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  • 1. Effect of Gegen Qinlian Decoction on Hepatic Gluconeogenesis in ZDF Rats with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Based on the Farnesol
    Zhou Q; Song N; Wang SQ; Wang Y; Zhao YK; Zhu XD
    Evid Based Complement Alternat Med; 2021; 2021():9922292. PubMed ID: 34422083
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  • 2. Study on the mechanism of modified Gegen Qinlian decoction in regulating the intestinal flora-bile acid-TGR5 axis for the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus based on macro genome sequencing and targeted metabonomics integration.
    Liu R; Wang J; Zhao Y; Zhou Q; Yang X; Gao Y; Li Q; Bai M; Liu J; Liang Y; Zhu X
    Phytomedicine; 2024 Jun; 132():155329. PubMed ID: 38853123
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  • 3. [Mechanism of Gegen Qinlian Decoction in improving glucose metabolism in vitro and in vivo by alleviating hepatic endoplasmic reticulum stress].
    Jiang Y; Yan LK; Wang Y; Ding JF; Xu ZH; Cui C; Tu J
    Zhongguo Zhong Yao Za Zhi; 2023 Oct; 48(20):5565-5575. PubMed ID: 38114149
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  • 4. [Gegen Qinlian decoction activates PPARγ to ameliorate adipocytic insulin resistance in diabetic SD rats and IR-3T3-L1 adipocytes].
    Luo XX; Zhu SL; Li BT; Shi XM; Tu J
    Zhongguo Zhong Yao Za Zhi; 2017 Dec; 42(23):4641-4648. PubMed ID: 29376265
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  • 5. Exploring the pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes mellitus intestinal damp-heat syndrome and the therapeutic effect of Gegen Qinlian Decoction from the perspective of exosomal miRNA.
    He L; Bao T; Yang Y; Wang H; Gu C; Chen J; Zhai T; He X; Wu M; Zhao L; Tong X
    J Ethnopharmacol; 2022 Mar; 285():114786. PubMed ID: 34763043
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  • 6. An Intestinal Farnesoid X Receptor-Ceramide Signaling Axis Modulates Hepatic Gluconeogenesis in Mice.
    Xie C; Jiang C; Shi J; Gao X; Sun D; Sun L; Wang T; Takahashi S; Anitha M; Krausz KW; Patterson AD; Gonzalez FJ
    Diabetes; 2017 Mar; 66(3):613-626. PubMed ID: 28223344
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  • 7. [Molecular mechanism of Gegen Qinlian Decoction in promoting differentiation of brown adipose tissue to improve glucose and lipid metabolism disorders in diabetic rats].
    Zhang XQ; Xu WH; Xiao X; Ding JF; Jiang Y; Tu J
    Zhongguo Zhong Yao Za Zhi; 2021 Sep; 46(17):4462-4470. PubMed ID: 34581051
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  • 8. Gegen Qinlian Decoction ameliorates type 2 diabetes osteoporosis via IGFBP3/MAPK/NFATc1 signaling pathway based on cytokine antibody array.
    Yang J; He Q; Wang Y; Pan Z; Zhang G; Liang J; Su L; Wang A; Zeng C; Luo H; Liu L; Li J; Rao Q; Wang B; Wang H; Chen P
    Phytomedicine; 2022 Jan; 94():153810. PubMed ID: 34798519
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  • 9. Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Improves Metabolic Conditions in Association with Increased Serum Bile Acids Level and Hepatic Farnesoid X Receptor Expression in a T2DM Rat Model.
    Yan Y; Sha Y; Huang X; Yuan W; Wu F; Hong J; Fang S; Huang B; Hu C; Wang B; Zhang X
    Obes Surg; 2019 Sep; 29(9):2912-2922. PubMed ID: 31079286
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  • 10. Gegen Qinlian Decoction Coordinately Regulates PPARγ and PPARα to Improve Glucose and Lipid Homeostasis in Diabetic Rats and Insulin Resistance 3T3-L1 Adipocytes.
    Tu J; Zhu S; Li B; Xu G; Luo X; Jiang L; Yan X; Zhang R; Chen C
    Front Pharmacol; 2020; 11():811. PubMed ID: 32595495
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  • 11. Type 2 diabetes mitigation in the diabetic Goto-Kakizaki rat by elevated bile acids following a common-bile-duct surgery.
    Gao F; Zhang X; Zhou L; Zhou S; Zheng Y; Yu J; Fan W; Zhu Y; Han X
    Metabolism; 2016 Feb; 65(2):78-88. PubMed ID: 26773931
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  • 12. [Preliminary study on effect of Gegen Qinlian Decoction on enzyme activity, gene expression and methylation level of FASN in adipose tissue of rats with insulin resistance].
    Chen YQ; Gong SF; Huang X; Zeng ZJ; Xu GL; Peng SH; Zhu WF
    Zhongguo Zhong Yao Za Zhi; 2021 Jan; 46(2):398-405. PubMed ID: 33645128
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  • 13. Metformin and Gegen Qinlian Decoction boost islet α-cell proliferation of the STZ induced diabetic rats.
    Xu L; Jois S; Cui H
    BMC Complement Med Ther; 2022 Jul; 22(1):193. PubMed ID: 35858880
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  • 14. Alleviation Effects of GQD, a Traditional Chinese Medicine Formula, on Diabetes Rats Linked to Modulation of the Gut Microbiome.
    Tian J; Bai B; Gao Z; Yang Y; Wu H; Wang X; Wang J; Li M; Tong X
    Front Cell Infect Microbiol; 2021; 11():740236. PubMed ID: 34692563
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  • 15. Gegen Qinlian Decoction Modulates Atherosclerosis and Lipid Metabolism Through Cellular Interplay and Signaling Pathways.
    Zhang Z; Zhou Y; Lv Q; Gao K; Li Z; Miao Q; Shen L
    Comb Chem High Throughput Screen; 2024 Mar; ():. PubMed ID: 38486386
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  • 16. Herbal Formula Gegen-Qinlian Decoction for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials.
    Ren L; Cheng Y; Qin F
    Evid Based Complement Alternat Med; 2020; 2020():3907920. PubMed ID: 33144868
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  • 17. Study on the mechanism of Gegen Qinlian Decoction for treating type II diabetes mellitus by integrating network pharmacology and pharmacological evaluation.
    Xu X; Niu L; Liu Y; Pang M; Lu W; Xia C; Zhu Y; Yang B; Wang Q
    J Ethnopharmacol; 2020 Nov; 262():113129. PubMed ID: 32730886
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  • 18. Gegen Qinlian Decoction Ameliorates Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in Rats
    Ying Y; Zhang H; Yu D; Zhang W; Zhou D; Liu S
    Evid Based Complement Alternat Med; 2021; 2021():6659445. PubMed ID: 33643422
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  • 19. Yunpi Heluo decoction attenuates insulin resistance by regulating SIRT1-FoxO1 autophagy pathway in skeletal muscle of Zucker diabetic fatty rats.
    Mao ZJ; Xia WS; Chai F
    J Ethnopharmacol; 2021 Apr; 270():113828. PubMed ID: 33476712
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  • 20. Ji-Ni-De-Xie ameliorates type 2 diabetes mellitus by modulating the bile acids metabolism and FXR/FGF15 signaling pathway.
    Tao Y; Peng F; Wang L; Sun J; Ding Y; Xiong S; Tenzin U; MiMa ; Nhamdriel T; Fan G
    Front Pharmacol; 2024; 15():1383896. PubMed ID: 38835663
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