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  • 1. Bile Acid-Gut Microbiota Axis in Inflammatory Bowel Disease: From Bench to Bedside.
    Yang M; Gu Y; Li L; Liu T; Song X; Sun Y; Cao X; Wang B; Jiang K; Cao H
    Nutrients; 2021 Sep; 13(9):. PubMed ID: 34579027
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  • 2. Regulation of gut microbiota-bile acids axis by probiotics in inflammatory bowel disease.
    Li L; Liu T; Gu Y; Wang X; Xie R; Sun Y; Wang B; Cao H
    Front Immunol; 2022; 13():974305. PubMed ID: 36211363
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  • 3. The Emerging Role of Bile Acids in the Pathogenesis of Inflammatory Bowel Disease.
    Thomas JP; Modos D; Rushbrook SM; Powell N; Korcsmaros T
    Front Immunol; 2022; 13():829525. PubMed ID: 35185922
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  • 4. Novel approaches in IBD therapy: targeting the gut microbiota-bile acid axis.
    Pan Y; Zhang H; Li M; He T; Guo S; Zhu L; Tan J; Wang B
    Gut Microbes; 2024; 16(1):2356284. PubMed ID: 38769683
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  • 5. Current understanding of microbiota- and dietary-therapies for treating inflammatory bowel disease.
    Eom T; Kim YS; Choi CH; Sadowsky MJ; Unno T
    J Microbiol; 2018 Mar; 56(3):189-198. PubMed ID: 29492876
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  • 6. Ursodeoxycholic Acid and Its Taurine- or Glycine-Conjugated Species Reduce Colitogenic Dysbiosis and Equally Suppress Experimental Colitis in Mice.
    Van den Bossche L; Hindryckx P; Devisscher L; Devriese S; Van Welden S; Holvoet T; Vilchez-Vargas R; Vital M; Pieper DH; Vanden Bussche J; Vanhaecke L; Van de Wiele T; De Vos M; Laukens D
    Appl Environ Microbiol; 2017 Apr; 83(7):. PubMed ID: 28115375
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  • 7. Impact of Microbial Metabolites on Microbiota-Gut-Brain Axis in Inflammatory Bowel Disease.
    Banfi D; Moro E; Bosi A; Bistoletti M; Cerantola S; Crema F; Maggi F; Giron MC; Giaroni C; Baj A
    Int J Mol Sci; 2021 Feb; 22(4):. PubMed ID: 33562721
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  • 8. Alterations in Bile Acid Metabolism Associated With Inflammatory Bowel Disease.
    Li N; Zhan S; Tian Z; Liu C; Xie Z; Zhang S; Chen M; Zeng Z; Zhuang X
    Inflamm Bowel Dis; 2021 Aug; 27(9):1525-1540. PubMed ID: 33399195
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  • 9. Gut microbiota in the pathogenesis of inflammatory bowel disease.
    Nishida A; Inoue R; Inatomi O; Bamba S; Naito Y; Andoh A
    Clin J Gastroenterol; 2018 Feb; 11(1):1-10. PubMed ID: 29285689
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  • 10. Deoxycholic Acid-Induced Gut Dysbiosis Disrupts Bile Acid Enterohepatic Circulation and Promotes Intestinal Inflammation.
    Xu M; Cen M; Shen Y; Zhu Y; Cheng F; Tang L; Hu W; Dai N
    Dig Dis Sci; 2021 Feb; 66(2):568-576. PubMed ID: 32198567
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  • 11. Impact of Bacterial Metabolites on Gut Barrier Function and Host Immunity: A Focus on Bacterial Metabolism and Its Relevance for Intestinal Inflammation.
    Gasaly N; de Vos P; Hermoso MA
    Front Immunol; 2021; 12():658354. PubMed ID: 34122415
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  • 12. Inflammatory Bowel Diseases and Gut Microbiota.
    Haneishi Y; Furuya Y; Hasegawa M; Picarelli A; Rossi M; Miyamoto J
    Int J Mol Sci; 2023 Feb; 24(4):. PubMed ID: 36835245
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  • 13. Modulation of the Gut Microbiota-farnesoid X Receptor Axis Improves Deoxycholic Acid-induced Intestinal Inflammation in Mice.
    Xu M; Shen Y; Cen M; Zhu Y; Cheng F; Tang L; Zheng X; Kim JJ; Dai N; Hu W
    J Crohns Colitis; 2021 Jul; 15(7):1197-1210. PubMed ID: 33417675
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  • 14. Metagenomic analysis of bile salt biotransformation in the human gut microbiome.
    Das P; Marcišauskas S; Ji B; Nielsen J
    BMC Genomics; 2019 Jun; 20(1):517. PubMed ID: 31234773
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  • 15. Gut microbiome in primary sclerosing cholangitis: A review.
    Little R; Wine E; Kamath BM; Griffiths AM; Ricciuto A
    World J Gastroenterol; 2020 Jun; 26(21):2768-2780. PubMed ID: 32550753
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  • 16. The interaction of bile acids and gut inflammation influences the pathogenesis of inflammatory bowel disease.
    Di Ciaula A; Bonfrate L; Khalil M; Portincasa P
    Intern Emerg Med; 2023 Nov; 18(8):2181-2197. PubMed ID: 37515676
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  • 17. Current insights on the roles of gut microbiota in inflammatory bowel disease-associated extra-intestinal manifestations: pathophysiology and therapeutic targets.
    Tie Y; Huang Y; Chen R; Li L; Chen M; Zhang S
    Gut Microbes; 2023 Dec; 15(2):2265028. PubMed ID: 37822139
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  • 18. Gut microbiota-related bile acid metabolism-FXR/TGR5 axis impacts the response to anti-α4β7-integrin therapy in humanized mice with colitis.
    Han B; Lv X; Liu G; Li S; Fan J; Chen L; Huang Z; Lin G; Xu X; Huang Z; Zhan L; Lv X
    Gut Microbes; 2023; 15(1):2232143. PubMed ID: 37431863
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  • 19. Gut microbiota-derived metabolites as key actors in inflammatory bowel disease.
    Lavelle A; Sokol H
    Nat Rev Gastroenterol Hepatol; 2020 Apr; 17(4):223-237. PubMed ID: 32076145
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  • 20. Diversification of host bile acids by members of the gut microbiota.
    Winston JA; Theriot CM
    Gut Microbes; 2020; 11(2):158-171. PubMed ID: 31595814
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