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  • 1. Combination of Antiretroviral Drugs Zidovudine and Efavirenz Impairs Tumor Growths in a Mouse Model of Cancer.
    Schneider MA; Buzdin AA; Weber A; Clavien PA; Borger P
    Viruses; 2021 Nov; 13(12):. PubMed ID: 34960665
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  • 2. Comparison of sequential three-drug regimens as initial therapy for HIV-1 infection.
    Robbins GK; De Gruttola V; Shafer RW; Smeaton LM; Snyder SW; Pettinelli C; Dubé MP; Fischl MA; Pollard RB; Delapenha R; Gedeon L; van der Horst C; Murphy RL; Becker MI; D'Aquila RT; Vella S; Merigan TC; Hirsch MS;
    N Engl J Med; 2003 Dec; 349(24):2293-303. PubMed ID: 14668455
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  • 3. Nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor resistance mutations associated with first-line stavudine-containing antiretroviral therapy: programmatic implications for countries phasing out stavudine.
    Tang MW; Rhee SY; Bertagnolio S; Ford N; Holmes S; Sigaloff KC; Hamers RL; de Wit TF; Fleury HJ; Kanki PJ; Ruxrungtham K; Hawkins CA; Wallis CL; Stevens W; van Zyl GU; Manosuthi W; Hosseinipour MC; Ngo-Giang-Huong N; Belec L; Peeters M; Aghokeng A; Bunupuradah T; Burda S; Cane P; Cappelli G; Charpentier C; Dagnra AY; Deshpande AK; El-Katib Z; Eshleman SH; Fokam J; Gody JC; Katzenstein D; Koyalta DD; Kumwenda JJ; Lallemant M; Lynen L; Marconi VC; Margot NA; Moussa S; Ndung'u T; Nyambi PN; Orrell C; Schapiro JM; Schuurman R; Sirivichayakul S; Smith D; Zolfo M; Jordan MR; Shafer RW
    J Infect Dis; 2013 Jun; 207 Suppl 2(Suppl 2):S70-7. PubMed ID: 23687292
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  • 4. Resistance patterns selected by nevirapine vs. efavirenz in HIV-infected patients failing first-line antiretroviral treatment: a bayesian analysis.
    Ngo-Giang-Huong N; Jourdain G; Amzal B; Sang-a-gad P; Lertkoonalak R; Eiamsirikit N; Tansuphasawasdikul S; Buranawanitchakorn Y; Yutthakasemsunt N; Mekviwattanawong S; McIntosh K; Lallemant M;
    PLoS One; 2011; 6(11):e27427. PubMed ID: 22132100
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  • 5. Abacavir, zidovudine, or stavudine as paediatric tablets for African HIV-infected children (CHAPAS-3): an open-label, parallel-group, randomised controlled trial.
    Mulenga V; Musiime V; Kekitiinwa A; Cook AD; Abongomera G; Kenny J; Chabala C; Mirembe G; Asiimwe A; Owen-Powell E; Burger D; McIlleron H; Klein N; Chintu C; Thomason MJ; Kityo C; Walker AS; Gibb DM;
    Lancet Infect Dis; 2016 Feb; 16(2):169-79. PubMed ID: 26481928
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  • 6. Increased risk of dizziness in human immunodeficiency virus-infected patients taking zidovudine and efavirenz combination: a Brazilian cohort study.
    Valeriano JJLS; Carvalho-Silva WHV; Coelho AVC; Moura RR; Arraes LC; Brandão LAC; Crovella S; Guimarães RL
    J Pharm Pharmacol; 2020 May; 72(5):719-727. PubMed ID: 32043598
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  • 7. Altered Gut Microbiome under Antiretroviral Therapy: Impact of Efavirenz and Zidovudine.
    Ray S; Narayanan A; Giske CG; Neogi U; Sönnerborg A; Nowak P
    ACS Infect Dis; 2021 May; 7(5):1104-1115. PubMed ID: 33346662
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  • 8. Efavirenz accelerates HIV-1 reverse transcriptase ribonuclease H cleavage, leading to diminished zidovudine excision.
    Radzio J; Sluis-Cremer N
    Mol Pharmacol; 2008 Feb; 73(2):601-6. PubMed ID: 18024510
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  • 9. Raltegravir versus efavirenz in antiretroviral-naive pregnant women living with HIV (NICHD P1081): an open-label, randomised, controlled, phase 4 trial.
