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  • 1. Molecular landscape of vulvovaginal squamous cell carcinoma: new insights into molecular mechanisms of HPV-associated and HPV-independent squamous cell carcinoma.
    Salama AM; Momeni-Boroujeni A; Vanderbilt C; Ladanyi M; Soslow R
    Mod Pathol; 2022 Feb; 35(2):274-282. PubMed ID: 34650187
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  • 2. Molecular events in the pathogenesis of vulvar squamous cell carcinoma.
    Xing D; Fadare O
    Semin Diagn Pathol; 2021 Jan; 38(1):50-61. PubMed ID: 33032902
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  • 3. Integrative and comparative genomic analysis of HPV-positive and HPV-negative head and neck squamous cell carcinomas.
    Seiwert TY; Zuo Z; Keck MK; Khattri A; Pedamallu CS; Stricker T; Brown C; Pugh TJ; Stojanov P; Cho J; Lawrence MS; Getz G; Brägelmann J; DeBoer R; Weichselbaum RR; Langerman A; Portugal L; Blair E; Stenson K; Lingen MW; Cohen EE; Vokes EE; White KP; Hammerman PS
    Clin Cancer Res; 2015 Feb; 21(3):632-41. PubMed ID: 25056374
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  • 4. The etiologic role of HPV in vulvar squamous cell carcinoma fine tuned.
    van de Nieuwenhof HP; van Kempen LC; de Hullu JA; Bekkers RL; Bulten J; Melchers WJ; Massuger LF
    Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev; 2009 Jul; 18(7):2061-7. PubMed ID: 19567503
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  • 5. NOTCH1 and PIK3CA mutation are related to HPV-associated vulvar squamous cell carcinoma.
    Choschzick M; Stergiou C; Gut A; Zoche M; Ross JS; Moch H
    Pathol Res Pract; 2023 Nov; 251():154877. PubMed ID: 37839360
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  • 6. p53 mutations and clonality in vulvar carcinomas and squamous hyperplasias: evidence suggesting that squamous hyperplasias do not serve as direct precursors of human papillomavirus-negative vulvar carcinomas.
    Kim YT; Thomas NF; Kessis TD; Wilkinson EJ; Hedrick L; Cho KR
    Hum Pathol; 1996 Apr; 27(4):389-95. PubMed ID: 8617483
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  • 7. Differentiated exophytic vulvar intraepithelial lesions are genetically distinct from keratinizing squamous cell carcinomas and contain mutations in PIK3CA.
    Watkins JC; Howitt BE; Horowitz NS; Ritterhouse LL; Dong F; MacConaill LE; Garcia E; Lindeman NI; Lee LJ; Berkowitz RS; Nucci MR; Crum CP
    Mod Pathol; 2017 Mar; 30(3):448-458. PubMed ID: 27834349
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  • 8. The Genomic Landscape of Vulvar Squamous Cell Carcinoma.
    Corey L; Wallbillich JJ; Wu S; Farrell A; Hodges K; Xiu J; Nabhan C; Guastella A; Kheil M; Gogoi R; Winer I; Bandyopadhyay S; Huang M; Jones N; Wilhite A; Karnezis A; Thaker P; Herzog TJ; Oberley M; Korn WM; Vezina A; Morris R; Ali-Fehmi R
    Int J Gynecol Pathol; 2023 Sep; 42(5):515-522. PubMed ID: 37131274
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  • 9. Role of TP53 mutations in vulvar carcinomas.
    Choschzick M; Hantaredja W; Tennstedt P; Gieseking F; Wölber L; Simon R
    Int J Gynecol Pathol; 2011 Sep; 30(5):497-504. PubMed ID: 21804386
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  • 10. HPV-positive clinically advanced squamous cell carcinoma of the urinary bladder (aBSCC): A comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP) study.
