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  • 1. Radiomics diagnosed histopathological growth pattern in prediction of response and 1-year progression free survival for colorectal liver metastases patients treated with bevacizumab containing chemotherapy.
    Wei S; Han Y; Zeng H; Ye S; Cheng J; Chai F; Wei J; Zhang J; Hong N; Bao Y; Zhou J; Ye Y; Meng X; Zhou Y; Deng Y; Qiu M; Tian J; Wang Y
    Eur J Radiol; 2021 Sep; 142():109863. PubMed ID: 34343846
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  • 2. Extracellular volume fraction can predict the treatment response and survival outcome of colorectal cancer liver metastases.
    Li S; Yang X; Lu T; Yuan L; Zhang Y; Zhao J; Deng J; Xue C; Sun Q; Liu X; Zhang W; Zhou J
    Eur J Radiol; 2024 Jun; 175():111444. PubMed ID: 38531223
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  • 3. Dynamic radiomics for predicting the efficacy of antiangiogenic therapy in colorectal liver metastases.
    Qu H; Zhai H; Zhang S; Chen W; Zhong H; Cui X
    Front Oncol; 2023; 13():992096. PubMed ID: 36814812
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  • 4. Quantitative analysis of pre-treatment dynamic contrast-enhanced ultrasound for assessing the response of colorectal liver metastases to chemotherapy plus targeted therapy: a dual-institutional study.
    Zhou BY; Liu H; Pu YY; Wang LF; Sun YK; Yin HH; Lu D; Ye X; Hu XY; Wang X; Han H; Xia HS; Zhao CK; Xu HX
    Abdom Radiol (NY); 2024 Feb; 49(2):414-424. PubMed ID: 37853236
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  • 5. Histopathological growth pattern of liver metastases as an independent marker of metastatic behavior in different primary cancers.
    Bohlok A; Richard F; Lucidi V; Asmar AE; Demetter P; Craciun L; Larsimont D; Hendlisz A; Van Laethem JL; Dirix L; Desmedt C; Vermeulen P; Donckier V
    Front Oncol; 2023; 13():1260880. PubMed ID: 37965465
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  • 6. Histopathological growth patterns and tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes in breast cancer liver metastases.
    Leduc S; De Schepper M; Richard F; Maetens M; Pabba A; Borremans K; Jaekers J; Latacz E; Zels G; Bohlok A; Van Baelen K; Nguyen HL; Geukens T; Dirix L; Larsimont D; Vankerckhove S; Santos E; Oliveira RC; Dede K; Kulka J; Borbala S; Salamon F; Madaras L; Marcell Szasz A; Lucidi V; Meyer Y; Topal B; Verhoef C; Engstrand J; Moro CF; Gerling M; Bachir I; Biganzoli E; Donckier V; Floris G; Vermeulen P; Desmedt C
    NPJ Breast Cancer; 2023 Dec; 9(1):100. PubMed ID: 38102162
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  • 7. The Prognostic Value of Distinct Histological Growth Patterns of Colorectal Peritoneal Metastases: A Pilot Study.
    El Asmar A; Demetter P; Fares F; Sclafani F; Hendlisz A; Donckier V; Vermeulen P; Liberale G
    Ann Surg Oncol; 2023 Jun; 30(6):3320-3328. PubMed ID: 36754942
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  • 8. Morphological response contributes to patient selection for rescue liver resection in chemotherapy patients with initially un-resectable colorectal liver metastasis.
    Suzuki K; Muto Y; Ichida K; Fukui T; Takayama Y; Kakizawa N; Kato T; Hasegawa F; Watanabe F; Kaneda Y; Kikukawa R; Saito M; Tsujinaka S; Futsuhara K; Takata O; Noda H; Miyakura Y; Kiyozaki H; Konishi F; Rikiyama T
    Oncol Lett; 2017 Aug; 14(2):1491-1499. PubMed ID: 28789370
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  • 9. Transcriptomic characterization of the histopathological growth patterns in breast cancer liver metastases.