    João EC; Morrison RL; Shapiro DE; Chakhtoura N; Gouvèa MIS; de Lourdes B Teixeira M; Fuller TL; Mmbaga BT; Ngocho JS; Njau BN; Violari A; Mathiba R; Essack Z; Pilotto JHS; Moreira LF; Rolon MJ; Cahn P; Prommas S; Cressey TR; Chokephaibulkit K; Werarak P; Laimon L; Hennessy R; Frenkel LM; Anthony P; Best BM; Siberry GK; Mirochnick M
    Lancet HIV; 2020 May; 7(5):e322-e331. PubMed ID: 32386720
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  • 10. Antiretroviral drug exposure in the female genital tract: implications for oral pre- and post-exposure prophylaxis.
    Dumond JB; Yeh RF; Patterson KB; Corbett AH; Jung BH; Rezk NL; Bridges AS; Stewart PW; Cohen MS; Kashuba AD
    AIDS; 2007 Sep; 21(14):1899-907. PubMed ID: 17721097
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  • 11. Efavirenz or nevirapine in three-drug combination therapy with two nucleoside or nucleotide-reverse transcriptase inhibitors for initial treatment of HIV infection in antiretroviral-naïve individuals.
    Mbuagbaw L; Mursleen S; Irlam JH; Spaulding AB; Rutherford GW; Siegfried N
    Cochrane Database Syst Rev; 2016 Dec; 12(12):CD004246. PubMed ID: 27943261
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  • 12. Efavirenz plus zidovudine and lamivudine, efavirenz plus indinavir, and indinavir plus zidovudine and lamivudine in the treatment of HIV-1 infection in adults. Study 006 Team.
    Staszewski S; Morales-Ramirez J; Tashima KT; Rachlis A; Skiest D; Stanford J; Stryker R; Johnson P; Labriola DF; Farina D; Manion DJ; Ruiz NM
    N Engl J Med; 1999 Dec; 341(25):1865-73. PubMed ID: 10601505
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  • 13. Different Degrees of Immune Recovery Using Antiretroviral Regimens with Vonavir or Zidovudine/Lamivudine/Efavirenz in HIVPositive Patients Receiving First Line Treatment in Iran.
    Sadeghi L; Moallemi S; Tabatabai RA; Esmaeilzadeh A; Ahsani-Nasab S; Ahmadi NE; Bayanolhagh S; Lolaie M; Narouei A; SeyedAlinaghi S; Mohraz M
    Infect Disord Drug Targets; 2018; 18(3):207-213. PubMed ID: 29308748
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  • 14. Triple Drug Combination of Zidovudine, Efavirenz and Lamivudine Loaded Lactoferrin Nanoparticles: an Effective Nano First-Line Regimen for HIV Therapy.
    Kumar P; Lakshmi YS; Kondapi AK
    Pharm Res; 2017 Feb; 34(2):257-268. PubMed ID: 27928647
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  • 15. Efavirenz promotes β-secretase expression and increased Aβ1-40,42 via oxidative stress and reduced microglial phagocytosis: implications for HIV associated neurocognitive disorders (HAND).
    Brown LA; Jin J; Ferrell D; Sadic E; Obregon D; Smith AJ; Tan J; Giunta B
    PLoS One; 2014; 9(4):e95500. PubMed ID: 24759994
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  • 16. Non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor efavirenz activates PXR to induce hypercholesterolemia and hepatic steatosis.
    Gwag T; Meng Z; Sui Y; Helsley RN; Park SH; Wang S; Greenberg RN; Zhou C
    J Hepatol; 2019 May; 70(5):930-940. PubMed ID: 30677459
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  • 17. Tenofovir DF, emtricitabine, and efavirenz vs. zidovudine, lamivudine, and efavirenz for HIV.
    Gallant JE; DeJesus E; Arribas JR; Pozniak AL; Gazzard B; Campo RE; Lu B; McColl D; Chuck S; Enejosa J; Toole JJ; Cheng AK;
    N Engl J Med; 2006 Jan; 354(3):251-60. PubMed ID: 16421366
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  • 18. Prediction of drug-drug interactions between various antidepressants and efavirenz or boosted protease inhibitors using a physiologically based pharmacokinetic modelling approach.
    Siccardi M; Marzolini C; Seden K; Almond L; Kirov A; Khoo S; Owen A; Back D
    Clin Pharmacokinet; 2013 Jul; 52(7):583-92. PubMed ID: 23479398
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  • 19. Selective interaction of the human immunodeficiency virus type 1 reverse transcriptase nonnucleoside inhibitor efavirenz and its thio-substituted analog with different enzyme-substrate complexes.
    Maga G; Ubiali D; Salvetti R; Pregnolato M; Spadari S
    Antimicrob Agents Chemother; 2000 May; 44(5):1186-94. PubMed ID: 10770750
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  • 20. Antiretroviral drugs for prevention of mother-to-child transmission: pharmacologic considerations for a public health approach.
    Lamorde M; Schapiro JM; Burger D; Back DJ
    AIDS; 2014 Nov; 28(17):2551-63. PubMed ID: 25574958
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