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  • 1. A Machine Learning Approach for Mortality Prediction in COVID-19 Pneumonia: Development and Evaluation of the Piacenza Score.
    Halasz G; Sperti M; Villani M; Michelucci U; Agostoni P; Biagi A; Rossi L; Botti A; Mari C; Maccarini M; Pura F; Roveda L; Nardecchia A; Mottola E; Nolli M; Salvioni E; Mapelli M; Deriu MA; Piga D; Piepoli M
    J Med Internet Res; 2021 May; 23(5):e29058. PubMed ID: 33999838
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  • 2. The Development and Validation of Simplified Machine Learning Algorithms to Predict Prognosis of Hospitalized Patients With COVID-19: Multicenter, Retrospective Study.
    He F; Page JH; Weinberg KR; Mishra A
    J Med Internet Res; 2022 Jan; 24(1):e31549. PubMed ID: 34951865
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  • 3. Machine learning algorithms for predicting COVID-19 mortality in Ethiopia.
    Alie MS; Negesse Y; Kindie K; Merawi DS
    BMC Public Health; 2024 Jun; 24(1):1728. PubMed ID: 38943093
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  • 4. Machine learning-based prediction models for home discharge in patients with COVID-19: Development and evaluation using electronic health records.
    Zapata RD; Huang S; Morris E; Wang C; Harle C; Magoc T; Mardini M; Loftus T; Modave F
    PLoS One; 2023; 18(10):e0292888. PubMed ID: 37862334
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  • 5. Machine Learning to Predict Mortality and Critical Events in a Cohort of Patients With COVID-19 in New York City: Model Development and Validation.
    Vaid A; Somani S; Russak AJ; De Freitas JK; Chaudhry FF; Paranjpe I; Johnson KW; Lee SJ; Miotto R; Richter F; Zhao S; Beckmann ND; Naik N; Kia A; Timsina P; Lala A; Paranjpe M; Golden E; Danieletto M; Singh M; Meyer D; O'Reilly PF; Huckins L; Kovatch P; Finkelstein J; Freeman RM; Argulian E; Kasarskis A; Percha B; Aberg JA; Bagiella E; Horowitz CR; Murphy B; Nestler EJ; Schadt EE; Cho JH; Cordon-Cardo C; Fuster V; Charney DS; Reich DL; Bottinger EP; Levin MA; Narula J; Fayad ZA; Just AC; Charney AW; Nadkarni GN; Glicksberg BS
    J Med Internet Res; 2020 Nov; 22(11):e24018. PubMed ID: 33027032
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  • 6. Does the SORG Algorithm Predict 5-year Survival in Patients with Chondrosarcoma? An External Validation.
    Bongers MER; Thio QCBS; Karhade AV; Stor ML; Raskin KA; Lozano Calderon SA; DeLaney TF; Ferrone ML; Schwab JH
    Clin Orthop Relat Res; 2019 Oct; 477(10):2296-2303. PubMed ID: 31107338
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  • 7. Does the SORG Machine-learning Algorithm for Extremity Metastases Generalize to a Contemporary Cohort of Patients? Temporal Validation From 2016 to 2020.
    de Groot TM; Ramsey D; Groot OQ; Fourman M; Karhade AV; Twining PK; Berner EA; Fenn BP; Collins AK; Raskin K; Lozano S; Newman E; Ferrone M; Doornberg JN; Schwab JH
    Clin Orthop Relat Res; 2023 Dec; 481(12):2419-2430. PubMed ID: 37229565
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  • 8. How Does the Skeletal Oncology Research Group Algorithm's Prediction of 5-year Survival in Patients with Chondrosarcoma Perform on International Validation?
    Bongers MER; Karhade AV; Setola E; Gambarotti M; Groot OQ; Erdoğan KE; Picci P; Donati DM; Schwab JH; Palmerini E
    Clin Orthop Relat Res; 2020 Oct; 478(10):2300-2308. PubMed ID: 32433107
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  • 9. An Easy-to-Use Machine Learning Model to Predict the Prognosis of Patients With COVID-19: Retrospective Cohort Study.
    Kim HJ; Han D; Kim JH; Kim D; Ha B; Seog W; Lee YK; Lim D; Hong SO; Park MJ; Heo J
    J Med Internet Res; 2020 Nov; 22(11):e24225. PubMed ID: 33108316
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  • 10. Can Predictive Modeling Tools Identify Patients at High Risk of Prolonged Opioid Use After ACL Reconstruction?
