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  • 1. Prevention of chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting in the real-world setting in Spain.
    Escobar Álvarez Y; De Castro Carpeño J; Bell D; Drago A; Franceschetti A
    Clin Transl Oncol; 2021 Oct; 23(10):2155-2162. PubMed ID: 33956310
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  • 2. Adherence to antiemetic guidelines in solid cancer patients receiving highly emetogenic chemotherapy in Korea.
    Lee R; Ku M; Je NK
    Support Care Cancer; 2024 Feb; 32(3):190. PubMed ID: 38400861
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  • 3. Study protocol for an open-label, single-arm, multicentre phase II trial to evaluate the efficacy and safety of combined triplet therapy and olanzapine for prevention of carboplatin-induced nausea and vomiting in gynaecological cancer patients.
    Iihara H; Shimokawa M; Abe M; Hayasaki Y; Fujita Y; Nagasawa Y; Sakurai M; Matsuoka R; Suzuki A; Morishige K
    BMJ Open; 2019 Jan; 9(1):e024357. PubMed ID: 30782732
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  • 4. Retrospective analysis of real-world prescribing data for managing cisplatin-based chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting in China.
    Si X; Zhang H; Ding Q; Liu G; Huang L; Sun X
    Cancer Med; 2024 Mar; 13(6):e7121. PubMed ID: 38515309
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  • 5. Impact of 5-HT3 receptor antagonists on chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting: a retrospective cohort study.
    Lin SJ; Hatoum HT; Buchner D; Cox D; Balu S
    BMC Health Serv Res; 2012 Jul; 12():215. PubMed ID: 22823909
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  • 6. 2023 updated MASCC/ESMO Consensus recommendations: Prevention of nausea and vomiting following moderately emetic risk antineoplastic agents.
    Scotté F; Schwartzberg L; Iihara H; Aapro M; Gralla R; Hesketh PJ; Jordan K; Chow R; Herrstedt J
    Support Care Cancer; 2023 Dec; 32(1):45. PubMed ID: 38114821
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  • 7. 2023 updated MASCC/ESMO consensus recommendations: prevention of nausea and vomiting following high-emetic-risk antineoplastic agents.
    Herrstedt J; Celio L; Hesketh PJ; Zhang L; Navari R; Chan A; Saito M; Chow R; Aapro M
    Support Care Cancer; 2023 Dec; 32(1):47. PubMed ID: 38127246
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  • 8. 2023 updated MASCC/ESMO consensus recommendations: prevention of nausea and vomiting following multiple-day chemotherapy, high-dose chemotherapy, and breakthrough nausea and vomiting.
    Rapoport BL; Herrstedt J; Snow RC; Radhakrishnan V; Saito M; Navari RM; Smit T
    Support Care Cancer; 2023 Dec; 32(1):36. PubMed ID: 38105286
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  • 9. Olanzapine-Based Triple Regimens Versus Neurokinin-1 Receptor Antagonist-Based Triple Regimens in Preventing Chemotherapy-Induced Nausea and Vomiting Associated with Highly Emetogenic Chemotherapy: A Network Meta-Analysis.
    Zhang Z; Zhang Y; Chen G; Hong S; Yang Y; Fang W; Luo F; Chen X; Ma Y; Zhao Y; Zhan J; Xue C; Hou X; Zhou T; Ma S; Gao F; Huang Y; Chen L; Zhou N; Zhao H; Zhang L
    Oncologist; 2018 May; 23(5):603-616. PubMed ID: 29330211
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  • 10. Resource Utilization for Chemotherapy-Induced Nausea and Vomiting Events in Patients with Solid Tumors Treated with Antiemetic Regimens.
    Schwartzberg L; Harrow B; Lal LS; Radtchenko J; Lyman GH
    Am Health Drug Benefits; 2015; 8(5):273-82. PubMed ID: 26380034
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  • 11. Pooled Analysis of Studies Evaluating Fosnetupitant and Risk Factors for Cisplatin-Induced Nausea and Vomiting During the Extended Overall Phase.
    Inui N; Toi Y; Yoneshima Y; Morise M; Hata A; Kubota K; Saeki T; Tamura T
    Adv Ther; 2023 Nov; 40(11):4928-4944. PubMed ID: 37715851
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  • 12. Chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting (CINV) and adherence to antiemetic guidelines: results of a survey of oncology nurses.
    Clark-Snow R; Affronti ML; Rittenberg CN
    Support Care Cancer; 2018 Feb; 26(2):557-564. PubMed ID: 28871358
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  • 13. Applicability of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network/Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer Guidelines for Prevention and Management of Chemotherapy-Induced Nausea and Vomiting in Southeast Asia: A Consensus Statement.
    Chan A; Abdullah MM; Ishak WZBW; Ong-Cornel AB; Villalon AH; Kanesvaran R
    J Glob Oncol; 2017 Dec; 3(6):801-813. PubMed ID: 29244998
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  • 14. 2020 ASCO, 2023 NCCN, 2023 MASCC/ESMO, and 2019 CCO: a comparison of antiemetic guidelines for the treatment of chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting in cancer patients.
    Kennedy SKF; Goodall S; Lee SF; DeAngelis C; Jocko A; Charbonneau F; Wang K; Pasetka M; Ko YJ; Wong HCY; Chan AW; Rajeswaran T; Gojsevic M; Chow E; Gralla RJ; Ng TL; Jerzak KJ
    Support Care Cancer; 2024 Apr; 32(5):280. PubMed ID: 38594320
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  • 15. A nurse-led multidomain intervention to improve the management of chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting in patients with head and neck cancers: A randomized controlled trial.
    Cao J; Chen C; Wang Y; Liu M; Han X; Li H
    Eur J Oncol Nurs; 2024 Jun; 70():102615. PubMed ID: 38797114
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  • 16. 2023 Updated MASCC/ESMO Consensus Recommendations: prevention of radiotherapy- and chemoradiotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting.
    Ruhlmann CH; Jordan K; Jahn F; Maranzano E; Molassiotis A; Dennis K
    Support Care Cancer; 2023 Dec; 32(1):26. PubMed ID: 38097904
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  • 17. Evaluation of chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting in pediatric patients with high-grade glioma treated with lomustine-a case series.
    Schellekens KPJ; Hageman SB; Haverkate EC; van de Wetering MD; Engels FK; Brinksma A; de Vos-Kerkhof E
    Support Care Cancer; 2024 Apr; 32(5):290. PubMed ID: 38627334
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  • 18. Management of Chemotherapy Induced Nausea and Vomiting in Patients on Multiday Cisplatin Based Combination Chemotherapy.
    Ranganath P; Einhorn L; Albany C
    Biomed Res Int; 2015; 2015():943618. PubMed ID: 26425563
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  • 19. 2023 updated MASCC/ESMO consensus recommendations: controlling nausea and vomiting with chemotherapy of low or minimal emetic potential.
    Olver I; Clark-Snow R; Ruhlmann CH; Garcia-Del-Barrio MA; Schwartzberg L; Rapoport BL; Jahn F
    Support Care Cancer; 2023 Dec; 32(1):37. PubMed ID: 38110581
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  • 20. [Chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting in pediatric oncology patients: 2023 recommendations from the Supportive Care Committee of the French Society of Cancer in Children and Adolescents].
    Renaux Torres MC; Bouttefroy S; Letort-Bertrand M; Maurel V; Mouffak S; Scotté F; Slimano F; Treguier P; Dupuis LL; Poirée M; Thouvenin-Doulet S
    Bull Cancer; 2024 Jun; 111(6):608-619. PubMed ID: 38670821
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