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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Targeting MARCO and IL37R on Immunosuppressive Macrophages in Lung Cancer Blocks Regulatory T Cells and Supports Cytotoxic Lymphocyte Function.
    La Fleur L; Botling J; He F; Pelicano C; Zhou C; He C; Palano G; Mezheyeuski A; Micke P; Ravetch JV; Karlsson MCI; Sarhan D
    Cancer Res; 2021 Feb; 81(4):956-967. PubMed ID: 33293426
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  • 2. Expression of scavenger receptor MARCO defines a targetable tumor-associated macrophage subset in non-small cell lung cancer.
    La Fleur L; Boura VF; Alexeyenko A; Berglund A; Pontén V; Mattsson JSM; Djureinovic D; Persson J; Brunnström H; Isaksson J; Brandén E; Koyi H; Micke P; Karlsson MCI; Botling J
    Int J Cancer; 2018 Oct; 143(7):1741-1752. PubMed ID: 29667169
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  • 3. ILT4 inhibition prevents TAM- and dysfunctional T cell-mediated immunosuppression and enhances the efficacy of anti-PD-L1 therapy in NSCLC with EGFR activation.
    Chen X; Gao A; Zhang F; Yang Z; Wang S; Fang Y; Li J; Wang J; Shi W; Wang L; Zheng Y; Sun Y
    Theranostics; 2021; 11(7):3392-3416. PubMed ID: 33537094
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  • 4. CXCR4 Inhibition Counteracts Immunosuppressive Properties of Metastatic NSCLC Stem Cells.
    Fortunato O; Belisario DC; Compagno M; Giovinazzo F; Bracci C; Pastorino U; Horenstein A; Malavasi F; Ferracini R; Scala S; Sozzi G; Roz L; Roato I; Bertolini G
    Front Immunol; 2020; 11():02168. PubMed ID: 33123122
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  • 5. Targeting a scavenger receptor on tumor-associated macrophages activates tumor cell killing by natural killer cells.
    Eisinger S; Sarhan D; Boura VF; Ibarlucea-Benitez I; Tyystjärvi S; Oliynyk G; Arsenian-Henriksson M; Lane D; Wikström SL; Kiessling R; Virgilio T; Gonzalez SF; Kaczynska D; Kanatani S; Daskalaki E; Wheelock CE; Sedimbi S; Chambers BJ; Ravetch JV; Karlsson MCI
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A; 2020 Dec; 117(50):32005-32016. PubMed ID: 33229588
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  • 6. A MyD88/IL1R Axis Regulates PD-1 Expression on Tumor-Associated Macrophages and Sustains Their Immunosuppressive Function in Melanoma.
    Tartey S; Neale G; Vogel P; Malireddi RKS; Kanneganti TD
    Cancer Res; 2021 May; 81(9):2358-2372. PubMed ID: 33619117
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  • 7. Comprehensive Integrative Analysis Reveals the Association of
    Arora S; Singh P; Ahmad S; Ahmad T; Dohare R; Almatroodi SA; Alrumaihi F; Rahmani AH; Syed MA
    Cells; 2021 Aug; 10(8):. PubMed ID: 34440860
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  • 8. Determination of poor prognostic immune features of tumour microenvironment in non-smoking patients with lung adenocarcinoma.
    Kinoshita T; Kudo-Saito C; Muramatsu R; Fujita T; Saito M; Nagumo H; Sakurai T; Noji S; Takahata E; Yaguchi T; Tsukamoto N; Hayashi Y; Kaseda K; Kamiyama I; Ohtsuka T; Tomizawa K; Shimoji M; Mitsudomi T; Asamura H; Kawakami Y
    Eur J Cancer; 2017 Nov; 86():15-27. PubMed ID: 28950145
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  • 9. Blocking MARCO
    Ding L; Qian J; Yu X; Wu Q; Mao J; Liu X; Wang Y; Guo D; Su R; Xie H; Yin S; Zhou L; Zheng S
    Cancer Lett; 2024 Feb; 582():216568. PubMed ID: 38065400
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  • 10. Tumor-infiltrating regulatory T cells inhibit endogenous cytotoxic T cell responses to lung adenocarcinoma.
