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  • 1. Associations between Diet, the Gut Microbiome, and Short-Chain Fatty Acid Production among Older Caribbean Latino Adults.
    Maldonado-Contreras A; Noel SE; Ward DV; Velez M; Mangano KM
    J Acad Nutr Diet; 2020 Dec; 120(12):2047-2060.e6. PubMed ID: 32798072
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  • 2. Dietary Habits of 2- to 9-Year-Old American Children Are Associated with Gut Microbiome Composition.
    Herman DR; Rhoades N; Mercado J; Argueta P; Lopez U; Flores GE
    J Acad Nutr Diet; 2020 Apr; 120(4):517-534. PubMed ID: 31668602
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  • 3. Associations of Dietary Intake with the Intestinal Microbiota and Short-Chain Fatty Acids Among Young Adults with Type 1 Diabetes and Overweight or Obesity.
    Igudesman D; Crandell JL; Corbin KD; Hooper J; Thomas JM; Bulik CM; Pence BW; Pratley RE; Kosorok MR; Maahs DM; Carroll IM; Mayer-Davis EJ
    J Nutr; 2023 Apr; 153(4):1178-1188. PubMed ID: 36841667
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  • 4. Diet, obesity, and the gut microbiome as determinants modulating metabolic outcomes in a non-human primate model.
    Newman TM; Shively CA; Register TC; Appt SE; Yadav H; Colwell RR; Fanelli B; Dadlani M; Graubics K; Nguyen UT; Ramamoorthy S; Uberseder B; Clear KYJ; Wilson AS; Reeves KD; Chappell MC; Tooze JA; Cook KL
    Microbiome; 2021 May; 9(1):100. PubMed ID: 33952353
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  • 5. Abundance of Prevotella copri in gut microbiota is inversely related to a healthy diet in patients with type 2 diabetes.
    Tsai CY; Liu PY; Huang MC; Chang CI; Chen HY; Chou YH; Tsai CN; Lin CH
    J Food Drug Anal; 2023 Dec; 31(4):599-608. PubMed ID: 38526814
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  • 6. Comparison of Different Dietary Indices as Predictors of Inflammation, Oxidative Stress and Intestinal Microbiota in Middle-Aged and Elderly Subjects.
    Ruiz-Saavedra S; Salazar N; Suárez A; de Los Reyes-Gavilán CG; Gueimonde M; González S
    Nutrients; 2020 Dec; 12(12):. PubMed ID: 33333806
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  • 7. The Gut Microbiome Is Associated with Circulating Dietary Biomarkers of Fruit and Vegetable Intake in a Multiethnic Cohort.
    Frankenfeld CL; Hullar MAJ; Maskarinec G; Monroe KR; Shepherd JA; Franke AA; Randolph TW; Wilkens LR; Boushey CJ; Le Marchand L; Lim U; Lampe JW
    J Acad Nutr Diet; 2022 Jan; 122(1):78-98. PubMed ID: 34226163
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  • 8. A posteriori dietary patterns better explain variations of the gut microbiome than individual markers in the American Gut Project.
    Cotillard A; Cartier-Meheust A; Litwin NS; Chaumont S; Saccareau M; Lejzerowicz F; Tap J; Koutnikova H; Lopez DG; McDonald D; Song SJ; Knight R; Derrien M; Veiga P
    Am J Clin Nutr; 2022 Feb; 115(2):432-443. PubMed ID: 34617562
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  • 9. Fecal Microbial Diversity and Structure Are Associated with Diet Quality in the Multiethnic Cohort Adiposity Phenotype Study.
    Maskarinec G; Hullar MAJ; Monroe KR; Shepherd JA; Hunt J; Randolph TW; Wilkens LR; Boushey CJ; Le Marchand L; Lim U; Lampe JW
    J Nutr; 2019 Sep; 149(9):1575-1584. PubMed ID: 31187868
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  • 10. Adherence to the Mediterranean diet is associated with the gut microbiota pattern and gastrointestinal characteristics in an adult population.
