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  • 1. Integration of RNA-Seq and proteomics data identifies glioblastoma multiforme surfaceome signature.
    Syafruddin SE; Nazarie WFWM; Moidu NA; Soon BH; Mohtar MA
    BMC Cancer; 2021 Jul; 21(1):850. PubMed ID: 34301218
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  • 2. Combined expressional analysis, bioinformatics and targeted proteomics identify new potential therapeutic targets in glioblastoma stem cells.
    Stangeland B; Mughal AA; Grieg Z; Sandberg CJ; Joel M; Nygård S; Meling T; Murrell W; Vik Mo EO; Langmoen IA
    Oncotarget; 2015 Sep; 6(28):26192-215. PubMed ID: 26295306
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  • 3. Identification of potential crucial genes and molecular mechanisms in glioblastoma multiforme by bioinformatics analysis.
    Chen X; Pan Y; Yan M; Bao G; Sun X
    Mol Med Rep; 2020 Aug; 22(2):859-869. PubMed ID: 32467990
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  • 4. Surfaceome Proteomic of Glioblastoma Revealed Potential Targets for Immunotherapy.
    Rose M; Cardon T; Aboulouard S; Hajjaji N; Kobeissy F; Duhamel M; Fournier I; Salzet M
    Front Immunol; 2021; 12():746168. PubMed ID: 34646273
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  • 5. Proteogenomics of glioblastoma associates molecular patterns with survival.
    Yanovich-Arad G; Ofek P; Yeini E; Mardamshina M; Danilevsky A; Shomron N; Grossman R; Satchi-Fainaro R; Geiger T
    Cell Rep; 2021 Mar; 34(9):108787. PubMed ID: 33657365
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  • 6. Bioinformatics analyses of significant genes, related pathways and candidate prognostic biomarkers in glioblastoma.
    Zhou L; Tang H; Wang F; Chen L; Ou S; Wu T; Xu J; Guo K
    Mol Med Rep; 2018 Nov; 18(5):4185-4196. PubMed ID: 30132538
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  • 7. Identification of Prognostic Biomarkers for Glioblastoma Based on Transcriptome and Proteome Association Analysis.
    Wang J; Yan S; Chen X; Wang A; Han Z; Liu B; Shen H
    Technol Cancer Res Treat; 2022; 21():15330338211035270. PubMed ID: 35538679
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  • 8. Comprehensive analysis of Reverse Phase Protein Array data reveals characteristic unique proteomic signatures for glioblastoma subtypes.
    Patil V; Mahalingam K
    Gene; 2019 Feb; 685():85-95. PubMed ID: 30401645
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  • 9. Construction of co-expression modules related to survival by WGCNA and identification of potential prognostic biomarkers in glioblastoma.
    Zhou J; Guo H; Liu L; Hao S; Guo Z; Zhang F; Gao Y; Wang Z; Zhang W
    J Cell Mol Med; 2021 Feb; 25(3):1633-1644. PubMed ID: 33449451
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  • 10. A Cell-Surface Membrane Protein Signature for Glioblastoma.
    Ghosh D; Funk CC; Caballero J; Shah N; Rouleau K; Earls JC; Soroceanu L; Foltz G; Cobbs CS; Price ND; Hood L
    Cell Syst; 2017 May; 4(5):516-529.e7. PubMed ID: 28365151
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  • 11. Identification of key genes involved in the recurrence of glioblastoma multiforme using weighted gene co-expression network analysis and differential expression analysis.
    Ren P; Wang J; Li L; Lin X; Wu G; Chen J; Zeng Z; Zhang H
    Bioengineered; 2021 Dec; 12(1):3188-3200. PubMed ID: 34238116
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  • 12. Integrative analysis of transcriptome and proteome profiles in primary and recurrent glioblastoma.
    Zhang J; Wang G; Yan B; Yang G; Yang Q; Hu Y; Guo J; Zhao N; Wang L; Wang H
    Proteomics Clin Appl; 2024 May; 18(3):e2200085. PubMed ID: 38037768
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  • 13. Four specific biomarkers associated with the progression of glioblastoma multiforme in older adults identified using weighted gene co-expression network analysis.
    Yang Y; Chu L; Zeng Z; Xu S; Yang H; Zhang X; Jia J; Long N; Hu Y; Liu J
    Bioengineered; 2021 Dec; 12(1):6643-6654. PubMed ID: 34516348
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  • 14. Multi-Omics Data Integration and Mapping of Altered Kinases to Pathways Reveal Gonadotropin Hormone Signaling in Glioblastoma.
    Jayaram S; Gupta MK; Raju R; Gautam P; Sirdeshmukh R
    OMICS; 2016 Dec; 20(12):736-746. PubMed ID: 27930095
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  • 15. Identification of hub genes and regulatory factors of glioblastoma multiforme subgroups by RNA-seq data analysis.
    Li Y; Min W; Li M; Han G; Dai D; Zhang L; Chen X; Wang X; Zhang Y; Yue Z; Liu J
    Int J Mol Med; 2016 Oct; 38(4):1170-8. PubMed ID: 27572852
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  • 16. PI3 kinase pathway regulated miRNome in glioblastoma: identification of miR-326 as a tumour suppressor miRNA.
    Nawaz Z; Patil V; Paul Y; Hegde AS; Arivazhagan A; Santosh V; Somasundaram K
    Mol Cancer; 2016 Nov; 15(1):74. PubMed ID: 27871300
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  • 17. Functional genomics analyses of RNA-binding proteins reveal the splicing regulator SNRPB as an oncogenic candidate in glioblastoma.
    Correa BR; de Araujo PR; Qiao M; Burns SC; Chen C; Schlegel R; Agarwal S; Galante PA; Penalva LO
    Genome Biol; 2016 Jun; 17(1):125. PubMed ID: 27287018
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  • 18. Identification of
    Lin H; Yang Y; Hou C; Zheng J; Lv G; Mao R; Xu P; Chen S; Zhou Y; Wang P; Zhou D
    Genet Test Mol Biomarkers; 2021 May; 25(5):334-345. PubMed ID: 33970702
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  • 19. Tissue Proteome Analysis of Different Grades of Human Gliomas Provides Major Cues for Glioma Pathogenesis.
    Gollapalli K; Ghantasala S; Atak A; Rapole S; Moiyadi A; Epari S; Srivastava S
    OMICS; 2017 May; 21(5):275-284. PubMed ID: 28481733
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  • 20. Integrative multi-omics characterization reveals sex differences in glioblastoma.
    Jang B; Yoon D; Lee JY; Kim J; Hong J; Koo H; Sa JK
    Biol Sex Differ; 2024 Mar; 15(1):23. PubMed ID: 38491408
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