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  • 21. Juvenile polyposis syndrome.
    Brosens LA; Langeveld D; van Hattem WA; Giardiello FM; Offerhaus GJ
    World J Gastroenterol; 2011 Nov; 17(44):4839-44. PubMed ID: 22171123
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  • 22. Variable Features of Juvenile Polyposis Syndrome With Gastric Involvement Among Patients With a Large Genomic Deletion of BMPR1A.
    Lieberman S; Beeri R; Walsh T; Schechter M; Keret D; Half E; Gulsuner S; Tomer A; Jacob H; Cohen S; Basel-Salmon L; Mansur M; Berger R; Katz LH; Golomb E; Peretz T; Levy Z; Kedar I; King MC; Levy-Lahad E; Goldberg Y
    Clin Transl Gastroenterol; 2019 Jul; 10(7):e00054. PubMed ID: 31259752
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  • 23. High proportion of large genomic deletions and a genotype phenotype update in 80 unrelated families with juvenile polyposis syndrome.
    Aretz S; Stienen D; Uhlhaas S; Stolte M; Entius MM; Loff S; Back W; Kaufmann A; Keller KM; Blaas SH; Siebert R; Vogt S; Spranger S; Holinski-Feder E; Sunde L; Propping P; Friedl W
    J Med Genet; 2007 Nov; 44(11):702-9. PubMed ID: 17873119
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  • 24. Juvenile polyposis syndrome in children: The impact of SMAD4 and BMPR1A mutations on clinical phenotype and polyp burden.
    Cohen S; Yerushalmy-Feler A; Rojas I; Phen C; Rudnick DA; Flahive CB; Erdman SH; Magen-Rimon R; Copova I; Attard T; Latchford A; Hyer W
    J Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr; 2024 Jul; 79(1):161-167. PubMed ID: 38801072
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  • 25. Germline Mutations in the Polyposis-Associated Genes BMPR1A, SMAD4, PTEN, MUTYH and GREM1 Are Not Common in Individuals with Serrated Polyposis Syndrome.
    Clendenning M; Young JP; Walsh MD; Woodall S; Arnold J; Jenkins M; Win AK; Hopper JL; Sweet K; Gallinger S; Rosty C; Parry S; Buchanan DD
    PLoS One; 2013; 8(6):e66705. PubMed ID: 23805267
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  • 26. BMPR1A mutation-positive juvenile polyposis syndrome and atrial septal defect: coincidence or association?
    Harris RE; Russell RK
    BMJ Case Rep; 2019 Jun; 12(6):. PubMed ID: 31229977
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  • 27. A novel germline SMAD4 variant detected in a Japanese family with juvenile polyposis syndrome and hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia.
    Kananazawa Y; Yamada T; Yamaguchi T; Saito Y; Kakinuma D; Masuda Y; Ando F; Ohashi R; Eguchi H; Okazaki Y; Ishida H; Yoshida H
    Jpn J Clin Oncol; 2023 Mar; 53(3):275-279. PubMed ID: 36546711
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  • 28. Juvenile polyposis syndrome: a study of genotype, phenotype, and long-term outcome.
    Latchford AR; Neale K; Phillips RK; Clark SK
    Dis Colon Rectum; 2012 Oct; 55(10):1038-43. PubMed ID: 22965402
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  • 29. Overlap of Juvenile polyposis syndrome and Cowden syndrome due to de novo chromosome 10 deletion involving BMPR1A and PTEN: implications for treatment and surveillance.
    Alimi A; Weeth-Feinstein LA; Stettner A; Caldera F; Weiss JM
    Am J Med Genet A; 2015 Jun; 167(6):1305-8. PubMed ID: 25846706
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  • 30. Discovery of the BMPR1A promoter and germline mutations that cause juvenile polyposis.
    Calva-Cerqueira D; Dahdaleh FS; Woodfield G; Chinnathambi S; Nagy PL; Larsen-Haidle J; Weigel RJ; Howe JR
    Hum Mol Genet; 2010 Dec; 19(23):4654-62. PubMed ID: 20843829
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  • 31. [A young man with intestinal polyposis and epistaxis].
    Menko FH; Jacobs MA; Mager JJ; Nicolaï JJ; Mensenkamp AR; Aalfs CM
    Ned Tijdschr Geneeskd; 2014; 158():A7398. PubMed ID: 25269631
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  • 32. Histologic variations in juvenile polyp phenotype correlate with genetic defect underlying juvenile polyposis.
    van Hattem WA; Langeveld D; de Leng WW; Morsink FH; van Diest PJ; Iacobuzio-Donahue CA; Giardiello FM; Offerhaus GJ; Brosens LA
    Am J Surg Pathol; 2011 Apr; 35(4):530-6. PubMed ID: 21412070
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  • 33. Co-occurrence of Lynch syndrome and juvenile polyposis syndrome confirmed by multigene panel testing.
    Silva-Smith R; Sussman DA
    Fam Cancer; 2018 Jan; 17(1):87-90. PubMed ID: 28600700
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  • 34. Juvenile polyposis diagnosed with an integrated histological, immunohistochemical and molecular approach identifying new SMAD4 pathogenic variants.
    Mafficini A; Brosens LAA; Piredda ML; Conti C; Mattiolo P; Turri G; Mastrosimini MG; Cingarlini S; Crin├▓ SF; Fassan M; Piccoli P; Simbolo M; Nottegar A; Lawlor RT; Guglielmi A; Scarpa A; Pedrazzani C; Luchini C
    Fam Cancer; 2022 Oct; 21(4):441-451. PubMed ID: 35075588
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  • 35. A novel BMPR1A mutation affects mRNA splicing in juvenile polyposis syndrome.
    Imagawa K; Morita A; Fukushima H; Tagawa M; Takada H
    Pediatr Int; 2022 Jan; 64(1):e15041. PubMed ID: 34699658
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  • 36. Juvenile polyposis syndrome: An overview.
    Dal Buono A; Gaiani F; Poliani L; Laghi L
    Best Pract Res Clin Gastroenterol; 2022; 58-59():101799. PubMed ID: 35988962
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  • 37. BMPR1A mutations in juvenile polyposis affect cellular localization.
    Howe JR; Dahdaleh FS; Carr JC; Wang D; Sherman SK; Howe JR
    J Surg Res; 2013 Oct; 184(2):739-45. PubMed ID: 23433720
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  • 38. Homozygous missense variant in BMPR1A resulting in BMPR signaling disruption and syndromic features.
    Russell BE; Rigueur D; Weaver KN; Sund K; Basil JS; Hufnagel RB; Prows CA; Oestreich A; Al-Gazali L; Hopkin RJ; Saal HM; Lyons K; Dauber A
    Mol Genet Genomic Med; 2019 Nov; 7(11):e969. PubMed ID: 31493347
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  • 39. FOCAD Indel in a Family With Juvenile Polyposis Syndrome.
    MacFarland SP; Xie H; Dent MH; Greed B; Plon SE; Scollon SR; Brodeur GM; Howe JR
    J Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr; 2022 Jul; 75(1):56-58. PubMed ID: 35622075
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  • 40. Massive juvenile polyposis of the stomach in a family with SMAD4 gene mutation.
    de Leon MP; Pedroni M; Viel A; Luppi C; Conigliaro R; Domati F; Rossi G; Bonetti LR
    Fam Cancer; 2019 Apr; 18(2):165-172. PubMed ID: 30196345
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