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  • 1. Vemurafenib Drives Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition Gene Expression in BRAF Inhibitor‒Resistant BRAF
    Jandova J; Wondrak GT
    J Invest Dermatol; 2022 May; 142(5):1456-1465.e1. PubMed ID: 34687745
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  • 2. Mefloquine induces ER stress and apoptosis in BRAFi-resistant A375-BRAF
    Jandova J; Park SL; Corenblum MJ; Madhavan L; Snell JA; Rounds L; Wondrak GT
    Mol Carcinog; 2022 Jun; 61(6):603-614. PubMed ID: 35417045
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  • 3. BRAF Inhibitors in Melanoma Management: When Friends Become Foes.
    Chhabra G; Ahmad N
    J Invest Dermatol; 2022 May; 142(5):1256-1259. PubMed ID: 34872726
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  • 4. Identification of NRAS isoform 2 overexpression as a mechanism facilitating BRAF inhibitor resistance in malignant melanoma.
    Duggan MC; Stiff AR; Bainazar M; Regan K; Olaverria Salavaggione GN; Maharry S; Blachly JS; Krischak M; Walker CJ; Latchana N; Tridandapani S; de la Chapelle A; Eisfeld AK; Carson WE
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A; 2017 Sep; 114(36):9629-9634. PubMed ID: 28827320
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  • 5. Mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) hyperactivation and enhanced NRAS expression drive acquired vemurafenib resistance in V600E BRAF melanoma cells.
    Lidsky M; Antoun G; Speicher P; Adams B; Turley R; Augustine C; Tyler D; Ali-Osman F
    J Biol Chem; 2014 Oct; 289(40):27714-26. PubMed ID: 25063807
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  • 6. BRAF and MEK inhibitor combinations induce potent molecular and immunological effects in NRAS-mutant melanoma cells: Insights into mode of action and resistance mechanisms.
    Dinter L; Karitzky PC; Schulz A; Wurm AA; Mehnert MC; Sergon M; Tunger A; Lesche M; Wehner R; Müller A; Käubler T; Niessner H; Dahl A; Beissert S; Schmitz M; Meier F; Seliger B; Westphal D
    Int J Cancer; 2024 Mar; 154(6):1057-1072. PubMed ID: 38078628
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  • 7. Silencing FLI or targeting CD13/ANPEP lead to dephosphorylation of EPHA2, a mediator of BRAF inhibitor resistance, and induce growth arrest or apoptosis in melanoma cells.
    Azimi A; Tuominen R; Costa Svedman F; Caramuta S; Pernemalm M; Frostvik Stolt M; Kanter L; Kharaziha P; Lehtiö J; Hertzman Johansson C; Höiom V; Hansson J; Egyhazi Brage S
    Cell Death Dis; 2017 Aug; 8(8):e3029. PubMed ID: 29048432
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  • 8. M-CSF as a therapeutic target in BRAF
    Barceló C; Sisó P; de la Rosa I; Megino-Luque C; Navaridas R; Maiques O; Urdanibia I; Eritja N; Soria X; Potrony M; Calbet-Llopart N; Puig S; Matías-Guiu X; Martí RM; Macià A
    Br J Cancer; 2022 Oct; 127(6):1142-1152. PubMed ID: 35725813
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  • 9. Sestrin2 contributes to BRAF inhibitor resistance via reducing redox vulnerability of melanoma cells.
    Guo S; Yue Q; Wang S; Wang H; Ye Z; Zhang W; Shi Q; Gao T; Li C; Zhu G
    J Dermatol Sci; 2023 Feb; 109(2):52-60. PubMed ID: 36858850
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  • 10. Combinations of BRAF, MEK, and PI3K/mTOR inhibitors overcome acquired resistance to the BRAF inhibitor GSK2118436 dabrafenib, mediated by NRAS or MEK mutations.
    Greger JG; Eastman SD; Zhang V; Bleam MR; Hughes AM; Smitheman KN; Dickerson SH; Laquerre SG; Liu L; Gilmer TM
    Mol Cancer Ther; 2012 Apr; 11(4):909-20. PubMed ID: 22389471
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  • 11. Growth suppression by dual BRAF(V600E) and NRAS(Q61) oncogene expression is mediated by SPRY4 in melanoma.
