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  • 21. Prospect for Application of PARP Inhibitor in Patients with HER2 Negative Breast Cancer.
    Shao N; Shi Y; Yu L; Ye R; Shan Z; Zhang Z; Zhang Y; Lin Y
    Int J Biol Sci; 2019; 15(5):962-972. PubMed ID: 31182917
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  • 22. Copy number deletion of RAD50 as predictive marker of BRCAness and PARP inhibitor response in BRCA wild type ovarian cancer.
    Zhang M; Liu G; Xue F; Edwards R; Sood AK; Zhang W; Yang D
    Gynecol Oncol; 2016 Apr; 141(1):57-64. PubMed ID: 27016230
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  • 23. Molecular signatures of BRCAness analysis identifies PARP inhibitor Niraparib as a novel targeted therapeutic strategy for soft tissue Sarcomas.
    Li H; Tu J; Zhao Z; Chen L; Qu Y; Li H; Yao H; Wang X; Lee DF; Shen J; Wen L; Huang G; Xie X
    Theranostics; 2020; 10(21):9477-9494. PubMed ID: 32863940
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  • 24. Where Do We Stand on the Integration of PARP Inhibitors for the Treatment of Breast Cancer?
    Duma N; Gast KC; Choong GM; Leon-Ferre RA; O'Sullivan CC
    Curr Oncol Rep; 2018 Jun; 20(8):63. PubMed ID: 29884921
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  • 25. TGFβ induces "BRCAness" and sensitivity to PARP inhibition in breast cancer by regulating DNA-repair genes.
    Liu L; Zhou W; Cheng CT; Ren X; Somlo G; Fong MY; Chin AR; Li H; Yu Y; Xu Y; O'Connor ST; O'Connor TR; Ann DK; Stark JM; Wang SE
    Mol Cancer Res; 2014 Nov; 12(11):1597-609. PubMed ID: 25103497
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  • 26. The development of PARP as a successful target for cancer therapy.
    Ferrara R; Simionato F; Ciccarese C; Grego E; Cingarlini S; Iacovelli R; Bria E; Tortora G; Melisi D
    Expert Rev Anticancer Ther; 2018 Feb; 18(2):161-175. PubMed ID: 29260919
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  • 27. DNA repair and cell cycle checkpoint defects in a mouse model of 'BRCAness' are partially rescued by 53BP1 deletion.
    Misenko SM; Patel DS; Her J; Bunting SF
    Cell Cycle; 2018; 17(7):881-891. PubMed ID: 29620483
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  • 28. The role of PARP inhibitors in germline BRCA-associated pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma.
    Moffat GT; O'Reilly EM
    Clin Adv Hematol Oncol; 2020 Mar; 18(3):168-179. PubMed ID: 32609666
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  • 29. Poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase inhibitors in solid tumours: Systematic review and meta-analysis.
    Schettini F; Giudici F; Bernocchi O; Sirico M; Corona SP; Giuliano M; Locci M; Paris I; Scambia G; De Placido S; Rescigno P; Prat A; Curigliano G; Generali D
    Eur J Cancer; 2021 May; 149():134-152. PubMed ID: 33862496
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  • 30. BRCAness revisited.
    Lord CJ; Ashworth A
    Nat Rev Cancer; 2016 Feb; 16(2):110-20. PubMed ID: 26775620
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  • 31. New perspective on DNA response pathway (DDR) in glioblastoma, focus on classic biomarkers and emerging roles of ncRNAs.
    Pirlog BO; Ilut S; Pirlog R; Chiroi P; Nutu A; Radutiu DI; Cuc GD; Berindan-Neagoe I; Nabavi SF; Filosa R; Nabavi SM
    Expert Rev Mol Med; 2023 May; 25():e18. PubMed ID: 37154101
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  • 32. Therapeutic Application of PARP Inhibitors in Neuro-Oncology.
    Ning J; Wakimoto H
    Trends Cancer; 2020 Feb; 6(2):147-159. PubMed ID: 32061304
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  • 33. BRCAness: a deeper insight into basal-like breast tumors.
    De Summa S; Pinto R; Sambiasi D; Petriella D; Paradiso V; Paradiso A; Tommasi S
    Ann Oncol; 2013 Nov; 24 Suppl 8():viii13-viii21. PubMed ID: 24131964
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  • 34. Theranostic biomarkers and PARP-inhibitors effectiveness in patients with non-BRCA associated homologous recombination deficient tumors: Still looking through a dirty glass window?
    Incorvaia L; Perez A; Marchetti C; Brando C; Gristina V; Cancelliere D; Pivetti A; Contino S; Di Giovanni E; Barraco N; Bono M; Giurintano A; Bazan Russo TD; Gottardo A; Cutaia S; Pedone E; Peri M; Corsini LR; Fanale D; Galvano A; Scambia G; Badalamenti G; Russo A; Bazan V
    Cancer Treat Rev; 2023 Dec; 121():102650. PubMed ID: 37939446
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  • 35. The clinical importance of BRCAness in a population-based cohort of Danish epithelial ovarian cancer.
    Hjortkjær M; Malik Aagaard Jørgensen M; Waldstrøm M; Ørnskov D; Søgaard-Andersen E; Jakobsen A; Dahl-Steffensen K
    Int J Gynecol Cancer; 2019 Jan; 29(1):166-173. PubMed ID: 30640700
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  • 36. Androgen receptor inhibitor-induced "BRCAness" and PARP inhibition are synthetically lethal for castration-resistant prostate cancer.
    Li L; Karanika S; Yang G; Wang J; Park S; Broom BM; Manyam GC; Wu W; Luo Y; Basourakos S; Song JH; Gallick GE; Karantanos T; Korentzelos D; Azad AK; Kim J; Corn PG; Aparicio AM; Logothetis CJ; Troncoso P; Heffernan T; Toniatti C; Lee HS; Lee JS; Zuo X; Chang W; Yin J; Thompson TC
    Sci Signal; 2017 May; 10(480):. PubMed ID: 28536297
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  • 37. Olaparib for the treatment of breast cancer.
    Robert M; Frenel JS; Gourmelon C; Patsouris A; Augereau P; Campone M
    Expert Opin Investig Drugs; 2017 Jun; 26(6):751-759. PubMed ID: 28395540
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  • 38. DNA Repair Deficiency Is Common in Advanced Prostate Cancer: New Therapeutic Opportunities.
    Dhawan M; Ryan CJ; Ashworth A
    Oncologist; 2016 Aug; 21(8):940-5. PubMed ID: 27317574
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  • 39. BRCA Methylation Testing Identifies a Subset of Ovarian Carcinomas without Germline Variants That Can Benefit from PARP Inhibitor.
    Sahnane N; Carnevali I; Formenti G; Casarin J; Facchi S; Bombelli R; Di Lauro E; Memoli D; Salvati A; Rizzo F; Sessa F; Tibiletti MG
    Int J Mol Sci; 2020 Dec; 21(24):. PubMed ID: 33352687
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  • 40. Precision Medicine in Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer: Advances, Challenges, and the Landscape of PARPi Therapy-A Narrative Review.
    Dimitrov G; Mangaldzhiev R; Slavov C; Popov E
    Int J Mol Sci; 2024 Feb; 25(4):. PubMed ID: 38396858
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