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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 21. Localized oncolytic virotherapy overcomes systemic tumor resistance to immune checkpoint blockade immunotherapy.
    Zamarin D; Holmgaard RB; Subudhi SK; Park JS; Mansour M; Palese P; Merghoub T; Wolchok JD; Allison JP
    Sci Transl Med; 2014 Mar; 6(226):226ra32. PubMed ID: 24598590
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  • 22. Overcoming tumor heterogeneity by ex vivo arming of T cells using multiple bispecific antibodies.
    Park JA; Cheung NV
    J Immunother Cancer; 2022 Jan; 10(1):. PubMed ID: 35086947
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  • 23. Engineering Newcastle Disease Virus as an Oncolytic Vector for Intratumoral Delivery of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors and Immunocytokines.
    Vijayakumar G; McCroskery S; Palese P
    J Virol; 2020 Jan; 94(3):. PubMed ID: 31694938
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  • 24. Targeting tumor vasculature to improve antitumor activity of T cells armed ex vivo with T cell engaging bispecific antibody.
    Park JA; Espinosa-Cotton M; Guo HF; Monette S; Cheung NV
    J Immunother Cancer; 2023 Mar; 11(3):. PubMed ID: 36990507
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  • 25. Oncolytic adenovirus decreases the proportion of TIM-3
    Liikanen I; Basnet S; Quixabeira DCA; Taipale K; Hemminki O; Oksanen M; Kankainen M; Juhila J; Kanerva A; Joensuu T; Tähtinen S; Hemminki A
    J Immunother Cancer; 2022 Feb; 10(2):. PubMed ID: 35193929
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  • 26. Targeting the tumor stroma with an oncolytic adenovirus secreting a fibroblast activation protein-targeted bispecific T-cell engager.
    de Sostoa J; Fajardo CA; Moreno R; Ramos MD; Farrera-Sal M; Alemany R
    J Immunother Cancer; 2019 Jan; 7(1):19. PubMed ID: 30683154
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  • 27. Dual but not single PD-1 or TIM-3 blockade enhances oncolytic virotherapy in refractory lung cancer.
    Sun F; Guo ZS; Gregory AD; Shapiro SD; Xiao G; Qu Z
    J Immunother Cancer; 2020 May; 8(1):. PubMed ID: 32461344
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  • 28. Targeted cancer immunotherapy via combination of designer bispecific antibody and novel gene-engineered T cells.
    Urbanska K; Lynn RC; Stashwick C; Thakur A; Lum LG; Powell DJ
    J Transl Med; 2014 Dec; 12():347. PubMed ID: 25496493
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  • 29. Intravesical oncolytic virotherapy and immunotherapy for non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer mouse model.
    Smelser WW; Wang J; Ogden KM; Chang SS; Kirschner AN
    BJU Int; 2023 Sep; 132(3):298-306. PubMed ID: 36961272
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  • 30. Systemic high-dose dexamethasone treatment may modulate the efficacy of intratumoral viral oncolytic immunotherapy in glioblastoma models.
    Koch MS; Zdioruk M; Nowicki MO; Griffith AM; Aguilar E; Aguilar LK; Guzik BW; Barone F; Tak PP; Tabatabai G; Lederer JA; Chiocca EA; Lawler S
    J Immunother Cancer; 2022 Jan; 10(1):. PubMed ID: 35017150
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  • 31. GD2 or HER2 targeting T cell engaging bispecific antibodies to treat osteosarcoma.
    Park JA; Cheung NV
    J Hematol Oncol; 2020 Dec; 13(1):172. PubMed ID: 33303017
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  • 32. Prime-boost using separate oncolytic viruses in combination with checkpoint blockade improves anti-tumour therapy.
    Ilett E; Kottke T; Thompson J; Rajani K; Zaidi S; Evgin L; Coffey M; Ralph C; Diaz R; Pandha H; Harrington K; Selby P; Bram R; Melcher A; Vile R
    Gene Ther; 2017 Jan; 24(1):21-30. PubMed ID: 27779616
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  • 33. Factors Affecting the Cancer Immunotherapeutic Efficacy of T Cell Bispecific Antibodies and Strategies for Improvement.
    Long M; Mims AS; Li Z
    Immunol Invest; 2022 Nov; 51(8):2176-2214. PubMed ID: 36259611
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  • 34. Modulating tumor infiltrating myeloid cells to enhance bispecific antibody-driven T cell infiltration and anti-tumor response.
    Park JA; Wang L; Cheung NV
    J Hematol Oncol; 2021 Sep; 14(1):142. PubMed ID: 34496935
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  • 35. Combination Therapy With Reovirus and Anti-PD-1 Blockade Controls Tumor Growth Through Innate and Adaptive Immune Responses.
    Rajani K; Parrish C; Kottke T; Thompson J; Zaidi S; Ilett L; Shim KG; Diaz RM; Pandha H; Harrington K; Coffey M; Melcher A; Vile R
    Mol Ther; 2016 Feb; 24(1):166-74. PubMed ID: 26310630
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  • 36. Fully human HER2/cluster of differentiation 3 bispecific antibody triggers potent and specific cytotoxicity of T lymphocytes against breast cancer.
    Zhou Y; Gou LT; Guo ZH; Liu HR; Wang JM; Zhou SX; Yang JL; Li XA
    Mol Med Rep; 2015 Jul; 12(1):147-54. PubMed ID: 25760691
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  • 37. Unraveling the impact of sialic acids on the immune landscape and immunotherapy efficacy in pancreatic cancer.
    Boelaars K; Goossens-Kruijssen L; Wang D; de Winde CM; Rodriguez E; Lindijer D; Springer B; van der Haar Àvila I; de Haas A; Wehry L; Boon L; Mebius RE; van Montfoort N; Wuhrer M; den Haan JMM; van Vliet SJ; van Kooyk Y
    J Immunother Cancer; 2023 Nov; 11(11):. PubMed ID: 37940346
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  • 38. Bispecific antibodies target operationally tumor-specific antigens in two leukemia relapse models.
    Lindhofer H; Menzel H; Günther W; Hültner L; Thierfelder S
    Blood; 1996 Dec; 88(12):4651-8. PubMed ID: 8977258
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  • 39. Oncolytic virotherapy enhances the efficacy of a cancer vaccine by modulating the tumor microenvironment.
    Koske I; Rössler A; Pipperger L; Petersson M; Barnstorf I; Kimpel J; Tripp CH; Stoitzner P; Bánki Z; von Laer D
    Int J Cancer; 2019 Oct; 145(7):1958-1969. PubMed ID: 30972741
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  • 40. Bispecific antibodies targeting immunomodulatory checkpoints for cancer therapy.
    Zhang T; Lin Y; Gao Q
    Cancer Biol Med; 2023 Mar; 20(3):181-95. PubMed ID: 36971124
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