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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Clinicopathological significance of the expression of PD-L1 in non-small cell lung cancer.
    Montero MA; Aricak O; Kis L; Yoshikawa A; De Petris L; Grundberg O; Pham HHN; Roden AC; Fukuoka J; Attanoos R; Guijarro R; Alarcón F; Lindström K; Ortiz-Villalón C
    Ann Diagn Pathol; 2021 Apr; 51():151701. PubMed ID: 33485052
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  • 2. [Protein expression of PD-L1 and clinico-pathological data in a cohort of 53 patients with resectable non small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Concordance between clones (22C3 and 28-8) and observers. Correlation and prognostic value of clinico-pathological data].
    Esteban-Rodríguez I; Ruiz Bravo-Burguillos E; Rosas R; Losantos I; Rodríguez-Antolín C; de Castro J
    Rev Esp Patol; 2020; 53(1):10-18. PubMed ID: 31932004
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  • 3. Association of PD-L1 expression and PD-L1 gene polymorphism with poor prognosis in lung adenocarcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma.
    Yeo MK; Choi SY; Seong IO; Suh KS; Kim JM; Kim KH
    Hum Pathol; 2017 Oct; 68():103-111. PubMed ID: 28851662
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  • 4. PD-1 and PD-L1 Expression in NSCLC Indicate a Favorable Prognosis in Defined Subgroups.
    Schmidt LH; Kümmel A; Görlich D; Mohr M; Bröckling S; Mikesch JH; Grünewald I; Marra A; Schultheis AM; Wardelmann E; Müller-Tidow C; Spieker T; Schliemann C; Berdel WE; Wiewrodt R; Hartmann W
    PLoS One; 2015; 10(8):e0136023. PubMed ID: 26313362
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  • 5. Comparison of Different Antibody Clones for Immunohistochemistry Detection of Programmed Cell Death Ligand 1 (PD-L1) on Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinoma.
    Parra ER; Villalobos P; Mino B; Rodriguez-Canales J
    Appl Immunohistochem Mol Morphol; 2018 Feb; 26(2):83-93. PubMed ID: 28719380
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  • 6. A retrospective cohort study of PD-L1 prevalence, molecular associations and clinical outcomes in patients with NSCLC: Results from the European Thoracic Oncology Platform (ETOP) Lungscape Project.
    Kerr KM; Thunnissen E; Dafni U; Finn SP; Bubendorf L; Soltermann A; Verbeken E; Biernat W; Warth A; Marchetti A; Speel EM; Pokharel S; Quinn AM; Monkhorst K; Navarro A; Madsen LB; Radonic T; Wilson J; De Luca G; Gray SG; Cheney R; Savic S; Martorell M; Muley T; Baas P; Meldgaard P; Blackhall F; Dingemans AM; Dziadziuszko R; Vansteenkiste J; Weder W; Polydoropoulou V; Geiger T; Kammler R; Peters S; Stahel R;
    Lung Cancer; 2019 May; 131():95-103. PubMed ID: 31027705
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  • 7. Assessment of Concordance between 22C3 and SP142 Immunohistochemistry Assays regarding PD-L1 Expression in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer.
    Xu H; Lin G; Huang C; Zhu W; Miao Q; Fan X; Wu B; Zheng X; Lin X; Jiang K; Hu D; Li C
    Sci Rep; 2017 Dec; 7(1):16956. PubMed ID: 29209070
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  • 8. The expression of PD-L1 protein as a prognostic factor in lung squamous cell carcinoma.
    Takada K; Okamoto T; Toyokawa G; Kozuma Y; Matsubara T; Haratake N; Akamine T; Takamori S; Katsura M; Shoji F; Oda Y; Maehara Y
    Lung Cancer; 2017 Feb; 104():7-15. PubMed ID: 28213003
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  • 9. Metabolic characteristics of programmed cell death-ligand 1-expressing lung cancer on
    Takada K; Toyokawa G; Okamoto T; Baba S; Kozuma Y; Matsubara T; Haratake N; Akamine T; Takamori S; Katsura M; Shoji F; Honda H; Oda Y; Maehara Y
    Cancer Med; 2017 Nov; 6(11):2552-2561. PubMed ID: 28980429
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  • 10. Multicenter Comparison of 22C3 PharmDx (Agilent) and SP263 (Ventana) Assays to Test PD-L1 Expression for NSCLC Patients to Be Treated with Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors.
