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  • 1. Perfusion Parameter Obtained on 3-Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging and the Ki-67 Labeling Index Predict the Overall Survival of Glioblastoma.
    Fudaba H; Momii Y; Matsuta H; Onishi K; Kawasaki Y; Sugita K; Shimomura T; Fujiki M
    World Neurosurg; 2021 May; 149():e469-e480. PubMed ID: 33567368
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  • 2. Comparison of multiple parameters obtained on 3T pulsed arterial spin-labeling, diffusion tensor imaging, and MRS and the Ki-67 labeling index in evaluating glioma grading.
    Fudaba H; Shimomura T; Abe T; Matsuta H; Momii Y; Sugita K; Ooba H; Kamida T; Hikawa T; Fujiki M
    AJNR Am J Neuroradiol; 2014; 35(11):2091-8. PubMed ID: 24994829
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  • 3. Non-invasive prediction of p53 and Ki-67 labelling indices and O-6-methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase promoter methylation status in adult patients with isocitrate dehydrogenase wild-type glioblastomas using diffusion-weighted imaging and dynamic susceptibility contrast-enhanced perfusion-weighted imaging combined with conventional MRI.
    Xing Z; Huang W; Su Y; Yang X; Zhou X; Cao D
    Clin Radiol; 2022 Aug; 77(8):e576-e584. PubMed ID: 35469666
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  • 4. Ki-67 labeling index and the grading of cerebral gliomas by using intravoxel incoherent motion diffusion-weighted imaging and three-dimensional arterial spin labeling magnetic resonance imaging.
    Wang C; Dong H
    Acta Radiol; 2020 Aug; 61(8):1057-1063. PubMed ID: 31830431
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  • 5. A combined diffusion tensor imaging and Ki-67 labeling index study for evaluating the extent of tumor infiltration using the F98 rat glioma model.
    Wang K; Ha T; Chen X; Li S; Ai L; Ma J; Dai J
    J Neurooncol; 2018 Apr; 137(2):259-268. PubMed ID: 29294232
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  • 6. Structural and advanced imaging in predicting MGMT promoter methylation of primary glioblastoma: a region of interest based analysis.
    Han Y; Yan LF; Wang XB; Sun YZ; Zhang X; Liu ZC; Nan HY; Hu YC; Yang Y; Zhang J; Yu Y; Sun Q; Tian Q; Hu B; Xiao G; Wang W; Cui GB
    BMC Cancer; 2018 Feb; 18(1):215. PubMed ID: 29467012
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  • 7. Arterial spin labeling perfusion-weighted imaging aids in prediction of molecular biomarkers and survival in glioblastomas.
    Yoo RE; Yun TJ; Hwang I; Hong EK; Kang KM; Choi SH; Park CK; Won JK; Kim JH; Sohn CH
    Eur Radiol; 2020 Feb; 30(2):1202-1211. PubMed ID: 31468161
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  • 8. Diffusion tensor and dynamic susceptibility contrast MRI in glioblastoma.
    Zikou AK; Alexiou GA; Kosta P; Goussia A; Astrakas L; Tsekeris P; Voulgaris S; Malamou-Mitsi V; Kyritsis AP; Argyropoulou MI
    Clin Neurol Neurosurg; 2012 Jul; 114(6):607-12. PubMed ID: 22266399
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  • 9. Predicting survival in glioblastomas using diffusion tensor imaging metrics.
    Saksena S; Jain R; Narang J; Scarpace L; Schultz LR; Lehman NL; Hearshen D; Patel SC; Mikkelsen T
    J Magn Reson Imaging; 2010 Oct; 32(4):788-95. PubMed ID: 20882608
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  • 10. Grading of Glioma: combined diagnostic value of amide proton transfer weighted, arterial spin labeling and diffusion weighted magnetic resonance imaging.
    Kang XW; Xi YB; Liu TT; Wang N; Zhu YQ; Wang XR; Guo F
    BMC Med Imaging; 2020 May; 20(1):50. PubMed ID: 32408867
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  • 11. High-grade and low-grade gliomas: differentiation by using perfusion MR imaging.
