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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Metabolically healthy obesity, transition to unhealthy metabolic status, and vascular disease in Chinese adults: A cohort study.
    Gao M; Lv J; Yu C; Guo Y; Bian Z; Yang R; Du H; Yang L; Chen Y; Li Z; Zhang X; Chen J; Qi L; Chen Z; Huang T; Li L;
    PLoS Med; 2020 Oct; 17(10):e1003351. PubMed ID: 33125374
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  • 2. Metabolically healthy obesity, transition from metabolic healthy to unhealthy status, and carotid atherosclerosis.
    Huang Q; Liu Z; Wei M; Feng J; Huang Q; Liu Y; Liu Z; Li X; Yin L; Xia J
    Diabetes Metab Res Rev; 2024 Feb; 40(2):e3766. PubMed ID: 38351639
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  • 3. Metabolically healthy obesity, transition to unhealthy phenotypes, and type 2 diabetes in 0.5 million Chinese adults: the China Kadoorie Biobank.
    Song Z; Gao M; Lv J; Yu C; Guo Y; Bian Z; Wei Y; Yang L; Du H; Chen Y; Zhang J; Yao J; Chen J; Chen Z; Huang T; Li L;
    Eur J Endocrinol; 2022 Jan; 186(2):233-244. PubMed ID: 34874895
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  • 4. Transition from metabolic healthy to unhealthy phenotypes and association with cardiovascular disease risk across BMI categories in 90 257 women (the Nurses' Health Study): 30 year follow-up from a prospective cohort study.
    Eckel N; Li Y; Kuxhaus O; Stefan N; Hu FB; Schulze MB
    Lancet Diabetes Endocrinol; 2018 Sep; 6(9):714-724. PubMed ID: 29859908
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  • 5. The association between transition from metabolically healthy obesity to metabolic syndrome, and incidence of cardiovascular disease: Tehran lipid and glucose study.
    Hosseinpanah F; Tasdighi E; Barzin M; Mahdavi M; Ghanbarian A; Valizadeh M; Azizi F
    PLoS One; 2020; 15(9):e0239164. PubMed ID: 32947607
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  • 6. A Nested Case-Control Study of Metabolically Defined Body Size Phenotypes and Risk of Colorectal Cancer in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC).
    Murphy N; Cross AJ; Abubakar M; Jenab M; Aleksandrova K; Boutron-Ruault MC; Dossus L; Racine A; Kühn T; Katzke VA; Tjønneland A; Petersen KE; Overvad K; Quirós JR; Jakszyn P; Molina-Montes E; Dorronsoro M; Huerta JM; Barricarte A; Khaw KT; Wareham N; Travis RC; Trichopoulou A; Lagiou P; Trichopoulos D; Masala G; Krogh V; Tumino R; Vineis P; Panico S; Bueno-de-Mesquita HB; Siersema PD; Peeters PH; Ohlsson B; Ericson U; Palmqvist R; Nyström H; Weiderpass E; Skeie G; Freisling H; Kong SY; Tsilidis K; Muller DC; Riboli E; Gunter MJ
    PLoS Med; 2016 Apr; 13(4):e1001988. PubMed ID: 27046222
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  • 7. Transition from metabolically benign to metabolically unhealthy obesity and 10-year cardiovascular disease incidence: The ATTICA cohort study.
    Kouvari M; Panagiotakos DB; Yannakoulia M; Georgousopoulou E; Critselis E; Chrysohoou C; Tousoulis D; Pitsavos C;
    Metabolism; 2019 Apr; 93():18-24. PubMed ID: 30639450
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  • 8. Dynamic status of metabolically healthy overweight/obesity and metabolically unhealthy and normal weight and the risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus: A cohort study of a rural adult Chinese population.
    Wang B; Zhang M; Wang S; Wang C; Wang J; Li L; Zhang L; Ren Y; Han C; Zhao Y; Zhou J; Wang G; Shen Y; Wu D; Pang C; Yin L; Feng T; Zhao J; Luo X; Hu D
    Obes Res Clin Pract; 2018; 12(1):61-71. PubMed ID: 29100915
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  • 9. Association between Metabolic Phenotypes of Body Fatness and Incident Stroke: A Prospective Cohort Study of Chinese Community Residents.
