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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Effective killing of cells expressing CD276 (B7-H3) by a bispecific T cell engager based on a new fully human antibody.
    Liu X; Zhelev D; Adams C; Chen C; Mellors JW; Dimitrov DS
    Transl Oncol; 2021 Dec; 14(12):101232. PubMed ID: 34601396
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  • 2. Humanized Affinity-matured Monoclonal Antibody 8H9 Has Potent Antitumor Activity and Binds to FG Loop of Tumor Antigen B7-H3.
    Ahmed M; Cheng M; Zhao Q; Goldgur Y; Cheal SM; Guo HF; Larson SM; Cheung NK
    J Biol Chem; 2015 Dec; 290(50):30018-29. PubMed ID: 26487718
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  • 3. Targeting both GD2 and B7-H3 using bispecific antibody improves tumor selectivity for GD2-positive tumors.
    Rosenkrans ZT; Erbe AK; Clemons NB; Feils AS; Medina-Guevara Y; Jeffery JJ; Barnhart TE; Engle JW; Sondel PM; Hernandez R
    bioRxiv; 2024 May; ():. PubMed ID: 38853889
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  • 4. A Novel Anti-B7-H3 × Anti-CD3 Bispecific Antibody with Potent Antitumor Activity.
    Feng Y; Xie K; Yin Y; Li B; Pi C; Xu X; Huang T; Zhang J; Wang B; Gu H; Fang J
    Life (Basel); 2022 Jan; 12(2):. PubMed ID: 35207448
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  • 5. A tetravalent bispecific TandAb (CD19/CD3), AFM11, efficiently recruits T cells for the potent lysis of CD19(+) tumor cells.
    Reusch U; Duell J; Ellwanger K; Herbrecht C; Knackmuss SH; Fucek I; Eser M; McAleese F; Molkenthin V; Gall FL; Topp M; Little M; Zhukovsky EA
    MAbs; 2015; 7(3):584-604. PubMed ID: 25875246
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  • 6. The bispecific B7H3xCD3 antibody CC-3 induces T cell immunity against bone and soft tissue sarcomas.
    Holzmayer SJ; Liebel K; Hagelstein I; Salih HR; Märklin M
    Front Immunol; 2024; 15():1391954. PubMed ID: 38765008
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  • 7. Human derived dimerization tag enhances tumor killing potency of a T-cell engaging bispecific antibody.
    Ahmed M; Cheng M; Cheung IY; Cheung NK
    Oncoimmunology; 2015 Apr; 4(4):e989776. PubMed ID: 26137406
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  • 8. Antiviral Activity of HIV gp120-Targeting Bispecific T Cell Engager Antibody Constructs.
    Brozy J; Schlaepfer E; Mueller CKS; Rochat MA; Rampini SK; Myburgh R; Raum T; Kufer P; Baeuerle PA; Muenz M; Speck RF
    J Virol; 2018 Jul; 92(14):. PubMed ID: 29720517
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  • 9. Treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma with a GPC3-targeted bispecific T cell engager.
    Bi Y; Jiang H; Wang P; Song B; Wang H; Kong X; Li Z
    Oncotarget; 2017 Aug; 8(32):52866-52876. PubMed ID: 28881778
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  • 10. Isolation of rabbit single domain antibodies to B7-H3 via protein immunization and phage display.
    Feng R; Wang R; Hong J; Dower CM; Croix BS; Ho M
    Antib Ther; 2020 Jan; 3(1):10-17. PubMed ID: 32166218
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  • 11. NK-Cell-Mediated Targeting of Various Solid Tumors Using a B7-H3 Tri-Specific Killer Engager In Vitro and In Vivo.
    Vallera DA; Ferrone S; Kodal B; Hinderlie P; Bendzick L; Ettestad B; Hallstrom C; Zorko NA; Rao A; Fujioka N; Ryan CJ; Geller MA; Miller JS; Felices M
    Cancers (Basel); 2020 Sep; 12(9):. PubMed ID: 32961861
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  • 12. A novel anti-B7-H3 chimeric antigen receptor from a single-chain antibody library for immunotherapy of solid cancers.
    Birley K; Leboreiro-Babe C; Rota EM; Buschhaus M; Gavriil A; Vitali A; Alonso-Ferrero M; Hopwood L; Parienti L; Ferry G; Flutter B; Himoudi N; Chester K; Anderson J
    Mol Ther Oncolytics; 2022 Sep; 26():429-443. PubMed ID: 36159778
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  • 13. Blocking PD-1/PD-L1 by an ADCC enhanced anti-B7-H3/PD-1 fusion protein engages immune activation and cytotoxicity.
    Xu Y; Xiao Y; Luo C; Liu Q; Wei A; Yang Y; Zhao L; Wang Y
    Int Immunopharmacol; 2020 Jul; 84():106584. PubMed ID: 32422527
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  • 14. Molecular Pathways: Targeting B7-H3 (CD276) for Human Cancer Immunotherapy.
    Picarda E; Ohaegbulam KC; Zang X
    Clin Cancer Res; 2016 Jul; 22(14):3425-3431. PubMed ID: 27208063
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  • 15. Wharton's Jelly Mesenchymal Stromal Cells from Human Umbilical Cord: a Close-up on Immunomodulatory Molecules Featured In Situ and In Vitro.
    Corsello T; Amico G; Corrao S; Anzalone R; Timoneri F; Lo Iacono M; Russo E; Spatola GF; Uzzo ML; Giuffrè M; Caprnda M; Kubatka P; Kruzliak P; Conaldi PG; La Rocca G
    Stem Cell Rev Rep; 2019 Dec; 15(6):900-918. PubMed ID: 31741193
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  • 16. Fab-based bispecific antibody formats with robust biophysical properties and biological activity.
    Wu X; Sereno AJ; Huang F; Lewis SM; Lieu RL; Weldon C; Torres C; Fine C; Batt MA; Fitchett JR; Glasebrook AL; Kuhlman B; Demarest SJ
    MAbs; 2015; 7(3):470-82. PubMed ID: 25774965
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  • 17. CEA/CD3 bispecific antibody MEDI-565/AMG 211 activation of T cells and subsequent killing of human tumors is independent of mutations commonly found in colorectal adenocarcinomas.
    Oberst MD; Fuhrmann S; Mulgrew K; Amann M; Cheng L; Lutterbuese P; Richman L; Coats S; Baeuerle PA; Hammond SA
    MAbs; 2014; 6(6):1571-84. PubMed ID: 25484061
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  • 18. IgG-based B7-H3xCD3 bispecific antibody for treatment of pancreatic, hepatic and gastric cancer.
    Lutz MS; Zekri L; Weßling L; Berchtold S; Heitmann JS; Lauer UM; Jung G; Salih HR
    Front Immunol; 2023; 14():1163136. PubMed ID: 37122707
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  • 19. Human endoglin-CD3 bispecific T cell engager antibody induces anti-tumor effect
    Zhong L; Shi W; Gan L; Liu X; Huo Y; Wu P; Zhang Z; Wu T; Peng H; Huang Y; Zhao Y; Yuan Y; Deng Z; Tang H
    Theranostics; 2021; 11(13):6393-6406. PubMed ID: 33995664
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  • 20. Efficacy of B7-H3-Redirected BiTE and CAR-T Immunotherapies Against Extranodal Nasal Natural Killer/T Cell Lymphoma.
    Zheng M; Yu L; Hu J; Zhang Z; Wang H; Lu D; Tang X; Huang J; Zhong K; Wang Z; Li Y; Guo G; Liu S; Tong A; Yang H
    Transl Oncol; 2020 May; 13(5):100770. PubMed ID: 32298986
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