    Marchetti A; Barberis M; Franco R; De Luca G; Pace MV; Staibano S; Volante M; Buttitta F; Guerini-Rocco E; Righi L; D'antuono T; Scagliotti GV; Pinto C; De Rosa G; Papotti M
    J Thorac Oncol; 2017 Nov; 12(11):1654-1663. PubMed ID: 28818609
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  • 11. Assessing PDL-1 and PD-1 in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: A Novel Immunoscore Approach.
    Paulsen EE; Kilvaer TK; Khanehkenari MR; Al-Saad S; Hald SM; Andersen S; Richardsen E; Ness N; Busund LT; Bremnes RM; Donnem T
    Clin Lung Cancer; 2017 Mar; 18(2):220-233.e8. PubMed ID: 27816392
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  • 12. A Comprehensive Analysis of Programmed Cell Death Ligand-1 Expression With the Clone SP142 Antibody in Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer Patients.
    Takada K; Toyokawa G; Okamoto T; Shimokawa M; Kozuma Y; Matsubara T; Haratake N; Akamine T; Takamori S; Katsura M; Shoji F; Oda Y; Maehara Y
    Clin Lung Cancer; 2017 Sep; 18(5):572-582.e1. PubMed ID: 28318951
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  • 13. Programmed Death Ligand-1 (PD-L1) Expression in Either Tumor Cells or Tumor-Infiltrating Immune Cells Correlates With Solid and High-Grade Lung Adenocarcinomas.
    Driver BR; Miller RA; Miller T; Deavers M; Gorman B; Mody D; Ge Y; Barrios R; Bernicker E; Kim M; Cagle PT
    Arch Pathol Lab Med; 2017 Nov; 141(11):1529-1532. PubMed ID: 28829153
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  • 14. EBUS-FNA cytologic-histologic correlation of PD-L1 immunohistochemistry in non-small cell lung cancer.
    Jug R; Giovacchini CX; Liu B; Green CL; Clarke JM; Mahmood K; Pavlisko EN
    J Am Soc Cytopathol; 2020; 9(6):485-493. PubMed ID: 32336671
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  • 15. PD-L1 expression in non-small cell lung cancer: evaluation of the diagnostic accuracy of a laboratory-developed test using clone E1L3N in comparison with 22C3 and SP263 assays.
    Munari E; Zamboni G; Lunardi G; Marconi M; Brunelli M; Martignoni G; Netto GJ; Quatrini L; Vacca P; Moretta L; Bogina G
    Hum Pathol; 2019 Aug; 90():54-59. PubMed ID: 31121194
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  • 16. Expression and clinical significance of PD-L1 and c-Myc in non-small cell lung cancer.
    Zhou C; Che G; Zheng X; Qiu J; Xie Z; Cong Y; Pei X; Zhang H; Sun H; Ma H
    J Cancer Res Clin Oncol; 2019 Nov; 145(11):2663-2674. PubMed ID: 31541338
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  • 17. Comparison of SP263 and 22C3 pharmDx assays to test programmed death ligand-1 (PD-L1) expression in surgically resected non-small cell lung cancer.
    Shigeta N; Murakami S; Yokose T; Isaka T; Shinada K; Nagashima T; Adachi H; Shigefuku S; Murakami K; Miura J; Kikunishi N; Watabe K; Saito H; Ito H
    Thorac Cancer; 2024 Jun; 15(17):1343-1349. PubMed ID: 38698758
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  • 18. Efficacy of immune checkpoint inhibitors according to PD-L1 tumor proportion scores in non-small cell lung cancer.
    Park S; Choi YD; Kim J; Kho BG; Park CK; Oh IJ; Kim YC
    Thorac Cancer; 2020 Feb; 11(2):408-414. PubMed ID: 31841269
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  • 19. Real-world PD-L1 testing and distribution of PD-L1 tumor expression by immunohistochemistry assay type among patients with metastatic non-small cell lung cancer in the United States.
    Velcheti V; Patwardhan PD; Liu FX; Chen X; Cao X; Burke T
    PLoS One; 2018; 13(11):e0206370. PubMed ID: 30408065
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  • 20. Comparability of laboratory-developed and commercial PD-L1 assays in non-small cell lung carcinoma.
    Naso JR; Wang G; Banyi N; Derakhshan F; Shokoohi A; Ho C; Zhou C; Ionescu DN
    Ann Diagn Pathol; 2021 Feb; 50():151590. PubMed ID: 33157383
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