    Ghelani GH; Zerdan MB; Jacob J; Spiess PE; Li R; Necchi A; Grivas P; Kamat A; Danziger N; Lin D; Huang R; Decker B; Sokol ES; Cheng L; Pavlick D; Ross JS; Bratslavsky G; Basnet A
    Urol Oncol; 2023 Dec; 41(12):486.e15-486.e23. PubMed ID: 37821306
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  • 11. Genomic characterization of vulvar squamous cell carcinoma reveals differential gene expression based on clinical outcome.
    Gordinier ME; Schau GF; Pollock SB; Shields LBE; Talwalkar S
    Gynecol Oncol; 2024 Jan; 180():111-117. PubMed ID: 38086165
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  • 12. Papillomavirus, p53 alteration, and primary carcinoma of the vulva.
    Pilotti S; D'Amato L; Della Torre G; Donghi R; Longoni A; Giarola M; Sampietro G; De Palo G; Pierotti MA; Rilke F
    Diagn Mol Pathol; 1995 Dec; 4(4):239-48. PubMed ID: 8634779
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  • 13. Genomic alterations in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma determined by cancer gene-targeted sequencing.
    Chung CH; Guthrie VB; Masica DL; Tokheim C; Kang H; Richmon J; Agrawal N; Fakhry C; Quon H; Subramaniam RM; Zuo Z; Seiwert T; Chalmers ZR; Frampton GM; Ali SM; Yelensky R; Stephens PJ; Miller VA; Karchin R; Bishop JA
    Ann Oncol; 2015 Jun; 26(6):1216-1223. PubMed ID: 25712460
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  • 14. Analysis of Tp53 codon 72 polymorphisms, Tp53 mutations, and HPV infection in cutaneous squamous cell carcinomas.
    Loeb KR; Asgari MM; Hawes SE; Feng Q; Stern JE; Jiang M; Argenyi ZB; de Villiers EM; Kiviat NB
    PLoS One; 2012; 7(4):e34422. PubMed ID: 22545084
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  • 15. HPV-independent, p53-wild-type vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia: a review of nomenclature and the journey to characterize verruciform and acanthotic precursor lesions of the vulva.
    Parra-Herran C; Nucci MR; Singh N; Rakislova N; Howitt BE; Hoang L; Gilks CB; Bosse T; Watkins JC
    Mod Pathol; 2022 Oct; 35(10):1317-1326. PubMed ID: 35437330
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  • 16. Analysis of full coding sequence of the TP53 gene in invasive vulvar cancers: Implications for therapy.
    Kashofer K; Regauer S
    Gynecol Oncol; 2017 Aug; 146(2):314-318. PubMed ID: 28527674
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  • 17. The Histologic and Molecular Spectrum of Highly Differentiated HPV-independent Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia.
    Regauer S; Reich O
    Am J Surg Pathol; 2023 Aug; 47(8):942-949. PubMed ID: 37283469
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  • 18. Molecular characterization of invasive and in situ squamous neoplasia of the vulva and implications for morphologic diagnosis and outcome.
    Tessier-Cloutier B; Pors J; Thompson E; Ho J; Prentice L; McConechy M; Aguirre-Hernandez R; Miller R; Leung S; Proctor L; McAlpine JN; Huntsman DG; Gilks CB; Hoang LN
    Mod Pathol; 2021 Feb; 34(2):508-518. PubMed ID: 32792599
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  • 19. Genetic and epigenetic changes in vulvar squamous cell carcinoma and its precursor lesions: a review of the current literature.
    Trietsch MD; Nooij LS; Gaarenstroom KN; van Poelgeest MI
    Gynecol Oncol; 2015 Jan; 136(1):143-57. PubMed ID: 25448458
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  • 20. HPV-independent Vulvar Squamous Cell Carcinoma is Associated With Significantly Worse Prognosis Compared With HPV-associated Tumors.
    Allo G; Yap ML; Cuartero J; Milosevic M; Ferguson S; Mackay H; Kamel-Reid S; Weinreb I; Ghazarian D; Pintilie M; Clarke BA
    Int J Gynecol Pathol; 2020 Jul; 39(4):391-399. PubMed ID: 31274700
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