    Tang M; Zhao Q; Yi K; Wu Y; Xiang Y; Zaid M; Cui S; Su X; Yu Y; Zhao G; Jiang Y
    Nutrients; 2022 Dec; 14(24):. PubMed ID: 36558418
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  • 10. Associations of metabolic changes and polygenic risk scores with cardiovascular outcomes and all-cause mortality across BMI categories: a prospective cohort study.
    Li C; Meng X; Zhang J; Wang H; Lu H; Cao M; Sun S; Wang Y
    Cardiovasc Diabetol; 2024 Jul; 23(1):231. PubMed ID: 38965592
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  • 11. Cardiovascular risk of metabolically healthy obesity in two european populations: Prevention potential from a metabolomic study.
    Wei D; González-Marrachelli V; Melgarejo JD; Liao CT; Hu A; Janssens S; Verhamme P; Van Aelst L; Vanassche T; Redon J; Tellez-Plaza M; Martin-Escudero JC; Monleon D; Zhang ZY
    Cardiovasc Diabetol; 2023 Apr; 22(1):82. PubMed ID: 37029406
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  • 12. Natural course of metabolically healthy phenotype and risk of developing Cardiometabolic diseases: a three years follow-up study.
    Elías-López D; Vargas-Vázquez A; Mehta R; Cruz Bautista I; Del Razo Olvera F; Gómez-Velasco D; Almeda Valdes P; Aguilar-Salinas CA;
    BMC Endocr Disord; 2021 Apr; 21(1):85. PubMed ID: 33910543
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  • 13. Transitions in metabolic health status over time and risk of heart failure: A prospective study.
    Bi J; Song L; Wang L; Su B; Wu M; Li D; Chen S; Liu Y; Yang Y; Zhou Z; Hu Y; Wang Y; Wu S; Tian Y
    Diabetes Metab; 2022 Jan; 48(1):101266. PubMed ID: 34252500
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  • 14. Obesity measures, metabolic health and their association with 15-year all-cause and cardiovascular mortality in the SAMINOR 1 Survey: a population-based cohort study.
    Michalsen VL; Wild SH; Kvaløy K; Svartberg J; Melhus M; Broderstad AR
    BMC Cardiovasc Disord; 2021 Oct; 21(1):510. PubMed ID: 34674643
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  • 15. Transition of metabolic phenotypes and risk of subclinical atherosclerosis according to BMI: a prospective study.
    Lin L; Zhang J; Jiang L; Du R; Hu C; Lu J; Wang T; Li M; Zhao Z; Xu Y; Xu M; Bi Y; Ning G; Wang W; Chen Y
    Diabetologia; 2020 Jul; 63(7):1312-1323. PubMed ID: 32130460
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  • 16. Contribution of 20-year body mass index and waist circumference history to poor cardiometabolic health in overweight/obese and normal weight adults: A cohort study.
    Robson E; Norris T; Costa S; Kivimäki M; Hamer M; Johnson W
    Nutr Metab Cardiovasc Dis; 2021 Sep; 31(10):2851-2859. PubMed ID: 34340899
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  • 17. Transitions in Metabolic Health Status and Obesity Over Time and Risk of Diabetes: The Dongfeng-Tongji Cohort Study.
    Wei Y; Wang R; Wang J; Han X; Wang F; Zhang Z; Xu Y; Zhang X; Guo H; Yang H; Li X; He M
    J Clin Endocrinol Metab; 2023 Jul; 108(8):2024-2032. PubMed ID: 36718514
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  • 18. Cardiometabolic disease risk in metabolically healthy and unhealthy obesity: Stability of metabolic health status in adults.
    Guo F; Garvey WT
    Obesity (Silver Spring); 2016 Feb; 24(2):516-25. PubMed ID: 26719125
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  • 19. Prolonged or Transition to Metabolically Unhealthy Status, Regardless of Obesity Status, Is Associated with Higher Risk of Cardiovascular Disease Incidence and Mortality in Koreans.
    Lee J; Kwak SY; Park D; Kim GE; Park CY; Shin MJ
    Nutrients; 2022 Apr; 14(8):. PubMed ID: 35458208
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  • 20. Metabolically Healthy/Unhealthy Overweight/Obesity Associations With Incident Heart Failure in Postmenopausal Women: The Women's Health Initiative.
    Cordola Hsu AR; Xie B; Peterson DV; LaMonte MJ; Garcia L; Eaton CB; Going SB; Phillips LS; Manson JE; Anton-Culver H; Wong ND;
    Circ Heart Fail; 2021 Apr; 14(4):e007297. PubMed ID: 33775111
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