    Kumar R; Njauw CN; Reddy BY; Ji Z; Rajadurai A; Klebanov N; Tsao H
    Oncogene; 2019 May; 38(18):3504-3520. PubMed ID: 30651601
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  • 12. BRAF Inhibitors Amplify the Proapoptotic Activity of MEK Inhibitors by Inducing ER Stress in NRAS-Mutant Melanoma.
    Niessner H; Sinnberg T; Kosnopfel C; Smalley KSM; Beck D; Praetorius C; Mai M; Beissert S; Kulms D; Schaller M; Garbe C; Flaherty KT; Westphal D; Wanke I; Meier F
    Clin Cancer Res; 2017 Oct; 23(20):6203-6214. PubMed ID: 28724666
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  • 13. Inhibition of mutant BRAF splice variant signaling by next-generation, selective RAF inhibitors.
    Basile KJ; Le K; Hartsough EJ; Aplin AE
    Pigment Cell Melanoma Res; 2014 May; 27(3):479-84. PubMed ID: 24422853
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  • 14. Sustained activation of the Aryl hydrocarbon Receptor transcription factor promotes resistance to BRAF-inhibitors in melanoma.
    Corre S; Tardif N; Mouchet N; Leclair HM; Boussemart L; Gautron A; Bachelot L; Perrot A; Soshilov A; Rogiers A; Rambow F; Dumontet E; Tarte K; Bessede A; Guillemin GJ; Marine JC; Denison MS; Gilot D; Galibert MD
    Nat Commun; 2018 Nov; 9(1):4775. PubMed ID: 30429474
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  • 15. USP18 enhances the resistance of BRAF-mutated melanoma cells to vemurafenib by stabilizing cGAS expression to induce cell autophagy.
    Ma ZR; Xiong QW; Cai SZ; Ding LT; Yin CH; Xia HL; Liu W; Dai S; Zhang Y; Zhu ZH; Huang ZJ; Wang Q; Yan XM
    Int Immunopharmacol; 2023 Sep; 122():110617. PubMed ID: 37478666
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  • 16. Unusually long-term responses to vemurafenib in BRAF V600E mutated colon and thyroid cancers followed by the development of rare RAS activating mutations.
    Ofir Dovrat T; Sokol E; Frampton G; Shachar E; Pelles S; Geva R; Wolf I
    Cancer Biol Ther; 2018; 19(10):871-874. PubMed ID: 30036146
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  • 17. Acquired BRAF inhibitor resistance: A multicenter meta-analysis of the spectrum and frequencies, clinical behaviour, and phenotypic associations of resistance mechanisms.
    Johnson DB; Menzies AM; Zimmer L; Eroglu Z; Ye F; Zhao S; Rizos H; Sucker A; Scolyer RA; Gutzmer R; Gogas H; Kefford RF; Thompson JF; Becker JC; Berking C; Egberts F; Loquai C; Goldinger SM; Pupo GM; Hugo W; Kong X; Garraway LA; Sosman JA; Ribas A; Lo RS; Long GV; Schadendorf D
    Eur J Cancer; 2015 Dec; 51(18):2792-9. PubMed ID: 26608120
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  • 18. SHOC2 and CRAF mediate ERK1/2 reactivation in mutant NRAS-mediated resistance to RAF inhibitor.
    Kaplan FM; Kugel CH; Dadpey N; Shao Y; Abel EV; Aplin AE
    J Biol Chem; 2012 Dec; 287(50):41797-807. PubMed ID: 23076151
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  • 19. Targeting Extracellular Matrix Remodeling Restores BRAF Inhibitor Sensitivity in BRAFi-resistant Melanoma.
    Marusak C; Thakur V; Li Y; Freitas JT; Zmina PM; Thakur VS; Chang M; Gao M; Tan J; Xiao M; Lu Y; Mills GB; Flaherty K; Frederick DT; Miao B; Sullivan RJ; Moll T; Boland GM; Herlyn M; Zhang G; Bedogni B
    Clin Cancer Res; 2020 Nov; 26(22):6039-6050. PubMed ID: 32820016
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  • 20. Inhibiting BRAF Oncogene-Mediated Radioresistance Effectively Radiosensitizes BRAF
    Robb R; Yang L; Shen C; Wolfe AR; Webb A; Zhang X; Vedaie M; Saji M; Jhiang S; Ringel MD; Williams TM
    Clin Cancer Res; 2019 Aug; 25(15):4749-4760. PubMed ID: 31097454
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