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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Integrated analysis of patients with KEAP1/NFE2L2/CUL3 mutations in lung adenocarcinomas.
    Jin X; Zheng Y; Chen Z; Wang F; Bi G; Li M; Liang J; Sui Q; Bian Y; Hu Z; Qiao Y; Xu S
    Cancer Med; 2021 Dec; 10(23):8673-8692. PubMed ID: 34617407
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  • 2. Impact of KEAP1/NFE2L2/CUL3 mutations on duration of response to EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitors in EGFR mutated non-small cell lung cancer.
    Hellyer JA; Stehr H; Das M; Padda SK; Ramchandran K; Neal JW; Diehn M; Wakelee HA
    Lung Cancer; 2019 Aug; 134():42-45. PubMed ID: 31319993
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  • 3. Gene-expression signature regulated by the KEAP1-NRF2-CUL3 axis is associated with a poor prognosis in head and neck squamous cell cancer.
    Namani A; Matiur Rahaman M; Chen M; Tang X
    BMC Cancer; 2018 Jan; 18(1):46. PubMed ID: 29306329
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  • 4. Diagnostic and Prognostic Significance of Keap1 mRNA Expression for Lung Cancer Based on Microarray and Clinical Information from Oncomine Database.
    Liu GY; Zhang W; Chen XC; Wu WJ; Wan SQ
    Curr Med Sci; 2021 Jun; 41(3):597-609. PubMed ID: 34169426
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  • 5. Mutations in the KEAP1-NFE2L2 Pathway Define a Molecular Subset of Rapidly Progressing Lung Adenocarcinoma.
    Goeman F; De Nicola F; Scalera S; Sperati F; Gallo E; Ciuffreda L; Pallocca M; Pizzuti L; Krasniqi E; Barchiesi G; Vici P; Barba M; Buglioni S; Casini B; Visca P; Pescarmona E; Mazzotta M; De Maria R; Fanciulli M; Ciliberto G; Maugeri-Saccà M
    J Thorac Oncol; 2019 Nov; 14(11):1924-1934. PubMed ID: 31323387
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  • 6. Role of KEAP1/NFE2L2 Mutations in the Chemotherapeutic Response of Patients with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer.
    Jeong Y; Hellyer JA; Stehr H; Hoang NT; Niu X; Das M; Padda SK; Ramchandran K; Neal JW; Wakelee H; Diehn M
    Clin Cancer Res; 2020 Jan; 26(1):274-281. PubMed ID: 31548347
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  • 7. Diminished Efficacy of Programmed Death-(Ligand)1 Inhibition in STK11- and KEAP1-Mutant Lung Adenocarcinoma Is Affected by KRAS Mutation Status.
    Ricciuti B; Arbour KC; Lin JJ; Vajdi A; Vokes N; Hong L; Zhang J; Tolstorukov MY; Li YY; Spurr LF; Cherniack AD; Recondo G; Lamberti G; Wang X; Venkatraman D; Alessi JV; Vaz VR; Rizvi H; Egger J; Plodkowski AJ; Khosrowjerdi S; Digumarthy S; Park H; Vaz N; Nishino M; Sholl LM; Barbie D; Altan M; Heymach JV; Skoulidis F; Gainor JF; Hellmann MD; Awad MM
    J Thorac Oncol; 2022 Mar; 17(3):399-410. PubMed ID: 34740862
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  • 8. An integrative investigation on significant mutations and their down-stream pathways in lung squamous cell carcinoma reveals CUL3/KEAP1/NRF2 relevant subtypes.
    Liu Z; Deng M; Wu L; Zhang S
    Mol Med; 2020 May; 26(1):48. PubMed ID: 32434476
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  • 9. Comprehensive analysis of TPX2-related ceRNA network as prognostic biomarkers in lung adenocarcinoma.
    Huo C; Zhang MY; Li R; Zhou XJ; Liu TT; Li JP; Liu X; Qu YQ
    Int J Med Sci; 2020; 17(16):2427-2439. PubMed ID: 33029085
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  • 10. Molecular markers of metastatic disease in KRAS-mutant lung adenocarcinoma.
    Boiarsky D; Lydon CA; Chambers ES; Sholl LM; Nishino M; Skoulidis F; Heymach JV; Luo J; Awad MA; Janne PA; Van Allen EM; Barbie DA; Vokes NI
    Ann Oncol; 2023 Jul; 34(7):589-604. PubMed ID: 37121400
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  • 11. KEAP1-driven co-mutations in lung adenocarcinoma unresponsive to immunotherapy despite high tumor mutational burden.
