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  • 1. Extracellular matrix-degrading STING nanoagonists for mild NIR-II photothermal-augmented chemodynamic-immunotherapy.
    Zhan M; Yu X; Zhao W; Peng Y; Peng S; Li J; Lu L
    J Nanobiotechnology; 2022 Jan; 20(1):23. PubMed ID: 34991618
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  • 2. Bioactivable STING Nanoagonists to Synergize NIR-II Mild Photothermal Therapy Primed Robust and Long-Term Anticancer Immunity.
    Ma W; Sun R; Tang L; Li Z; Lin L; Mai Z; Chen G; Yu Z
    Adv Mater; 2023 Nov; 35(48):e2303149. PubMed ID: 37691545
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  • 3. Decomposable Nanoagonists Enable NIR-Elicited cGAS-STING Activation for Tandem-Amplified Photodynamic-Metalloimmunotherapy.
    Guo X; Tu P; Wang X; Du C; Jiang W; Qiu X; Wang J; Chen L; Chen Y; Ren J
    Adv Mater; 2024 May; 36(21):e2313029. PubMed ID: 38353366
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  • 4. Second near-infrared photothermal-amplified immunotherapy using photoactivatable composite nanostimulators.
    Sun H; Yu T; Li X; Lei Y; Li J; Wang X; Peng P; Ni D; Wang X; Luo Y
    J Nanobiotechnology; 2021 Dec; 19(1):433. PubMed ID: 34930269
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  • 5. Endosomolytic polymersomes increase the activity of cyclic dinucleotide STING agonists to enhance cancer immunotherapy.
    Shae D; Becker KW; Christov P; Yun DS; Lytton-Jean AKR; Sevimli S; Ascano M; Kelley M; Johnson DB; Balko JM; Wilson JT
    Nat Nanotechnol; 2019 Mar; 14(3):269-278. PubMed ID: 30664751
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  • 6. Second Near-Infrared Photothermal Semiconducting Polymer Nanoadjuvant for Enhanced Cancer Immunotherapy.
    Li J; Yu X; Jiang Y; He S; Zhang Y; Luo Y; Pu K
    Adv Mater; 2021 Jan; 33(4):e2003458. PubMed ID: 33325584
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  • 7. Near-Infrared II Phototherapy Induces Deep Tissue Immunogenic Cell Death and Potentiates Cancer Immunotherapy.
    Ma Y; Zhang Y; Li X; Zhao Y; Li M; Jiang W; Tang X; Dou J; Lu L; Wang F; Wang Y
    ACS Nano; 2019 Oct; 13(10):11967-11980. PubMed ID: 31553168
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  • 8. NIR-II fluorescence and PA imaging guided activation of STING pathway in photothermal therapy for boosting cancer immunotherapy by theranostic thermosensitive liposomes.
    Long Q; Yang Y; Liao F; Chen H; He D; Li S; Li P; Guo W; Xiao Y
    J Mater Chem B; 2023 Sep; 11(35):8528-8540. PubMed ID: 37608753
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  • 9. Nanoparticle delivery improves the pharmacokinetic properties of cyclic dinucleotide STING agonists to open a therapeutic window for intravenous administration.
    Wehbe M; Wang-Bishop L; Becker KW; Shae D; Baljon JJ; He X; Christov P; Boyd KL; Balko JM; Wilson JT
    J Control Release; 2021 Feb; 330():1118-1129. PubMed ID: 33189789
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  • 10. Activatable polymer nanoagonist for second near-infrared photothermal immunotherapy of cancer.
    Jiang Y; Huang J; Xu C; Pu K
    Nat Commun; 2021 Feb; 12(1):742. PubMed ID: 33531498
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  • 11. A 2D Nanoradiosensitizer Enhances Radiotherapy and Delivers STING Agonists to Potentiate Cancer Immunotherapy.
    Luo T; Nash GT; Jiang X; Feng X; Mao J; Liu J; Juloori A; Pearson AT; Lin W
    Adv Mater; 2022 Sep; 34(39):e2110588. PubMed ID: 35952624
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  • 12. Potent STING activation stimulates immunogenic cell death to enhance antitumor immunity in neuroblastoma.
    Wang-Bishop L; Wehbe M; Shae D; James J; Hacker BC; Garland K; Chistov PP; Rafat M; Balko JM; Wilson JT
    J Immunother Cancer; 2020 Mar; 8(1):. PubMed ID: 32169869
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  • 13. Genetically Edited Cascade Nanozymes for Cancer Immunotherapy.
    Zhang J; Pan Y; Liu L; Xu Y; Zhao C; Liu W; Rao L
    ACS Nano; 2024 May; 18(19):12295-12310. PubMed ID: 38695532
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  • 14. Activatable Immunoprotease Nanorestimulator for Second Near-Infrared Photothermal Immunotherapy of Cancer.
    Xu M; Zhang C; He S; Xu C; Wei X; Pu K
    ACS Nano; 2023 May; 17(9):8183-8194. PubMed ID: 37122103
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  • 15. STING Activator c-di-GMP-Loaded Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles Enhance Immunotherapy Against Breast Cancer.
    Chen YP; Xu L; Tang TW; Chen CH; Zheng QH; Liu TP; Mou CY; Wu CH; Wu SH
    ACS Appl Mater Interfaces; 2020 Dec; 12(51):56741-56752. PubMed ID: 33305564
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  • 16. NIR-II responsive PEGylated nickel nanoclusters for photothermal enhanced chemodynamic synergistic oncotherapy.
    Qian Y; Zhang J; Zou J; Wang X; Meng X; Liu H; Lin Y; Chen Q; Sun L; Lin W; Wang H
    Theranostics; 2022; 12(8):3690-3702. PubMed ID: 35664059
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  • 17. Apoptotic Body-Mediated Intracellular Delivery Strategy for Enhanced STING Activation and Improved Tumor Immunogenicity.
    Bao P; Zheng ZT; Ye JJ; Zhang XZ
    Nano Lett; 2022 Mar; 22(6):2217-2227. PubMed ID: 35254071
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  • 18. A nanoparticle-incorporated STING activator enhances antitumor immunity in PD-L1-insensitive models of triple-negative breast cancer.
    Cheng N; Watkins-Schulz R; Junkins RD; David CN; Johnson BM; Montgomery SA; Peine KJ; Darr DB; Yuan H; McKinnon KP; Liu Q; Miao L; Huang L; Bachelder EM; Ainslie KM; Ting JP
    JCI Insight; 2018 Nov; 3(22):. PubMed ID: 30429378
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  • 19. Photothermal Ferrotherapy - Induced Immunogenic Cell Death via Iron-Based Ternary Chalcogenide Nanoparticles Against Triple-Negative Breast Cancer.
    Wu Q; Li Z; Zhou X; Wei Z; Ramadan S; Xu Y; Xu L; Li D
    Small; 2024 May; 20(20):e2306766. PubMed ID: 38095479
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  • 20. STING activation reprograms tumor vasculatures and synergizes with VEGFR2 blockade.
    Yang H; Lee WS; Kong SJ; Kim CG; Kim JH; Chang SK; Kim S; Kim G; Chon HJ; Kim C
    J Clin Invest; 2019 Jul; 129(10):4350-4364. PubMed ID: 31343989
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