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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Type 1 Innate Lymphoid Cell and Natural Killer Cells Are Sources of Interferon-γ and Other Inflammatory Cytokines Associated With Distinct Clinical Presentation in Early Dengue Infection.
    Quintino-de-Carvalho IL; Gonçalves-Pereira MH; Faria Ramos M; de Aguiar Milhim BHG; Da Costa ÚL; Santos ÉG; Nogueira ML; Da Costa Santiago H
    J Infect Dis; 2022 Jan; 225(1):84-93. PubMed ID: 34125227
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  • 2. Inflammatory status might direct ILC and NK cells to IL-17 expressing ILC3 and NK subsets in Behcet's disease.
    Gelmez MY; Cinar S; Cetin EA; Ozcit-Gürel G; Babuna-Kobaner G; Erdugan M; Gul A; Akdag-Kose A; Deniz G
    Immunol Lett; 2021 Jul; 235():1-8. PubMed ID: 33901541
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  • 3. Diversity and function of group 1 innate lymphoid cells.
    Cortez VS; Colonna M
    Immunol Lett; 2016 Nov; 179():19-24. PubMed ID: 27394699
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  • 4. Human type 1 innate lymphoid cells accumulate in inflamed mucosal tissues.
    Bernink JH; Peters CP; Munneke M; te Velde AA; Meijer SL; Weijer K; Hreggvidsdottir HS; Heinsbroek SE; Legrand N; Buskens CJ; Bemelman WA; Mjösberg JM; Spits H
    Nat Immunol; 2013 Mar; 14(3):221-9. PubMed ID: 23334791
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  • 5. Circulating CD56dim natural killer cells and CD56+ T cells that produce interferon-γ or interleukin-10 are expanded in asymptomatic, E antigen-negative patients with persistent hepatitis B virus infection.
    Conroy MJ; Mac Nicholas R; Grealy R; Taylor M; Otegbayo JA; O'Dea S; Mulcahy F; Ryan T; Norris S; Doherty DG
    J Viral Hepat; 2015 Mar; 22(3):335-45. PubMed ID: 25186004
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  • 6. Differential cytokine and chemokine gene expression by human NK cells following activation with IL-18 or IL-15 in combination with IL-12: implications for the innate immune response.
    Fehniger TA; Shah MH; Turner MJ; VanDeusen JB; Whitman SP; Cooper MA; Suzuki K; Wechser M; Goodsaid F; Caligiuri MA
    J Immunol; 1999 Apr; 162(8):4511-20. PubMed ID: 10201989
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  • 7. The alteration of NK cells phenotypes related to the functions and dengue disease outcomes.
    Taechasan N; Scherwitzl I; Supasa P; Dejnirattisai W; Sriruksa K; Limpitikul W; Malasit P; Screaton GR; Mongkolsapaya J; Duangchinda T
    Virus Res; 2024 Jul; 345():199382. PubMed ID: 38697295
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  • 8. Innate lymphoid cells in normal and disease: An introductory overview.
    Moretta L; Locatelli F
    Immunol Lett; 2016 Nov; 179():1. PubMed ID: 27400678
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  • 9. Presence of Inflammatory Group I and III Innate Lymphoid Cells in the Colon of Simian Immunodeficiency Virus-Infected Rhesus Macaques.
    Cogswell A; Ferguson N; Barker E
    J Virol; 2020 Apr; 94(9):. PubMed ID: 32051277
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  • 10. Innate Lymphoid Cells in Protection, Pathology, and Adaptive Immunity During Apicomplexan Infection.
    Ivanova DL; Denton SL; Fettel KD; Sondgeroth KS; Munoz Gutierrez J; Bangoura B; Dunay IR; Gigley JP
    Front Immunol; 2019; 10():196. PubMed ID: 30873151
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  • 11. Killer Ig-like receptor (KIR) genotype predicts the capacity of human KIR-positive CD56dim NK cells to respond to pathogen-associated signals.
    Korbel DS; Norman PJ; Newman KC; Horowitz A; Gendzekhadze K; Parham P; Riley EM
    J Immunol; 2009 May; 182(10):6426-34. PubMed ID: 19414796
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  • 12. Vitamins A and D have antagonistic effects on expression of effector cytokines and gut-homing integrin in human innate lymphoid cells.
    Ruiter B; Patil SU; Shreffler WG
    Clin Exp Allergy; 2015 Jul; 45(7):1214-25. PubMed ID: 25959810
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  • 13. NK cells and type 1 innate lymphoid cells: partners in host defense.
    Spits H; Bernink JH; Lanier L
    Nat Immunol; 2016 Jun; 17(7):758-64. PubMed ID: 27328005
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  • 14. The Cytokines CXCL10 and CCL2 and the Kynurenine Metabolite Anthranilic Acid Accurately Predict Patients at Risk of Developing Dengue With Warning Signs.
    Jusof FF; Lim CK; Aziz FN; Soe HJ; Raju CS; Sekaran SD; Guillemin GJ
    J Infect Dis; 2022 Nov; 226(11):1964-1973. PubMed ID: 35767283
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  • 15. Characteristics of Circulating Natural Killer Cells and Their Interferon-γ Production in Active Adult-onset Still Disease.
    Shimojima Y; Kishida D; Ueno KI; Ushiyama S; Ichikawa T; Sekijima Y
    J Rheumatol; 2019 Oct; 46(10):1268-1276. PubMed ID: 30770498
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  • 16. Tissue-specific effector functions of innate lymphoid cells.
    Björkström NK; Kekäläinen E; Mjösberg J
    Immunology; 2013 Aug; 139(4):416-27. PubMed ID: 23489335
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  • 17. Increased natural killer cell subsets with inhibitory cytokines and inhibitory surface receptors in patients with recurrent miscarriage and decreased or normal subsets in kidney transplant recipients late post-transplant.
    Zhu L; Aly M; Wang H; Karakizlis H; Weimer R; Morath C; Kuon RJ; Toth B; Ekpoom N; Opelz G; Daniel V
    Clin Exp Immunol; 2018 Aug; 193(2):241-254. PubMed ID: 29679490
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  • 18. The human liver contains multiple populations of NK cells, T cells, and CD3+CD56+ natural T cells with distinct cytotoxic activities and Th1, Th2, and Th0 cytokine secretion patterns.
    Doherty DG; Norris S; Madrigal-Estebas L; McEntee G; Traynor O; Hegarty JE; O'Farrelly C
    J Immunol; 1999 Aug; 163(4):2314-21. PubMed ID: 10438977
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  • 19. Eomes Expression Defines Group 1 Innate Lymphoid Cells During Metastasis in Human and Mouse.
    Verma R; Er JZ; Pu RW; Sheik Mohamed J; Soo RA; Muthiah HM; Tam JKC; Ding JL
    Front Immunol; 2020; 11():1190. PubMed ID: 32625207
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  • 20. Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Latent Tuberculosis Infection Moderately Influence Innate Lymphoid Cell Immune Responses in Uganda.
    Ssekamatte P; Nakibuule M; Nabatanzi R; Egesa M; Musubika C; Bbuye M; Hepworth MR; Doherty DG; Cose S; Biraro IA
    Front Immunol; 2021; 12():716819. PubMed ID: 34512639
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