    Hakyemez B; Erdogan C; Ercan I; Ergin N; Uysal S; Atahan S
    Clin Radiol; 2005 Apr; 60(4):493-502. PubMed ID: 15767107
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  • 12. Assesment of perfusion in glial tumors with arterial spin labeling; comparison with dynamic susceptibility contrast method.
    Cebeci H; Aydin O; Ozturk-Isik E; Gumus C; Inecikli F; Bekar A; Kocaeli H; Hakyemez B
    Eur J Radiol; 2014 Oct; 83(10):1914-9. PubMed ID: 25087109
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  • 13. Correlation of diffusion tensor, dynamic susceptibility contrast MRI and (99m)Tc-Tetrofosmin brain SPECT with tumour grade and Ki-67 immunohistochemistry in glioma.
    Alexiou GA; Zikou A; Tsiouris S; Goussia A; Kosta P; Papadopoulos A; Voulgaris S; Kyritsis AP; Fotopoulos AD; Argyropoulou MI
    Clin Neurol Neurosurg; 2014 Jan; 116():41-5. PubMed ID: 24309151
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  • 14. Prediction of methylguanine methyltransferase promoter methylation in glioblastoma using dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance and diffusion tensor imaging.
    Ahn SS; Shin NY; Chang JH; Kim SH; Kim EH; Kim DW; Lee SK
    J Neurosurg; 2014 Aug; 121(2):367-73. PubMed ID: 24949678
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  • 15. Grading and outcome prediction of pediatric diffuse astrocytic tumors with diffusion and arterial spin labeling perfusion MRI in comparison with 18F-DOPA PET.
    Morana G; Piccardo A; Tortora D; Puntoni M; Severino M; Nozza P; Ravegnani M; Consales A; Mascelli S; Raso A; Cabria M; Verrico A; Milanaccio C; Rossi A
    Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging; 2017 Nov; 44(12):2084-2093. PubMed ID: 28752225
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  • 16. Comparison of three different MR perfusion techniques and MR spectroscopy for multiparametric assessment in distinguishing recurrent high-grade gliomas from stable disease.
    Seeger A; Braun C; Skardelly M; Paulsen F; Schittenhelm J; Ernemann U; Bisdas S
    Acad Radiol; 2013 Dec; 20(12):1557-65. PubMed ID: 24200483
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  • 17. 3D Pseudocontinuous Arterial Spin-Labeling MR Imaging in the Preoperative Evaluation of Gliomas.
    Zeng Q; Jiang B; Shi F; Ling C; Dong F; Zhang J
    AJNR Am J Neuroradiol; 2017 Oct; 38(10):1876-1883. PubMed ID: 28729293
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  • 18. 3D Amide Proton Transfer-Weighted Imaging for Grading Glioma and Correlating IDH Mutation Status: Added Value to 3D Pseudocontinuous Arterial Spin Labelling Perfusion.
    Hou H; Chen W; Diao Y; Wang Y; Zhang L; Wang L; Xu M; Yu J; Song T; Liu Y; Yuan Z
    Mol Imaging Biol; 2023 Apr; 25(2):343-352. PubMed ID: 35962302
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  • 19. The preliminary radiogenomics association between MR perfusion imaging parameters and genomic biomarkers, and their predictive performance of overall survival in patients with glioblastoma.
    Liu X; Mangla R; Tian W; Qiu X; Li D; Walter KA; Ekholm S; Johnson MD
    J Neurooncol; 2017 Dec; 135(3):553-560. PubMed ID: 28889246
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  • 20. In the assessment of supratentorial glioma grade: the combined role of multivoxel proton MR spectroscopy and diffusion tensor imaging.
    Zou QG; Xu HB; Liu F; Guo W; Kong XC; Wu Y
    Clin Radiol; 2011 Oct; 66(10):953-60. PubMed ID: 21663899
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