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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Microengineered 3D Tumor Models for Anti-Cancer Drug Discovery in Female-Related Cancers.
    Amirghasemi F; Adjei-Sowah E; Pockaj BA; Nikkhah M
    Ann Biomed Eng; 2021 Aug; 49(8):1943-1972. PubMed ID: 33403451
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  • 2. Advanced biomaterials and microengineering technologies to recapitulate the stepwise process of cancer metastasis.
    Peela N; Truong D; Saini H; Chu H; Mashaghi S; Ham SL; Singh S; Tavana H; Mosadegh B; Nikkhah M
    Biomaterials; 2017 Jul; 133():176-207. PubMed ID: 28437628
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  • 3. Microengineered cancer-on-a-chip platforms to study the metastatic microenvironment.
    Portillo-Lara R; Annabi N
    Lab Chip; 2016 Oct; 16(21):4063-4081. PubMed ID: 27605305
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  • 4. On-chip anticancer drug screening - Recent progress in microfluidic platforms to address challenges in chemotherapy.
    Dhiman N; Kingshott P; Sumer H; Sharma CS; Rath SN
    Biosens Bioelectron; 2019 Jul; 137():236-254. PubMed ID: 31121461
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  • 5. Microengineered Organ-on-a-chip Platforms towards Personalized Medicine.
    Kankala RK; Wang SB; Chen AZ
    Curr Pharm Des; 2018; 24(45):5354-5366. PubMed ID: 30799783
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  • 6. Dynamic Culture Systems and 3D Interfaces Models for Cancer Drugs Testing.
    Fernandes DC; Canadas RF; Reis RL; Oliveira JM
    Adv Exp Med Biol; 2020; 1230():137-159. PubMed ID: 32285369
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  • 7. Chemoresistance of Cancer Cells: Requirements of Tumor Microenvironment-mimicking
    Jo Y; Choi N; Kim K; Koo HJ; Choi J; Kim HN
    Theranostics; 2018; 8(19):5259-5275. PubMed ID: 30555545
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  • 8. In-air production of 3D co-culture tumor spheroid hydrogels for expedited drug screening.
    Antunes J; Gaspar VM; Ferreira L; Monteiro M; Henrique R; Jerónimo C; Mano JF
    Acta Biomater; 2019 Aug; 94():392-409. PubMed ID: 31200118
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  • 9. Could 3D models of cancer enhance drug screening?
    Brancato V; Oliveira JM; Correlo VM; Reis RL; Kundu SC
    Biomaterials; 2020 Feb; 232():119744. PubMed ID: 31918229
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  • 10. High-throughput screening approaches and combinatorial development of biomaterials using microfluidics.
    Barata D; van Blitterswijk C; Habibovic P
    Acta Biomater; 2016 Apr; 34():1-20. PubMed ID: 26361719
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  • 11. High-throughput CRISPR-mediated 3D enrichment platform for functional interrogation of chemotherapeutic resistance.
    Grandhi TSP; To J; Romero A; Luna F; Barnes W; Walker J; Moran R; Newlin R; Miraglia L; Orth AP; Horman SR
    Biotechnol Bioeng; 2021 Aug; 118(8):3187-3199. PubMed ID: 34050941
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  • 12. Rapid identification and validation of novel targeted approaches for Glioblastoma: A combined ex vivo-in vivo pharmaco-omic model.
    Daher A; de Groot J
    Exp Neurol; 2018 Jan; 299(Pt B):281-288. PubMed ID: 28923369
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  • 13. Analysis of Cancer Cell Invasion and Anti-metastatic Drug Screening Using Hydrogel Micro-chamber Array (HMCA)-based Plates.
    Ravid-Hermesh O; Zurgil N; Shafran Y; Afrimzon E; Sobolev M; Hakuk Y; Bar-On Eizig Z; Deutsch M
    J Vis Exp; 2018 Oct; (140):. PubMed ID: 30417872
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  • 14. In Vitro Tumor Models on Chip and Integrated Microphysiological Analysis Platform (MAP) for Life Sciences and High-Throughput Drug Screening.
    Ngo H; Amartumur S; Tran VTA; Tran M; Diep YN; Cho H; Lee LP
    Biosensors (Basel); 2023 Feb; 13(2):. PubMed ID: 36831997
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  • 15. 3D Biomimetic Models to Reconstitute Tumor Microenvironment In Vitro: Spheroids, Organoids, and Tumor-on-a-Chip.
    Li W; Zhou Z; Zhou X; Khoo BL; Gunawan R; Chin YR; Zhang L; Yi C; Guan X; Yang M
    Adv Healthc Mater; 2023 Jul; 12(18):e2202609. PubMed ID: 36917657
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  • 16. Breast cancer models: Engineering the tumor microenvironment.
    Bahcecioglu G; Basara G; Ellis BW; Ren X; Zorlutuna P
    Acta Biomater; 2020 Apr; 106():1-21. PubMed ID: 32045679
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  • 17. Emerging tumor spheroids technologies for 3D in vitro cancer modeling.
    Rodrigues T; Kundu B; Silva-Correia J; Kundu SC; Oliveira JM; Reis RL; Correlo VM
    Pharmacol Ther; 2018 Apr; 184():201-211. PubMed ID: 29097309
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  • 18. Fabrication Method of a High-Density Co-Culture Tumor-Stroma Platform to Study Cancer Progression.
    Saini H; Nikkhah M
    Methods Mol Biol; 2021; 2258():241-255. PubMed ID: 33340365
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  • 19. 3D-bioprinted all-inclusive bioanalytical platforms for cell studies.
    Mazrouei R; Velasco V; Esfandyarpour R
    Sci Rep; 2020 Sep; 10(1):14669. PubMed ID: 32887912
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  • 20. Microfluidic 3D models of cancer.
    Sung KE; Beebe DJ
    Adv Drug Deliv Rev; 2014 Dec; 79-80():68-78. PubMed ID: 25017040
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