    Leduc S; Nguyen HL; Richard F; Zels G; Mahdami A; De Schepper M; Maetens M; Pabba A; Jaekers J; Latacz E; Bohlok A; Vanderheyden E; Van Brussel T; Boeckx B; Schepers R; Lambrechts D; Dirix L; Larsimont D; Vankerckhove S; Lucidi V; Topal B; Bachir I; Donckier V; Floris G; Vermeulen P; Desmedt C
    Clin Exp Metastasis; 2024 Mar; ():. PubMed ID: 38548918
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  • 10. Association between the histopathological growth patterns of liver metastases and survival after hepatic surgery in breast cancer patients.
    Bohlok A; Vermeulen P; Leduc S; Latacz E; Botzenhart L; Richard F; De Schepper M; Geukens T; Lucidi V; Ignatiadis M; Aftimos P; Sotiriou C; Piccart M; Hendlisz A; Van Laere S; Dirix L; Noël JC; Biganzoli E; Larsimont D; Desmedt C; Donckier V
    NPJ Breast Cancer; 2020 Dec; 6(1):64. PubMed ID: 33339824
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  • 11. Development and Validation of a Computed Tomography-Based Radiomics Signature to Predict Response to Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy for Locally Advanced Gastric Cancer.
    Wang W; Peng Y; Feng X; Zhao Y; Seeruttun SR; Zhang J; Cheng Z; Li Y; Liu Z; Zhou Z
    JAMA Netw Open; 2021 Aug; 4(8):e2121143. PubMed ID: 34410397
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  • 12. A deep learning-based radiomic nomogram for prognosis and treatment decision in advanced nasopharyngeal carcinoma: A multicentre study.
    Zhong L; Dong D; Fang X; Zhang F; Zhang N; Zhang L; Fang M; Jiang W; Liang S; Li C; Liu Y; Zhao X; Cao R; Shan H; Hu Z; Ma J; Tang L; Tian J
    EBioMedicine; 2021 Aug; 70():103522. PubMed ID: 34391094
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  • 13. Relation between body composition and severe diarrhea in patients treated with preoperative chemoradiation with capecitabine for rectal cancer: a single-centre cohort study.
    van Rees JM; Hartman W; Nuyttens JJME; Oomen-de Hoop E; van Vugt JLA; Rothbarth J; Verhoef C; van Meerten E
    BMC Gastroenterol; 2021 Aug; 21(1):313. PubMed ID: 34348673
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  • 14. Efficacy of rigosertib, a small molecular RAS signaling disrupter for the treatment of
    Zhou X; Xiao Q; Fu D; Zhang H; Tang Y; He J; Hu Y; Kong X; Teng F; Liu X; Yuan Y; Ding K
    Cancer Biol Med; 2021 Aug; 19(2):213-28. PubMed ID: 34347396
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  • 15. Distinguishing pure histopathological growth patterns of colorectal liver metastases on CT using deep learning and radiomics: a pilot study.
    Starmans MPA; Buisman FE; Renckens M; Willemssen FEJA; van der Voort SR; Groot Koerkamp B; Grünhagen DJ; Niessen WJ; Vermeulen PB; Verhoef C; Visser JJ; Klein S
    Clin Exp Metastasis; 2021 Oct; 38(5):483-494. PubMed ID: 34533669
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  • 16. Leveraging radiomics and AI for precision diagnosis and prognostication of liver malignancies.
    Haghshomar M; Rodrigues D; Kalyan A; Velichko Y; Borhani A
    Front Oncol; 2024; 14():1362737. PubMed ID: 38779098
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  • 17. Prediction of transformation in the histopathological growth pattern of colorectal liver metastases after chemotherapy using CT-based radiomics.
    Wei S; Gou X; Zhang Y; Cui J; Liu X; Hong N; Sheng W; Cheng J; Wang Y
    Clin Exp Metastasis; 2024 Apr; 41(2):143-154. PubMed ID: 38416301
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  • 18. CT-based radiomics analysis to predict local progression of recurrent colorectal liver metastases after microwave ablation.
    Hu H; Chi JC; Zhai B; Guo JH
    Medicine (Baltimore); 2023 Dec; 102(52):e36586. PubMed ID: 38206750
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