    Ganesan AP; Johansson M; Ruffell B; Yagui-Beltrán A; Lau J; Jablons DM; Coussens LM
    J Immunol; 2013 Aug; 191(4):2009-17. PubMed ID: 23851682
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  • 11. Myeloid expression of adenosine A2A receptor suppresses T and NK cell responses in the solid tumor microenvironment.
    Cekic C; Day YJ; Sag D; Linden J
    Cancer Res; 2014 Dec; 74(24):7250-9. PubMed ID: 25377469
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  • 12. Spatial Density and Distribution of Tumor-Associated Macrophages Predict Survival in Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinoma.
    Zheng X; Weigert A; Reu S; Guenther S; Mansouri S; Bassaly B; Gattenlöhner S; Grimminger F; Pullamsetti S; Seeger W; Winter H; Savai R
    Cancer Res; 2020 Oct; 80(20):4414-4425. PubMed ID: 32699134
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  • 13. Reduction of immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment in cholangiocarcinoma by ex vivo targeting immune checkpoint molecules.
    Zhou G; Sprengers D; Mancham S; Erkens R; Boor PPC; van Beek AA; Doukas M; Noordam L; Campos Carrascosa L; de Ruiter V; van Leeuwen RWF; Polak WG; de Jonge J; Groot Koerkamp B; van Rosmalen B; van Gulik TM; Verheij J; IJzermans JNM; Bruno MJ; Kwekkeboom J
    J Hepatol; 2019 Oct; 71(4):753-762. PubMed ID: 31195061
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  • 14. Effects of IFN-γ on the immunological microenvironment and TAM polarity in stage IA non-small cell lung cancer and its mechanisms.
    Zhao W; Wang H; Zhang X; Zhang L; Pu W; Ma Y; Chen W
    BMC Pulm Med; 2024 Jan; 24(1):46. PubMed ID: 38254043
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  • 15. Inhibition of Rspo-Lgr4 Facilitates Checkpoint Blockade Therapy by Switching Macrophage Polarization.
    Tan B; Shi X; Zhang J; Qin J; Zhang N; Ren H; Qian M; Siwko S; Carmon K; Liu Q; Han H; Du B; Liu M
    Cancer Res; 2018 Sep; 78(17):4929-4942. PubMed ID: 29967265
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  • 16. Rapid Depletion of Intratumoral Regulatory T Cells Induces Synchronized CD8 T- and NK-cell Activation and IFNγ-Dependent Tumor Vessel Regression.
    Kurebayashi Y; Olkowski CP; Lane KC; Vasalatiy OV; Xu BC; Okada R; Furusawa A; Choyke PL; Kobayashi H; Sato N
    Cancer Res; 2021 Jun; 81(11):3092-3104. PubMed ID: 33574087
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  • 17. Spatial interaction and functional status of CD68
    Liu X; Zhang Z; Yuan J; Yu J; Chen D
    Front Immunol; 2024; 15():1396719. PubMed ID: 38799432
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  • 18. The absence of HLA class I expression in non-small cell lung cancer correlates with the tumor tissue structure and the pattern of T cell infiltration.
    Perea F; Bernal M; Sánchez-Palencia A; Carretero J; Torres C; Bayarri C; Gómez-Morales M; Garrido F; Ruiz-Cabello F
    Int J Cancer; 2017 Feb; 140(4):888-899. PubMed ID: 27785783
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  • 19. Tumor microenvironment remodeling and tumor therapy based on M2-like tumor associated macrophage-targeting nano-complexes.
    Han S; Wang W; Wang S; Yang T; Zhang G; Wang D; Ju R; Lu Y; Wang H; Wang L
    Theranostics; 2021; 11(6):2892-2916. PubMed ID: 33456579
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  • 20. The implications of clinical risk factors, CAR index, and compositional changes of immune cells on hyperprogressive disease in non-small cell lung cancer patients receiving immunotherapy.
    Kim SR; Chun SH; Kim JR; Kim SY; Seo JY; Jung CK; Gil BM; Kim JO; Ko YH; Woo IS; Shim BY; Hong SH; Kang JH
    BMC Cancer; 2021 Jan; 21(1):19. PubMed ID: 33402127
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