    Mitsou EK; Kakali A; Antonopoulou S; Mountzouris KC; Yannakoulia M; Panagiotakos DB; Kyriacou A
    Br J Nutr; 2017 Jun; 117(12):1645-1655. PubMed ID: 28789729
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  • 11. Association of Insulin Resistance and Type 2 Diabetes With Gut Microbial Diversity: A Microbiome-Wide Analysis From Population Studies.
    Chen Z; Radjabzadeh D; Chen L; Kurilshikov A; Kavousi M; Ahmadizar F; Ikram MA; Uitterlinden AG; Zhernakova A; Fu J; Kraaij R; Voortman T
    JAMA Netw Open; 2021 Jul; 4(7):e2118811. PubMed ID: 34323983
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  • 12. A Lebanese dietary pattern promotes better diet quality among older adults: findings from a national cross-sectional study.
    Jomaa L; Hwalla N; Itani L; Chamieh MC; Mehio-Sibai A; Naja F
    BMC Geriatr; 2016 Apr; 16():85. PubMed ID: 27093883
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  • 13. Diet, physical activity and screen time but not body mass index are associated with the gut microbiome of a diverse cohort of college students living in university housing: a cross-sectional study.
    Whisner CM; Maldonado J; Dente B; Krajmalnik-Brown R; Bruening M
    BMC Microbiol; 2018 Dec; 18(1):210. PubMed ID: 30541450
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  • 14. The Gut Microbiome Modifies the Association Between a Mediterranean Diet and Diabetes in USA Hispanic/ Latino Population.
    Wang DD; Qi Q; Wang Z; Usyk M; Sotres-Alvarez D; Mattei J; Tamez M; Gellman MD; Daviglus M; Hu FB; Stampfer MJ; Huttenhower C; Knight R; Burk RD; Kaplan RC
    J Clin Endocrinol Metab; 2022 Feb; 107(3):e924-e934. PubMed ID: 34747479
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  • 15. Modified Mediterranean-ketogenic diet modulates gut microbiome and short-chain fatty acids in association with Alzheimer's disease markers in subjects with mild cognitive impairment.
    Nagpal R; Neth BJ; Wang S; Craft S; Yadav H
    EBioMedicine; 2019 Sep; 47():529-542. PubMed ID: 31477562
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  • 16. Associations between diet, the gut microbiome and short chain fatty acids in youth with islet autoimmunity and type 1 diabetes.
    Harbison JE; Thomson RL; Wentworth JM; Louise J; Roth-Schulze A; Battersby RJ; Ngui KM; Penno MAS; Colman PG; Craig ME; Barry SC; Tran CD; Makrides M; Harrison LC; Couper JJ
    Pediatr Diabetes; 2021 May; 22(3):425-433. PubMed ID: 33470492
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  • 17. Relation Between Dietary Protein Intake and Gut Microbiome Composition in Community-Dwelling Older Men: Findings from the Osteoporotic Fractures in Men Study (MrOS).
    Farsijani S; Cauley JA; Peddada SD; Langsetmo L; Shikany JM; Orwoll ES; Ensrud KE; Cawthon PM; Newman AB
    J Nutr; 2023 Jan; 152(12):2877-2887. PubMed ID: 36205552
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  • 18. Healthy dietary patterns are associated with the gut microbiome in the Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos.
    Peters BA; Xing J; Chen GC; Usyk M; Wang Z; McClain AC; Thyagarajan B; Daviglus ML; Sotres-Alvarez D; Hu FB; Knight R; Burk RD; Kaplan RC; Qi Q
    Am J Clin Nutr; 2023 Mar; 117(3):540-552. PubMed ID: 36872018
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  • 19. The associations of the gut microbiome composition and short-chain fatty acid concentrations with body fat distribution in children.
    Wei Y; Liang J; Su Y; Wang J; Amakye WK; Pan J; Chu X; Ma B; Song Y; Li Y; Mao L; Zhang Z
    Clin Nutr; 2021 May; 40(5):3379-3390. PubMed ID: 33277072
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  • 20. Impact of Individual Traits, Saturated Fat, and Protein Source on the Gut Microbiome.
    Lang JM; Pan C; Cantor RM; Tang WHW; Garcia-Garcia JC; Kurtz I; Hazen SL; Bergeron N; Krauss RM; Lusis AJ
    mBio; 2018 Dec; 9(6):. PubMed ID: 30538180
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