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  • 21. Endothelial function in human immunodeficiency virus-infected antiretroviral-naive subjects before and after starting potent antiretroviral therapy: The ACTG (AIDS Clinical Trials Group) Study 5152s.
    Torriani FJ; Komarow L; Parker RA; Cotter BR; Currier JS; Dubé MP; Fichtenbaum CJ; Gerschenson M; Mitchell CK; Murphy RL; Squires K; Stein JH;
    J Am Coll Cardiol; 2008 Aug; 52(7):569-76. PubMed ID: 18687253
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  • 22. Sensitive assessment of the virologic outcomes of stopping and restarting non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor-based antiretroviral therapy.
    Geretti AM; Fox Z; Johnson JA; Booth C; Lipscomb J; Stuyver LJ; Tachedjian G; Baxter J; Touloumi G; Lehmann C; Owen A; Phillips A;
    PLoS One; 2013; 8(7):e69266. PubMed ID: 23874928
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  • 23. Reciprocal Effects of Antiretroviral Drugs Used To Treat HIV Infection on the Fibroblast Growth Factor 21/β-Klotho System.
    Moure R; Domingo P; Villarroya J; Gasa L; Gallego-Escuredo JM; Quesada-López T; Morón-Ros S; Maroto AF; Mateo GM; Domingo JC; Villarroya F; Giralt M
    Antimicrob Agents Chemother; 2018 Jun; 62(6):. PubMed ID: 29661866
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  • 24. Glucuronidation of the antiretroviral drug efavirenz by UGT2B7 and an in vitro investigation of drug-drug interaction with zidovudine.
    Bélanger AS; Caron P; Harvey M; Zimmerman PA; Mehlotra RK; Guillemette C
    Drug Metab Dispos; 2009 Sep; 37(9):1793-6. PubMed ID: 19487252
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  • 25. Efavirenz severe hypersensitivity reaction: case report and rapid desensitization protocol development.
    Khalili H; Farasatinasab M; Hajiabdolbaghi M
    Ann Pharmacother; 2012 May; 46(5):e12. PubMed ID: 22535841
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  • 26. Comparison of once-daily atazanavir with efavirenz, each in combination with fixed-dose zidovudine and lamivudine, as initial therapy for patients infected with HIV.
    Squires K; Lazzarin A; Gatell JM; Powderly WG; Pokrovskiy V; Delfraissy JF; Jemsek J; Rivero A; Rozenbaum W; Schrader S; Sension M; Vibhagool A; Thiry A; Giordano M
    J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr; 2004 Aug; 36(5):1011-9. PubMed ID: 15247553
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  • 27. Abacavir versus zidovudine combined with lamivudine and efavirenz, for the treatment of antiretroviral-naive HIV-infected adults.
    DeJesus E; Herrera G; Teofilo E; Gerstoft J; Buendia CB; Brand JD; Brothers CH; Hernandez J; Castillo SA; Bonny T; Lanier ER; Scott TR;
    Clin Infect Dis; 2004 Oct; 39(7):1038-46. PubMed ID: 15472858
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  • 28. Maraviroc versus efavirenz, both in combination with zidovudine-lamivudine, for the treatment of antiretroviral-naive subjects with CCR5-tropic HIV-1 infection.
    Cooper DA; Heera J; Goodrich J; Tawadrous M; Saag M; Dejesus E; Clumeck N; Walmsley S; Ting N; Coakley E; Reeves JD; Reyes-Teran G; Westby M; Van Der Ryst E; Ive P; Mohapi L; Mingrone H; Horban A; Hackman F; Sullivan J; Mayer H
    J Infect Dis; 2010 Mar; 201(6):803-13. PubMed ID: 20151839
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  • 29. Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 mutations selected in patients failing efavirenz combination therapy.
    Bacheler LT; Anton ED; Kudish P; Baker D; Bunville J; Krakowski K; Bolling L; Aujay M; Wang XV; Ellis D; Becker MF; Lasut AL; George HJ; Spalding DR; Hollis G; Abremski K
    Antimicrob Agents Chemother; 2000 Sep; 44(9):2475-84. PubMed ID: 10952598
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  • 30. Compact quadruple therapy with the lamivudine/zidovudine combination tablet plus abacavir and efavirenz, followed by the lamivudine/zidovudine/abacavir triple nucleoside tablet plus efavirenz in treatment-naïve HIV-infected adults.
