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  • 1. Association Between Body Weight and Telomere Length Is Predominantly Mediated Through C-Reactive Protein.
    Gao X; Li S; Dong S; Li J; Yan Y; Zhang T; Chen W
    J Clin Endocrinol Metab; 2021 Oct; 106(11):e4634-e4640. PubMed ID: 34153093
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  • 2. Intermediate Effects of Body Mass Index and C-Reactive Protein on the Serum Cotinine- Leukocyte Telomere Length Association.
    Gao X; Kong Y; Li S; Dong S; Huang X; Qi D; Zhang T; Yan Y; Chen W
    Front Aging Neurosci; 2021; 13():827465. PubMed ID: 35115918
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  • 3. Suppression effect of body weight on the association between cigarette smoking and telomere length: the Bogalusa Heart Study.
    Yun M; Li S; Yan Y; Zhang T; Bazzano L; He J; Chen W
    Aging (Albany NY); 2019 Nov; 11(21):9893-9900. PubMed ID: 31707361
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  • 4. Less Than Ideal Cardiovascular Health Is Associated With Shorter Leukocyte Telomere Length: The National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys, 1999-2002.
    Gebreab SY; Manna ZG; Khan RJ; Riestra P; Xu R; Davis SK
    J Am Heart Assoc; 2017 Feb; 6(2):. PubMed ID: 28154163
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  • 5. Body mass index and leukocyte telomere length dynamics among older adults: Results from the ESTHER cohort.
    Müezzinler A; Mons U; Dieffenbach AK; Butterbach K; Saum KU; Schick M; Stammer H; Boukamp P; Holleczek B; Stegmaier C; Brenner H
    Exp Gerontol; 2016 Feb; 74():1-8. PubMed ID: 26657493
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  • 6. Modifiable mediators associated with the relationship between adiposity and leukocyte telomere length in US adults: The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.
    Davis SK; Xu R; Khan RJ; Gaye A
    Prev Med; 2020 Sep; 138():106133. PubMed ID: 32439486
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  • 7. Association between the dietary inflammatory index (DII) and telomere length and C-reactive protein from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey-1999-2002.
    Shivappa N; Wirth MD; Hurley TG; Hébert JR
    Mol Nutr Food Res; 2017 Apr; 61(4):. PubMed ID: 27878970
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  • 8. 25-Hydroxyvitamin D Concentration and Leukocyte Telomere Length in Young Adults: Findings From the Northern Finland Birth Cohort 1966.
    Williams DM; Palaniswamy S; Sebert S; Buxton JL; Blakemore AI; Hyppönen E; Jarvelin MR
    Am J Epidemiol; 2016 Feb; 183(3):191-8. PubMed ID: 26797572
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  • 9. Serum 25-Hydroxyvitamin D Has a Modest Positive Association with Leukocyte Telomere Length in Middle-Aged US Adults.
    Beilfuss J; Camargo CA; Kamycheva E
    J Nutr; 2017 Apr; 147(4):514-520. PubMed ID: 28179486
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  • 10. Ethnic disparities in relationships of obesity indices with telomere length in Asians with type 2 diabetes.
    Gurung RL; M Y; Liu S; Liu JJ; Chan SM; Moh MC; Ang K; Tang WE; Sum CF; Tavintharan S; Lim SC;
    J Diabetes; 2019 May; 11(5):386-393. PubMed ID: 30281200
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  • 11. Adiposity and Leukocyte Telomere Length in US Adults by Sex-Specific Race/Ethnicity: National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.
    Davis SK; Xu R; Khan RJ; Gaye A
    Ethn Dis; 2020; 30(3):441-450. PubMed ID: 32742149
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  • 12. Increased body mass index, elevated C-reactive protein, and short telomere length.
    Rode L; Nordestgaard BG; Weischer M; Bojesen SE
    J Clin Endocrinol Metab; 2014 Sep; 99(9):E1671-5. PubMed ID: 24762112
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  • 13. Leukocyte Telomere Length in Relation to 17 Biomarkers of Cardiovascular Disease Risk: A Cross-Sectional Study of US Adults.
    Rehkopf DH; Needham BL; Lin J; Blackburn EH; Zota AR; Wojcicki JM; Epel ES
    PLoS Med; 2016 Nov; 13(11):e1002188. PubMed ID: 27898678
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  • 14. Plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 is associated with leukocyte telomere length in American Indians: findings from the Strong Heart Family Study.
    Peng H; Yeh F; Lin J; Best LG; Cole SA; Lee ET; Howard BV; Zhao J
    J Thromb Haemost; 2017 Jun; 15(6):1078-1085. PubMed ID: 28378522
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  • 15. Childhood obesity and leucocyte telomere length.
    Lamprokostopoulou A; Moschonis G; Manios Y; Critselis E; Nicolaides NC; Stefa A; Koniari E; Gagos S; Charmandari E
    Eur J Clin Invest; 2019 Dec; 49(12):e13178. PubMed ID: 31610015
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  • 16. Association between leukocyte telomere length and bone mineral density in women 25-93 years of age.
    Nielsen BR; Linneberg A; Bendix L; Harboe M; Christensen K; Schwarz P
    Exp Gerontol; 2015 Jun; 66():25-31. PubMed ID: 25868397
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  • 17. Increased attrition of leukocyte telomere length in young adults is associated with poorer cognitive function in midlife.
    Cohen-Manheim I; Doniger GM; Sinnreich R; Simon ES; Pinchas R; Aviv A; Kark JD
    Eur J Epidemiol; 2016 Feb; 31(2):147-57. PubMed ID: 26076919
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  • 18. The effect of metformin treatment on leukocyte telomere length in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome: a prospective case-control study.
    Kayacık Günday Ö; Özdemir Erdoğan M; Pehlivan A; Yılmazer M
    J Assist Reprod Genet; 2022 Sep; 39(9):2153-2161. PubMed ID: 35861921
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  • 19. Cumulative inflammatory load is associated with short leukocyte telomere length in the Health, Aging and Body Composition Study.
    O'Donovan A; Pantell MS; Puterman E; Dhabhar FS; Blackburn EH; Yaffe K; Cawthon RM; Opresko PL; Hsueh WC; Satterfield S; Newman AB; Ayonayon HN; Rubin SM; Harris TB; Epel ES;
    PLoS One; 2011; 6(5):e19687. PubMed ID: 21602933
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  • 20. Transferrin saturation concentrations associated with telomeric ageing: a population-based study.
    Shin C; Baik I
    Br J Nutr; 2017 Jun; 117(12):1693-1701. PubMed ID: 28720163
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