021 Dec; 12(2):12611-12624. PubMed ID: 34903127
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