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  • 1. Is laparoscopic major hepatectomy feasible and safe in Swiss cantonal hospitals?
    Heid F; Toti J; C Balzarotti Canger R; Cristaudi A; Breitenstein S; Majno-Hurst P; Schadde E
    Swiss Med Wkly; 2021 Dec; 151():w30044. PubMed ID: 34964580
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  • 2. The role of the laparoscopic approach in two-stage hepatectomy for colorectal liver metastases: a single-center experience.
    Taillieu E; De Meyere C; D'Hondt M
    Surg Endosc; 2022 Jan; 36(1):559-568. PubMed ID: 33537846
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  • 3. Laparoscopic resection of hepatic alveolar echinococcosis: A single-center experience.
    Gloor S; Candinas D; Beldi G; Lachenmayer A
    PLoS Negl Trop Dis; 2022 Sep; 16(9):e0010708. PubMed ID: 36067177
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  • 4. Is laparoscopic repeat hepatectomy feasible? A tri-institutional analysis.
    Shafaee Z; Kazaryan AM; Marvin MR; Cannon R; Buell JF; Edwin B; Gayet B
    J Am Coll Surg; 2011 Feb; 212(2):171-9. PubMed ID: 21276531
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  • 5. Laparoscopic hepatectomy is safe and effective for the management of patients with colorectal cancer liver metastases in a population-based analysis in Ontario, Canada. A retrospective cohort study.
    Griffiths CD; Xu K; Wang J; McKechnie T; Gafni A; Parpia S; Ruo L; Serrano PE
    Int J Surg; 2020 Nov; 83():47-52. PubMed ID: 32927139
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  • 6. Laparoscopic versus open two-stage hepatectomy for bilobar colorectal liver metastases: A bi-institutional, propensity score-matched study.
    Okumura S; Goumard C; Gayet B; Fuks D; Scatton O
    Surgery; 2019 Dec; 166(6):959-966. PubMed ID: 31395397
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  • 7. Outcome and Learning Curve in 159 Consecutive Patients Undergoing Total Laparoscopic Hemihepatectomy.
    van der Poel MJ; Besselink MG; Cipriani F; Armstrong T; Takhar AS; van Dieren S; Primrose JN; Pearce NW; Abu Hilal M
    JAMA Surg; 2016 Oct; 151(10):923-928. PubMed ID: 27383568
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  • 8. Stapleless laparoscopic left lateral sectionectomy for hepatocellular carcinoma: reappraisal of the Louisville statement by a young liver surgeon.
    Lee CW; Tsai HI; Cheng HT; Chen WT; Hsu HY; Chiu CC; Liu YP; Wu TH; Yu MC; Lee WC; Chen MF
    BMC Gastroenterol; 2018 Nov; 18(1):178. PubMed ID: 30486797
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  • 9. Short-term outcomes of laparoscopic vs. open liver resection for hepatocellular adenoma: a multicenter propensity score adjustment analysis by the AFC-HCA-2013 study group.
    Landi F; De' Angelis N; Scatton O; Vidal X; Ayav A; Muscari F; Dokmak S; Torzilli G; Demartines N; Soubrane O; Cherqui D; Hardwigsen J; Laurent A
    Surg Endosc; 2017 Oct; 31(10):4136-4144. PubMed ID: 28281121
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  • 10. Robotic or laparoscopic repeat hepatectomy after open hepatectomy: a cohort study.
    Birgin E; Abdelhadi S; Seyfried S; Rasbach E; Rahbari M; Téoule P; Reißfelder C; Rahbari NN
    Surg Endosc; 2024 Mar; 38(3):1296-1305. PubMed ID: 38102396
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  • 11. Minimally Invasive vs Open Major Hepatectomies for Liver Malignancies: a Propensity Score-Matched Analysis.
    Chin KM; Linn YL; Cheong CK; Koh YX; Teo JY; Chung AYF; Chan CY; Goh BKP
    J Gastrointest Surg; 2022 May; 26(5):1041-1053. PubMed ID: 35059983
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  • 12. Laparoscopic versus open hepatectomy for malignant liver tumours in the elderly: systematic review and meta-analysis.
    Mohamedahmed AYY; Zaman S; Albendary M; Wright J; Abdalla H; Patel K; Mankotia R; Sillah AK
    Updates Surg; 2021 Oct; 73(5):1623-1641. PubMed ID: 34228272
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  • 13. Laparoscopic Compared to Open Repeat Hepatectomy for Colorectal Liver Metastases: a Multi-institutional Propensity-Matched Analysis of Short- and Long-Term Outcomes.
    Hallet J; Sa Cunha A; Cherqui D; Gayet B; Goéré D; Bachellier P; Laurent A; Fuks D; Navarro F; Pessaux P;
    World J Surg; 2017 Dec; 41(12):3189-3198. PubMed ID: 28717911
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  • 14. Laparoscopic Approach for Primary Colorectal Cancer Improves Outcome of Patients Undergoing Combined Open Hepatic Resection for Liver Metastases.
    Ratti F; Catena M; Di Palo S; Staudacher C; Aldrighetti L
    World J Surg; 2015 Oct; 39(10):2573-82. PubMed ID: 26126422
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  • 15. [Comparison of open and laparoscopic minor liver resections for malignant tumours - based on the experience of the first 50 cases].
    Sztipits T; Mészáros P; Dubóczki Z; Oláh G; Mózer A; Strausz T; Mersich T
    Orv Hetil; 2019 Jan; 160(3):104-111. PubMed ID: 30640525
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  • 16. Laparoscopic left liver resections: how far can we go?
    Pattaro G; Fuks D; Tranchart H; Ettorre GM; Suhool A; Bourdeaux C; Lainas P; Dagher I; Gayet B
    Surg Endosc; 2017 Dec; 31(12):5303-5311. PubMed ID: 28593416
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  • 17. Open liver resection for colorectal metastases: better short- and long-term outcomes in patients potentially suitable for laparoscopic liver resection.
    Welsh FK; Tekkis PP; John TG; Rees M
    HPB (Oxford); 2010 Apr; 12(3):188-94. PubMed ID: 20590886
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  • 18. Laparoscopic-assisted combined colon and liver resection for primary colorectal cancer with synchronous liver metastases: initial experience.
    Kim SH; Lim SB; Ha YH; Han SS; Park SJ; Choi HS; Jeong SY
    World J Surg; 2008 Dec; 32(12):2701-6. PubMed ID: 18843442
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  • 19. Major hepatectomy in elderly patients: possible benefit from robotic platform utilization.
    Yoshino O; Wang Y; McCarron F; Motz B; Wang H; Baker E; Iannitti D; Martinie JB; Vrochides D
    Surg Endosc; 2023 Aug; 37(8):6228-6234. PubMed ID: 37173594
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  • 20. Comparison of short-term outcomes in laparoscopic vs open hepatectomy.
    Franken C; Lau B; Putchakayala K; DiFronzo LA
    JAMA Surg; 2014 Sep; 149(9):941-6. PubMed ID: 25075581
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