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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Drug screening by uniform patient derived colorectal cancer hydro-organoids.
    Jung YH; Choi DH; Park K; Lee SB; Kim J; Kim H; Jeong HW; Yang JH; Kim JA; Chung S; Min BS
    Biomaterials; 2021 Sep; 276():121004. PubMed ID: 34273688
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  • 2. Organoid Culture of Isolated Cells from Patient-derived Tissues with Colorectal Cancer.
    Xie BY; Wu AW
    Chin Med J (Engl); 2016 Oct; 129(20):2469-2475. PubMed ID: 27748340
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  • 3. OrBITS: label-free and time-lapse monitoring of patient derived organoids for advanced drug screening.
    Deben C; De La Hoz EC; Compte ML; Van Schil P; Hendriks JMH; Lauwers P; Yogeswaran SK; Lardon F; Pauwels P; Van Laere S; Bogaerts A; Smits E; Vanlanduit S; Lin A
    Cell Oncol (Dordr); 2023 Apr; 46(2):299-314. PubMed ID: 36508089
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  • 4. High-throughput organo-on-pillar (high-TOP) array system for three-dimensional ex vivo drug testing.
    Jun HR; Kang HJ; Ju SH; Kim JE; Jeon SY; Ku B; Lee JJ; Kim M; Kim MJ; Choi JJ; Noh JJ; Kim HS; Lee JW; Lee JK; Lee DW
    Biomaterials; 2023 May; 296():122087. PubMed ID: 36924663
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  • 5. Assay Establishment and Validation of a High-Throughput Screening Platform for Three-Dimensional Patient-Derived Colon Cancer Organoid Cultures.
    Boehnke K; Iversen PW; Schumacher D; Lallena MJ; Haro R; Amat J; Haybaeck J; Liebs S; Lange M; Schäfer R; Regenbrecht CR; Reinhard C; Velasco JA
    J Biomol Screen; 2016 Oct; 21(9):931-41. PubMed ID: 27233291
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  • 6. High-Throughput Imaging Assay for Drug Screening of 3D Prostate Cancer Organoids.
    Choo N; Ramm S; Luu J; Winter JM; Selth LA; Dwyer AR; Frydenberg M; Grummet J; Sandhu S; Hickey TE; Tilley WD; Taylor RA; Risbridger GP; Lawrence MG; Simpson KJ
    SLAS Discov; 2021 Oct; 26(9):1107-1124. PubMed ID: 34111999
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  • 7. High-throughput drug screening of fine-needle aspiration-derived cancer organoids.
    Bergdorf K; Phifer C; Bharti V; Westover D; Bauer J; Vilgelm A; Lee E; Weiss V
    STAR Protoc; 2020 Dec; 1(3):100212. PubMed ID: 33377106
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  • 8. Development of a miniaturized 3D organoid culture platform for ultra-high-throughput screening.
    Du Y; Li X; Niu Q; Mo X; Qui M; Ma T; Kuo CJ; Fu H
    J Mol Cell Biol; 2020 Aug; 12(8):630-643. PubMed ID: 32678871
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  • 9. Medium-Throughput Drug- and Radiotherapy Screening Assay using Patient-Derived Organoids.
    Putker M; Millen R; Overmeer R; Driehuis E; Zandvliet MMJM; Clevers H; Boj SF; Li QX
    J Vis Exp; 2021 Apr; (170):. PubMed ID: 33999032
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  • 10. Organoid screening reveals epigenetic vulnerabilities in human colorectal cancer.
    Toshimitsu K; Takano A; Fujii M; Togasaki K; Matano M; Takahashi S; Kanai T; Sato T
    Nat Chem Biol; 2022 Jun; 18(6):605-614. PubMed ID: 35273398
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  • 11. A fully automated high-throughput workflow for 3D-based chemical screening in human midbrain organoids.
    Renner H; Grabos M; Becker KJ; Kagermeier TE; Wu J; Otto M; Peischard S; Zeuschner D; TsyTsyura Y; Disse P; Klingauf J; Leidel SA; Seebohm G; Schöler HR; Bruder JM
    Elife; 2020 Nov; 9():. PubMed ID: 33138918
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  • 12. Patient-derived organoids as a preclinical platform for precision medicine in colorectal cancer.
    Cho YW; Min DW; Kim HP; An Y; Kim S; Youk J; Chun J; Im JP; Song SH; Ju YS; Han SW; Park KJ; Kim TY
    Mol Oncol; 2022 Jun; 16(12):2396-2412. PubMed ID: 34850547
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  • 13. High-throughput automated organoid culture via stem-cell aggregation in microcavity arrays.
    Brandenberg N; Hoehnel S; Kuttler F; Homicsko K; Ceroni C; Ringel T; Gjorevski N; Schwank G; Coukos G; Turcatti G; Lutolf MP
    Nat Biomed Eng; 2020 Sep; 4(9):863-874. PubMed ID: 32514094
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  • 14. Highly reproducible and cost-effective one-pot organoid differentiation using a novel platform based on PF-127 triggered spheroid assembly.
    Zhang XS; Xie G; Ma H; Ding S; Wu YX; Fei Y; Cheng Q; Huang Y; Wang Y
    Biofabrication; 2023 Aug; 15(4):. PubMed ID: 37552975
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  • 15. An Automated Organoid Platform with Inter-organoid Homogeneity and Inter-patient Heterogeneity.
    Jiang S; Zhao H; Zhang W; Wang J; Liu Y; Cao Y; Zheng H; Hu Z; Wang S; Zhu Y; Wang W; Cui S; Lobie PE; Huang L; Ma S
    Cell Rep Med; 2020 Dec; 1(9):100161. PubMed ID: 33377132
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  • 16. Assay establishment and validation of a high-throughput organoid-based drug screening platform.
    Li X; Fu G; Zhang L; Guan R; Tang P; Zhang J; Rao X; Chen S; Xu X; Zhou Y; Deng Y; Lv T; He X; Mo S; Mu P; Gao J; Hua G
    Stem Cell Res Ther; 2022 May; 13(1):219. PubMed ID: 35619149
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  • 17. Patient-derived cancer organoids for drug screening: Basic technology and clinical application.
    Ren X; Chen W; Yang Q; Li X; Xu L
    J Gastroenterol Hepatol; 2022 Aug; 37(8):1446-1454. PubMed ID: 35771719
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  • 18. Intestinal Organoid Culture in Polymer Film-Based Microwell Arrays.
    Kakni P; Hueber R; Knoops K; López-Iglesias C; Truckenmüller R; Habibovic P; Giselbrecht S
    Adv Biosyst; 2020 Oct; 4(10):e2000126. PubMed ID: 32734713
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  • 19. Uniform cerebral organoid culture on a pillar plate by simple and reproducible spheroid transfer from an ultralow attachment well plate.
    Acharya P; Joshi P; Shrestha S; Choi NY; Jeong S; Lee MY
    Biofabrication; 2024 Jan; 16(2):. PubMed ID: 38176079
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  • 20. High-content, targeted RNA-seq screening in organoids for drug discovery in colorectal cancer.
    Norkin M; Ordóñez-Morán P; Huelsken J
    Cell Rep; 2021 Apr; 35(3):109026. PubMed ID: 33882314
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