    Ruane PJ; Parenti DM; Margolis DM; Shepp DH; Babinchak TJ; Van Kempen AS; Kauf TL; Danehower SA; Yau L; Hessenthaler SM; Goodwin D; Hernandez JE;
    HIV Clin Trials; 2003; 4(4):231-43. PubMed ID: 12916008
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  • 31. Risk Factors for Incident Diabetes in a Cohort Taking First-Line Nonnucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitor-Based Antiretroviral Therapy.
    Karamchand S; Leisegang R; Schomaker M; Maartens G; Walters L; Hislop M; Dave JA; Levitt NS; Cohen K
    Medicine (Baltimore); 2016 Mar; 95(9):e2844. PubMed ID: 26945366
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  • 32. Long-Acting Efavirenz and HIV-1 Fusion Inhibitor Peptide Co-loaded Polymer-Lipid Hybrid Nanoparticles: Statistical Optimization, Cellular Uptake, and
    Surve DH; Jirwankar YB; Dighe VD; Jindal AB
    Mol Pharm; 2020 Oct; 17(10):3990-4003. PubMed ID: 32808785
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  • 33. Long-term body fat outcomes in antiretroviral-naive participants randomized to nelfinavir or efavirenz or both plus dual nucleosides. Dual X-ray absorptiometry results from A5005s, a substudy of Adult Clinical Trials Group 384.
    Dubé MP; Komarow L; Mulligan K; Grinspoon SK; Parker RA; Robbins GK; Roubenoff R; Tebas P;
    J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr; 2007 Aug; 45(5):508-14. PubMed ID: 17589373
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  • 34. Plasma HIV-1 RNA dynamics in antiretroviral-naive subjects receiving either triple-nucleoside or efavirenz-containing regimens: ACTG A5166s.
    Kuritzkes DR; Ribaudo HJ; Squires KE; Koletar SL; Santana J; Riddler SA; Reichman R; Shikuma C; Meyer WA; Klingman KL; Gulick RM;
    J Infect Dis; 2007 Apr; 195(8):1169-76. PubMed ID: 17357053
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  • 35. Clinical factors associated with plasma F2-isoprostane levels in HIV-infected adults.
    Redhage LA; Shintani A; Haas DW; Emeagwali N; Markovic M; Oboho I; Mwenya C; Erdem H; Acosta EP; Morrow JD; Hulgan T
    HIV Clin Trials; 2009; 10(3):181-92. PubMed ID: 19632957
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  • 36. Body fat and other metabolic effects of atazanavir and efavirenz, each administered in combination with zidovudine plus lamivudine, in antiretroviral-naive HIV-infected patients.
    Jemsek JG; Arathoon E; Arlotti M; Perez C; Sosa N; Pokrovskiy V; Thiry A; Soccodato M; Noor MA; Giordano M
    Clin Infect Dis; 2006 Jan; 42(2):273-80. PubMed ID: 16355341
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  • 37. Efficacy and tolerability of long-term efavirenz plus nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors for HIV-1 infection.
    Tashima K; Staszewski S; Nelson M; Rachlis A; Skiest D; Stryker R; Bessen L; Overfield S; Ruiz N; Wirtz V
    AIDS; 2008 Jan; 22(2):275-9. PubMed ID: 18097230
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  • 38. Metabolic outcomes in a randomized trial of nucleoside, nonnucleoside and protease inhibitor-sparing regimens for initial HIV treatment.
    Haubrich RH; Riddler SA; DiRienzo AG; Komarow L; Powderly WG; Klingman K; Garren KW; Butcher DL; Rooney JF; Haas DW; Mellors JW; Havlir DV;
    AIDS; 2009 Jun; 23(9):1109-18. PubMed ID: 19417580
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  • 39. In vitro and ex vivo inhibition of human telomerase by anti-HIV nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NRTIs) but not by non-NRTIs.
    Hukezalie KR; Thumati NR; Côté HC; Wong JM
    PLoS One; 2012; 7(11):e47505. PubMed ID: 23166583
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  • 40. HIV nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors efavirenz and tenofovir change the growth and differentiation of primary gingival epithelium.
    Mitchell D; Israr M; Alam S; Dinello D; Kishel J; Jia R; Meyers C
    HIV Med; 2014 Apr; 15(4):196-202. PubMed ID: 24580719
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