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  • 1. The Electronic Frailty Index is Associated with Increased Infection and All-Cause Mortality Among Older Patients with Primary Lung Cancer: A Cohort Study.
    Shen Y; Wang Y; Shi Q; Hou L; Chen X; Dong B; Hao Q
    Clin Interv Aging; 2021; 16():1825-1833. PubMed ID: 34675497
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  • 2. Prediction of chemotherapy adverse reactions and mortality in older patients with primary lung cancer through frailty index based on routine laboratory data.
    Wang Y; Zhang R; Shen Y; Su L; Dong B; Hao Q
    Clin Interv Aging; 2019; 14():1187-1197. PubMed ID: 31308642
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  • 3. Two Years with COVID-19: The Electronic Frailty Index Identifies High-Risk Patients in the Stockholm GeroCovid Study.
    Mak JKL; Eriksdotter M; Annetorp M; Kuja-Halkola R; Kananen L; Boström AM; Kivipelto M; Metzner C; Bäck Jerlardtz V; Engström M; Johnson P; Lundberg LG; Åkesson E; Sühl Öberg C; Olsson M; Cederholm T; Hägg S; Religa D; Jylhävä J
    Gerontology; 2023; 69(4):396-405. PubMed ID: 36450240
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  • 4. Automated Frailty Screening At-Scale for Pre-Operative Risk Stratification Using the Electronic Frailty Index.
    Callahan KE; Clark CJ; Edwards AF; Harwood TN; Williamson JD; Moses AW; Willard JJ; Cristiano JA; Meadows K; Hurie J; High KP; Meredith JW; Pajewski NM
    J Am Geriatr Soc; 2021 May; 69(5):1357-1362. PubMed ID: 33469933
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  • 5. Development and validation of an electronic frailty index using routine primary care electronic health record data.
    Clegg A; Bates C; Young J; Ryan R; Nichols L; Ann Teale E; Mohammed MA; Parry J; Marshall T
    Age Ageing; 2016 May; 45(3):353-60. PubMed ID: 26944937
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  • 6. Development of an Electronic Frailty Index for Hospitalized Older Adults in Sweden.
    Mak JKL; Hägg S; Eriksdotter M; Annetorp M; Kuja-Halkola R; Kananen L; Boström AM; Kivipelto M; Metzner C; Bäck Jerlardtz V; Engström M; Johnson P; Lundberg LG; Åkesson E; Sühl Öberg C; Olsson M; Cederholm T; Jylhävä J; Religa D
    J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci; 2022 Nov; 77(11):2311-2319. PubMed ID: 35303746
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  • 7. Automated Electronic Frailty Index-Identified Frailty Status and Associated Postsurgical Adverse Events.
    Khanna AK; Motamedi V; Bouldin B; Harwood T; Pajewski NM; Saha AK; Segal S
    JAMA Netw Open; 2023 Nov; 6(11):e2341915. PubMed ID: 37930697
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  • 8. Frailty Index Developed From a Cancer-Specific Geriatric Assessment and the Association With Mortality Among Older Adults With Cancer.
    Guerard EJ; Deal AM; Chang Y; Williams GR; Nyrop KA; Pergolotti M; Muss HB; Sanoff HK; Lund JL
    J Natl Compr Canc Netw; 2017 Jul; 15(7):894-902. PubMed ID: 28687577
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  • 9. Prediction of adverse health outcomes using an electronic frailty index among nonfrail and prefrail community elders.
    Lin KP; Li HY; Chen JH; Lu FP; Wen CJ; Chou YC; Wu MC; Derrick Chan DC; Chen YM
    BMC Geriatr; 2023 Aug; 23(1):474. PubMed ID: 37550602
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  • 10. Frailty Index and Sex-Specific 6-Year Mortality in Community-Dwelling Older People: The ActiFE Study.
    Dallmeier D; Braisch U; Rapp K; Klenk J; Rothenbacher D; Denkinger M;
    J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci; 2020 Jan; 75(2):366-373. PubMed ID: 30789659
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  • 11. The Feasibility of Deriving the Electronic Frailty Index from Australian General Practice Records.
    Lewis ET; Williamson M; Lewis LP; Ní Chróinín D; Dent E; Ticehurst M; Peters R; Macniven R; Cardona M
    Clin Interv Aging; 2022; 17():1589-1598. PubMed ID: 36353269
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  • 12. A Computerized Frailty Assessment Tool at Points-of-Care: Development of a Standalone Electronic Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment/Frailty Index (eFI-CGA).
    Sepehri K; Braley MS; Chinda B; Zou M; Tang B; Park G; Garm A; McDermid R; Rockwood K; Song X
    Front Public Health; 2020; 8():89. PubMed ID: 32296673
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  • 13. Assessment of an embedded primary care-derived electronic health record (EHR) frailty index (eFI) in older adults with acute myeloid leukemia.
    Cheng JJ; Tooze JA; Callahan KE; Pajewski NM; Pardee TS; Reed DR; Klepin HD
    J Geriatr Oncol; 2023 Sep; 14(7):101509. PubMed ID: 37454532
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  • 14. Use of a frailty index based upon routine laboratory data to predict complication and mortality in older community-acquired pneumonia patients.
    Huang S; Wang Y; Chen L; Chen X
    Arch Gerontol Geriatr; 2022; 101():104692. PubMed ID: 35349877
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  • 15. Prognostic significance of frailty in hospitalized elderly patients with community-acquired pneumonia: a retrospective cohort study.
    Zhao H; Tu J; She Q; Li M; Wang K; Zhao W; Huang P; Chen B; Wu J
    BMC Geriatr; 2023 May; 23(1):308. PubMed ID: 37198576
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  • 16. Prognostic significance of frailty status in patients with primary lung cancer.
    Wang K; She Q; Li M; Zhao H; Zhao W; Chen B; Wu J
    BMC Geriatr; 2023 Jan; 23(1):46. PubMed ID: 36698160
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  • 17. Prevalence and prognostic impact of frailty and its components in non-dependent elderly patients with heart failure.
    Vidán MT; Blaya-Novakova V; Sánchez E; Ortiz J; Serra-Rexach JA; Bueno H
    Eur J Heart Fail; 2016 Jul; 18(7):869-75. PubMed ID: 27072307
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  • 18. Comparison of a multidomain frailty index from routine health data with the hospital frailty risk score in older patients in an Australian hospital.
    Fujita K; Lo SY; Hubbard RE; Gnjidic D; Hilmer SN
    Australas J Ageing; 2023 Sep; 42(3):480-490. PubMed ID: 36511440
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  • 19. Automated Electronic Frailty Index is Associated with Non-home Discharge in Patients Undergoing Open Revascularization for Peripheral Vascular Disease.
    Stutsrim AE; Brastauskas IM; Craven TE; Callahan KE; Pajewski NM; Davis RP; Corriere MA; Edwards MS; Goldman MP
    Am Surg; 2023 Nov; 89(11):4501-4507. PubMed ID: 35971786
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  • 20. Associations between frailty and cancer-specific mortality among older women with breast cancer.
    Yan CH; Coleman C; Nabulsi NA; Chiu BC; Ko NY; Hoskins K; Calip GS
    Breast Cancer Res Treat; 2021 Oct; 189(3):769-779. PubMed ID: 34241741
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