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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Drivers of transcriptional variance in human intestinal epithelial organoids.
    Criss ZK; Bhasin N; Di Rienzi SC; Rajan A; Deans-Fielder K; Swaminathan G; Kamyabi N; Zeng XL; Doddapaneni H; Menon VK; Chakravarti D; Estrella C; Yu X; Patil K; Petrosino JF; Fleet JC; Verzi MP; Christakos S; Helmrath MA; Arimura S; DePinho RA; Britton RA; Maresso AW; Grande-Allen KJ; Blutt SE; Crawford SE; Estes MK; Ramani S; Shroyer NF
    Physiol Genomics; 2021 Nov; 53(11):486-508. PubMed ID: 34612061
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  • 2. Porcine colonoids and enteroids keep the memory of their origin during regeneration.
    Barnett AM; Mullaney JA; Hendriks C; Le Borgne L; McNabb WC; Roy NC
    Am J Physiol Cell Physiol; 2021 May; 320(5):C794-C805. PubMed ID: 33760661
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  • 3. A Novel Strategy to Study the Invasive Capability of Adherent-Invasive
    Mayorgas A; Dotti I; Martínez-Picola M; Esteller M; Bonet-Rossinyol Q; Ricart E; Salas A; Martínez-Medina M
    Front Immunol; 2021; 12():646906. PubMed ID: 33854511
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  • 4. Culture media and format alter cellular composition and barrier integrity of porcine colonoid-derived monolayers.
    Barnett AM; Mullaney JA; McNabb WC; Roy NC
    Tissue Barriers; 2024 Apr; 12(2):2222632. PubMed ID: 37340938
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  • 5. In-depth analysis of the relationship between bovine intestinal organoids and enteroids based on morphology and transcriptome.
    Zhang J; Li J; Yan P; He L; Zhang X; Wang X; Shi Y; Deng L; Zhang Z; Zhao B
    J Tissue Eng Regen Med; 2022 Nov; 16(11):1032-1046. PubMed ID: 36128613
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  • 6. Towards a defined ECM and small molecule based monolayer culture system for the expansion of mouse and human intestinal stem cells.
    Tong Z; Martyn K; Yang A; Yin X; Mead BE; Joshi N; Sherman NE; Langer RS; Karp JM
    Biomaterials; 2018 Feb; 154():60-73. PubMed ID: 29120819
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  • 7. Wnt-driven LARGE2 mediates laminin-adhesive O-glycosylation in human colonic epithelial cells and colorectal cancer.
    Dietinger V; García de Durango CR; Wiechmann S; Boos SL; Michl M; Neumann J; Hermeking H; Kuster B; Jung P
    Cell Commun Signal; 2020 Jun; 18(1):102. PubMed ID: 32586342
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  • 8. Generation of small intestinal organoids for experimental intestinal physiology.
    Capeling M; Huang S; Mulero-Russe A; Cieza R; Tsai YH; Garcia A; Hill DR
    Methods Cell Biol; 2020; 159():143-174. PubMed ID: 32586441
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  • 9. Use of collagen gel as an alternative extracellular matrix for the in vitro and in vivo growth of murine small intestinal epithelium.
    Jabaji Z; Sears CM; Brinkley GJ; Lei NY; Joshi VS; Wang J; Lewis M; Stelzner M; Martín MG; Dunn JC
    Tissue Eng Part C Methods; 2013 Dec; 19(12):961-9. PubMed ID: 23566043
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  • 10. Prostaglandin E2 supports growth of chicken embryo intestinal organoids in Matrigel matrix.
    Pierzchalska M; Grabacka M; Michalik M; Zyla K; Pierzchalski P
    Biotechniques; 2012 May; 52(5):307-15. PubMed ID: 22578123
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  • 11. Aggregative Adherence Fimbriae II of Enteroaggregative Escherichia coli Are Required for Adherence and Barrier Disruption during Infection of Human Colonoids.
    Gonyar LA; Smith RM; Giron JA; Zachos NC; Ruiz-Perez F; Nataro JP
    Infect Immun; 2020 Aug; 88(9):. PubMed ID: 32631917
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  • 12. Establishment of human epithelial enteroids and colonoids from whole tissue and biopsy.
    Mahe MM; Sundaram N; Watson CL; Shroyer NF; Helmrath MA
    J Vis Exp; 2015 Mar; (97):. PubMed ID: 25866936
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  • 13. Genomic and epigenomic active vitamin D responses in human colonic organoids.
    Li J; Witonsky D; Sprague E; Alleyne D; Bielski MC; Lawrence KM; Kupfer SS
    Physiol Genomics; 2021 Jun; 53(6):235-248. PubMed ID: 33900108
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  • 14. Co-Culture System of Human Enteroids/Colonoids with Innate Immune Cells.
    Staab JF; Lemme-Dumit JM; Latanich R; Pasetti MF; Zachos NC
    Curr Protoc Immunol; 2020 Dec; 131(1):e113. PubMed ID: 33166041
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  • 15. Type I collagen as an extracellular matrix for the in vitro growth of human small intestinal epithelium.
    Jabaji Z; Brinkley GJ; Khalil HA; Sears CM; Lei NY; Lewis M; Stelzner M; Martín MG; Dunn JC
    PLoS One; 2014; 9(9):e107814. PubMed ID: 25222024
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  • 16. A Novel Microphysiological Colon Platform to Decipher Mechanisms Driving Human Intestinal Permeability.
    Apostolou A; Panchakshari RA; Banerjee A; Manatakis DV; Paraskevopoulou MD; Luc R; Abu-Ali G; Dimitriou A; Lucchesi C; Kulkarni G; Maulana TI; Kasendra M; Kerns JS; Bleck B; Ewart L; Manolakos ES; Hamilton GA; Giallourakis C; Karalis K
    Cell Mol Gastroenterol Hepatol; 2021; 12(5):1719-1741. PubMed ID: 34284165
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  • 17. Functional genomics analysis of human colon organoids identifies key transcription factors.
    Yin S; Ray G; Kerschner JL; Hao S; Perez A; Drumm ML; Browne JA; Leir SH; Longworth M; Harris A
    Physiol Genomics; 2020 Jun; 52(6):234-244. PubMed ID: 32390556
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  • 18. Establishment and Culture of Human Intestinal Organoids Derived from Adult Stem Cells.
    Pleguezuelos-Manzano C; Puschhof J; van den Brink S; Geurts V; Beumer J; Clevers H
    Curr Protoc Immunol; 2020 Sep; 130(1):e106. PubMed ID: 32940424
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  • 19. Culture of human ovarian tissue in xeno-free conditions using laminin components of the human ovarian extracellular matrix.
    Hao J; Tuck AR; Prakash CR; Damdimopoulos A; Sjödin MOD; Lindberg J; Niklasson B; Pettersson K; Hovatta O; Damdimopoulou P
    J Assist Reprod Genet; 2020 Sep; 37(9):2137-2150. PubMed ID: 32671735
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  • 20. Germ-free and microbiota-associated mice yield small intestinal epithelial organoids with equivalent and robust transcriptome/proteome expression phenotypes.
    Hausmann A; Russo G; Grossmann J; Zünd M; Schwank G; Aebersold R; Liu Y; Sellin ME; Hardt WD
    Cell Microbiol; 2020 Jun; 22(6):e13191. PubMed ID: 32068945
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