    Marinelli D; Mazzotta M; Scalera S; Terrenato I; Sperati F; D'Ambrosio L; Pallocca M; Corleone G; Krasniqi E; Pizzuti L; Barba M; Carpano S; Vici P; Filetti M; Giusti R; Vecchione A; Occhipinti M; Gelibter A; Botticelli A; De Nicola F; Ciuffreda L; Goeman F; Gallo E; Visca P; Pescarmona E; Fanciulli M; De Maria R; Marchetti P; Ciliberto G; Maugeri-Saccà M
    Ann Oncol; 2020 Dec; 31(12):1746-1754. PubMed ID: 32866624
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  • 12. A comparative analysis indicates SLC7A11 expression regulate the prognostic value of KEAP1-NFE2L2-CUL3 mutations in human uterine corpus endometrial carcinoma.
    Namani A; Veeraiyan D; Patra T
    Free Radic Biol Med; 2024 Jun; 222():223-228. PubMed ID: 38876457
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  • 13. Predictions of the dysregulated competing endogenous RNA signature involved in the progression of human lung adenocarcinoma.
    Yang D; He Y; Wu B; Liu R; Wang N; Wang T; Luo Y; Li Y; Liu Y
    Cancer Biomark; 2020; 29(3):399-416. PubMed ID: 32741804
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  • 14. Lung adenocarcinoma patients with KEAP1 mutation harboring low immune cell infiltration and low activity of immune environment.
    Cheng W; Xu B; Zhang H; Fang S
    Thorac Cancer; 2021 Sep; 12(18):2458-2467. PubMed ID: 34328274
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  • 15. NGEF is a potential prognostic biomarker and could serve as an indicator for immunotherapy and chemotherapy in lung adenocarcinoma.
    Chen X; Zhang T; He YQ; Miao TW; Yin J; Ding Q; Yang M; Chen FY; Zeng HP; Liu J; Zhu Q
    BMC Pulm Med; 2024 May; 24(1):248. PubMed ID: 38764064
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  • 16. Integrated data analysis reveals significant associations of
    Elshaer M; ElManawy AI; Hammad A; Namani A; Wang XJ; Tang X
    Aging (Albany NY); 2020 Apr; 12(8):7183-7206. PubMed ID: 32327612
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  • 17. Comprehensive analysis of prognostic biomarkers in lung adenocarcinoma based on aberrant lncRNA-miRNA-mRNA networks and Cox regression models.
    Yao Y; Zhang T; Qi L; Liu R; Liu G; Wang J; Song Q; Sun C
    Biosci Rep; 2020 Jan; 40(1):. PubMed ID: 31950990
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  • 18. Clonal KEAP1 mutations with loss of heterozygosity share reduced immunotherapy efficacy and low immune cell infiltration in lung adenocarcinoma.
    Scalera S; Ricciuti B; Mazzotta M; Calonaci N; Alessi JV; Cipriani L; Bon G; Messina B; Lamberti G; Di Federico A; Pecci F; Milite S; Krasniqi E; Barba M; Vici P; Vecchione A; De Nicola F; Ciuffreda L; Goeman F; Fanciulli M; Buglioni S; Pescarmona E; Sharma B; Felt KD; Lindsay J; Rodig SJ; De Maria R; Caravagna G; Cappuzzo F; Ciliberto G; Awad MM; Maugeri-Saccà M
    Ann Oncol; 2023 Mar; 34(3):275-288. PubMed ID: 36526124
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  • 19. Prognostic value and immune infiltration of a novel stromal/immune score-related P2RY12 in lung adenocarcinoma microenvironment.
    Yu L; Cao S; Li J; Han B; Zhong H; Zhong R
    Int Immunopharmacol; 2021 Sep; 98():107734. PubMed ID: 34175738
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  • 20. Identification of a Novel Cancer Stemness-Associated ceRNA Axis in Lung Adenocarcinoma via Stemness Indices Analysis.
    Han P; Yang H; Li X; Wu J; Wang P; Liu D; Xiao G; Sun X; Ren H
    Oncol Res; 2021 Sep; 28(7):715-729. PubMed ID: 33106209
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