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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. PRMT5 Selective Inhibitor Enhances Therapeutic Efficacy of Cisplatin in Lung Cancer Cells.
    Bajbouj K; Ramakrishnan RK; Saber-Ayad M; Omar HA; Saheb Sharif-Askari N; Shafarin J; Elmoselhi AB; Ihmaid A; AlHaj Ali S; Alalool A; Abdullah R; Hamid Q
    Int J Mol Sci; 2021 Jun; 22(11):. PubMed ID: 34200178
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  • 2. Targeting protein arginine methyltransferase 5 inhibits human hepatocellular carcinoma growth via the downregulation of beta-catenin.
    Zhang B; Dong S; Li Z; Lu L; Zhang S; Chen X; Cen X; Wu Y
    J Transl Med; 2015 Nov; 13():349. PubMed ID: 26541651
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  • 3. Targeting protein arginine methyltransferase 5 inhibits colorectal cancer growth by decreasing arginine methylation of eIF4E and FGFR3.
    Zhang B; Dong S; Zhu R; Hu C; Hou J; Li Y; Zhao Q; Shao X; Bu Q; Li H; Wu Y; Cen X; Zhao Y
    Oncotarget; 2015 Sep; 6(26):22799-811. PubMed ID: 26078354
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  • 4. Arginine methyltransferase inhibitor 1 exhibits antitumor effects against cervical cancer
    Dong SH; Wang X; Tian SC; Ma NQ; Zhang XY; Liu Y; Zhang BL; Wu YJ
    Pharmazie; 2018 May; 73(5):269-273. PubMed ID: 29724292
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  • 5. Targeting PRMT5/Akt signalling axis prevents human lung cancer cell growth.
    Zhang S; Ma Y; Hu X; Zheng Y; Chen X
    J Cell Mol Med; 2019 Feb; 23(2):1333-1342. PubMed ID: 30461193
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  • 6. Downregulation of PRMT5 by AMI-1 enhances therapeutic efficacy of compound kushen injection in lung carcinoma in vitro and in vivo.
    Yang R; Dong S; Zhang J; Zhu S; Miao G; Zhang B
    Mol Cell Biochem; 2023 May; 478(5):1031-1044. PubMed ID: 36214894
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  • 7. Protein arginine methyltransferase 5: A novel therapeutic target for triple-negative breast cancers.
    Vinet M; Suresh S; Maire V; Monchecourt C; Némati F; Lesage L; Pierre F; Ye M; Lescure A; Brisson A; Meseure D; Nicolas A; Rigaill G; Marangoni E; Del Nery E; Roman-Roman S; Dubois T
    Cancer Med; 2019 May; 8(5):2414-2428. PubMed ID: 30957988
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  • 8. Arginine methyltransferase inhibitor 1 inhibits gastric cancer by downregulating eIF4E and targeting PRMT5.
    Zhang B; Zhang S; Zhu L; Chen X; Zhao Y; Chao L; Zhou J; Wang X; Zhang X; Ma N
    Toxicol Appl Pharmacol; 2017 Dec; 336():1-7. PubMed ID: 28987382
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  • 9. Protein arginine methyltransferase 5 is essential for growth of lung cancer cells.
    Gu Z; Gao S; Zhang F; Wang Z; Ma W; Davis RE; Wang Z
    Biochem J; 2012 Sep; 446(2):235-41. PubMed ID: 22708516
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  • 10. Protein arginine methyltransferase 5 promotes lung cancer metastasis via the epigenetic regulation of miR-99 family/FGFR3 signaling.
    Jing P; Zhao N; Ye M; Zhang Y; Zhang Z; Sun J; Wang Z; Zhang J; Gu Z
    Cancer Lett; 2018 Jul; 427():38-48. PubMed ID: 29679612
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  • 11. Expression of PRMT5 in lung adenocarcinoma and its significance in epithelial-mesenchymal transition.
    Ibrahim R; Matsubara D; Osman W; Morikawa T; Goto A; Morita S; Ishikawa S; Aburatani H; Takai D; Nakajima J; Fukayama M; Niki T; Murakami Y
    Hum Pathol; 2014 Jul; 45(7):1397-405. PubMed ID: 24775604
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  • 12. SAM-Competitive PRMT5 Inhibitor PF-06939999 Demonstrates Antitumor Activity in Splicing Dysregulated NSCLC with Decreased Liability of Drug Resistance.
    Jensen-Pergakes K; Tatlock J; Maegley KA; McAlpine IJ; McTigue M; Xie T; Dillon CP; Wang Y; Yamazaki S; Spiegel N; Shi M; Nemeth A; Miller N; Hendrickson E; Lam H; Sherrill J; Chung CY; McMillan EA; Bryant SK; Palde P; Braganza J; Brooun A; Deng YL; Goshtasbi V; Kephart SE; Kumpf RA; Liu W; Patman RL; Rui E; Scales S; Tran-Dube M; Wang F; Wythes M; Paul TA
    Mol Cancer Ther; 2022 Jan; 21(1):3-15. PubMed ID: 34737197
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  • 13. PRMT5 promotes chemotherapy-induced neuroendocrine differentiation in NSCLC.
    Shen Q; Liu Y; Deng X; Hu CD
    Thorac Cancer; 2023 Jun; 14(18):1764-1773. PubMed ID: 37140020
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  • 14. A TGFβ-PRMT5-MEP50 axis regulates cancer cell invasion through histone H3 and H4 arginine methylation coupled transcriptional activation and repression.
    Chen H; Lorton B; Gupta V; Shechter D
    Oncogene; 2017 Jan; 36(3):373-386. PubMed ID: 27270440
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  • 15. Circular RNA PRMT5 confers cisplatin-resistance via miR-4458/REV3L axis in non-small-cell lung cancer.
    Pang J; Ye L; Zhao D; Zhao D; Chen Q
    Cell Biol Int; 2020 Dec; 44(12):2416-2426. PubMed ID: 32808744
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  • 16. An AKT/PRMT5/SREBP1 axis in lung adenocarcinoma regulates de novo lipogenesis and tumor growth.
    Liu L; Yan H; Ruan M; Yang H; Wang L; Lei B; Sun X; Chang C; Huang G; Xie W
    Cancer Sci; 2021 Aug; 112(8):3083-3098. PubMed ID: 34033176
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  • 17. miR-324-5p upregulation potentiates resistance to cisplatin by targeting FBXO11 signalling in non-small cell lung cancer cells.
    Ba Z; Zhou Y; Yang Z; Xu J; Zhang X
    J Biochem; 2019 Dec; 166(6):517-527. PubMed ID: 31778188
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  • 18. Protein Arginine Methyltransferase 5 (PRMT5) as an Anticancer Target and Its Inhibitor Discovery.
    Wang Y; Hu W; Yuan Y
    J Med Chem; 2018 Nov; 61(21):9429-9441. PubMed ID: 29870258
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  • 19. Targeting methyltransferase PRMT5 eliminates leukemia stem cells in chronic myelogenous leukemia.
    Jin Y; Zhou J; Xu F; Jin B; Cui L; Wang Y; Du X; Li J; Li P; Ren R; Pan J
    J Clin Invest; 2016 Oct; 126(10):3961-3980. PubMed ID: 27643437
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  • 20. Discovery of new potent protein arginine methyltransferase 5 (PRMT5) inhibitors by assembly of key pharmacophores from known inhibitors.
    Zhu K; Song JL; Tao HR; Cheng ZQ; Jiang CS; Zhang H
    Bioorg Med Chem Lett; 2018 Dec; 28(23-24):3693-3699. PubMed ID: 30366617
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