    Anderson AB; Grazal CF; Balazs GC; Potter BK; Dickens JF; Forsberg JA
    Clin Orthop Relat Res; 2020 Jul; 478(7):0-1618. PubMed ID: 32282466
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  • 11. Using Automated Machine Learning to Predict the Mortality of Patients With COVID-19: Prediction Model Development Study.
    Ikemura K; Bellin E; Yagi Y; Billett H; Saada M; Simone K; Stahl L; Szymanski J; Goldstein DY; Reyes Gil M
    J Med Internet Res; 2021 Feb; 23(2):e23458. PubMed ID: 33539308
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  • 12. Use of Multiprognostic Index Domain Scores, Clinical Data, and Machine Learning to Improve 12-Month Mortality Risk Prediction in Older Hospitalized Patients: Prospective Cohort Study.
    Woodman RJ; Bryant K; Sorich MJ; Pilotto A; Mangoni AA
    J Med Internet Res; 2021 Jun; 23(6):e26139. PubMed ID: 34152274
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  • 13. Learning From Past Respiratory Infections to Predict COVID-19 Outcomes: Retrospective Study.
    Sang S; Sun R; Coquet J; Carmichael H; Seto T; Hernandez-Boussard T
    J Med Internet Res; 2021 Feb; 23(2):e23026. PubMed ID: 33534724
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  • 14. A new hybrid ensemble machine-learning model for severity risk assessment and post-COVID prediction system.
    Shakhovska N; Yakovyna V; Chopyak V
    Math Biosci Eng; 2022 Apr; 19(6):6102-6123. PubMed ID: 35603393
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  • 15. A machine-learning parsimonious multivariable predictive model of mortality risk in patients with Covid-19.
    Murri R; Lenkowicz J; Masciocchi C; Iacomini C; Fantoni M; Damiani A; Marchetti A; Sergi PDA; Arcuri G; Cesario A; Patarnello S; Antonelli M; Bellantone R; Bernabei R; Boccia S; Calabresi P; Cambieri A; Cauda R; Colosimo C; Crea F; De Maria R; De Stefano V; Franceschi F; Gasbarrini A; Parolini O; Richeldi L; Sanguinetti M; Urbani A; Zega M; Scambia G; Valentini V;
    Sci Rep; 2021 Oct; 11(1):21136. PubMed ID: 34707184
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  • 16. Development and validation of a web-based artificial intelligence prediction model to assess massive intraoperative blood loss for metastatic spinal disease using machine learning techniques.
    Shi X; Cui Y; Wang S; Pan Y; Wang B; Lei M
    Spine J; 2024 Jan; 24(1):146-160. PubMed ID: 37704048
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  • 17. A prognostic model for use before elective surgery to estimate the risk of postoperative pulmonary complications (GSU-Pulmonary Score): a development and validation study in three international cohorts.
    Lancet Digit Health; 2024 Jul; 6(7):e507-e519. PubMed ID: 38906616
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  • 18. Machine Learning Applied to Clinical Laboratory Data in Spain for COVID-19 Outcome Prediction: Model Development and Validation.
    Domínguez-Olmedo JL; Gragera-Martínez Á; Mata J; Pachón Álvarez V
    J Med Internet Res; 2021 Apr; 23(4):e26211. PubMed ID: 33793407
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  • 19. Can Machine-learning Techniques Be Used for 5-year Survival Prediction of Patients With Chondrosarcoma?
    Thio QCBS; Karhade AV; Ogink PT; Raskin KA; De Amorim Bernstein K; Lozano Calderon SA; Schwab JH
    Clin Orthop Relat Res; 2018 Oct; 476(10):2040-2048. PubMed ID: 30179954
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  • 20. Risk stratification of patients admitted to hospital with covid-19 using the ISARIC WHO Clinical Characterisation Protocol: development and validation of the 4C Mortality Score.
    Knight SR; Ho A; Pius R; Buchan I; Carson G; Drake TM; Dunning J; Fairfield CJ; Gamble C; Green CA; Gupta R; Halpin S; Hardwick HE; Holden KA; Horby PW; Jackson C; Mclean KA; Merson L; Nguyen-Van-Tam JS; Norman L; Noursadeghi M; Olliaro PL; Pritchard MG; Russell CD; Shaw CA; Sheikh A; Solomon T; Sudlow C; Swann OV; Turtle LC; Openshaw PJ; Baillie JK; Semple MG; Docherty AB; Harrison EM;
    BMJ; 2020 Sep; 370():m3339. PubMed ID: 32907855
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