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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Emerging Prospects for the Study of Colorectal Cancer Stem Cells using Patient-derived Organoids.
    Ding L; Yang Y; Lu Q; Cao Z; Weygant N
    Curr Cancer Drug Targets; 2022; 22(3):195-208. PubMed ID: 35078398
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  • 2. Anti-cancer activity of amorphous curcumin preparation in patient-derived colorectal cancer organoids.
    Elbadawy M; Hayashi K; Ayame H; Ishihara Y; Abugomaa A; Shibutani M; Hayashi SM; Hazama S; Takenouchi H; Nakajima M; Tsunedomi R; Suzuki N; Nagano H; Shinohara Y; Kaneda M; Yamawaki H; Usui T; Sasaki K
    Biomed Pharmacother; 2021 Oct; 142():112043. PubMed ID: 34411919
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  • 3. Implementing patient derived organoids in functional precision medicine for patients with advanced colorectal cancer.
    Cartry J; Bedja S; Boilève A; Mathieu JRR; Gontran E; Annereau M; Job B; Mouawia A; Mathias P; De Baère T; Italiano A; Besse B; Sourrouille I; Gelli M; Bani MA; Dartigues P; Hollebecque A; Smolenschi C; Ducreux M; Malka D; Jaulin F
    J Exp Clin Cancer Res; 2023 Oct; 42(1):281. PubMed ID: 37880806
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  • 4. Organoid in colorectal cancer: progress and challenges.
    Ji DB; Wu AW
    Chin Med J (Engl); 2020 Aug; 133(16):1971-1977. PubMed ID: 32826461
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  • 5. Development of Patient-Derived Gastric Cancer Organoids from Endoscopic Biopsies and Surgical Tissues.
    Gao M; Lin M; Rao M; Thompson H; Hirai K; Choi M; Georgakis GV; Sasson AR; Bucobo JC; Tzimas D; D'Souza LS; Buscaglia JM; Davis J; Shroyer KR; Li J; Powers S; Kim J
    Ann Surg Oncol; 2018 Sep; 25(9):2767-2775. PubMed ID: 30003451
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  • 6. Patient derived organoids in prostate cancer: improving therapeutic efficacy in precision medicine.
    Pamarthy S; Sabaawy HE
    Mol Cancer; 2021 Sep; 20(1):125. PubMed ID: 34587953
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  • 7. Differentiated cancer cell-originated lactate promotes the self-renewal of cancer stem cells in patient-derived colorectal cancer organoids.
    Zhao H; Yan C; Hu Y; Mu L; Liu S; Huang K; Li Q; Li X; Tao D; Qin J
    Cancer Lett; 2020 Nov; 493():236-244. PubMed ID: 32898601
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  • 8. In Colorectal Cancer Cells With Mutant KRAS, SLC25A22-Mediated Glutaminolysis Reduces DNA Demethylation to Increase WNT Signaling, Stemness, and Drug Resistance.
    Wong CC; Xu J; Bian X; Wu JL; Kang W; Qian Y; Li W; Chen H; Gou H; Liu D; Yat Luk ST; Zhou Q; Ji F; Chan LS; Shirasawa S; Sung JJ; Yu J
    Gastroenterology; 2020 Dec; 159(6):2163-2180.e6. PubMed ID: 32814111
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  • 9. Nodal-induced L1CAM/CXCR4 subpopulation sustains tumor growth and metastasis in colorectal cancer derived organoids.
    Cave DD; Hernando-Momblona X; Sevillano M; Minchiotti G; Lonardo E
    Theranostics; 2021; 11(12):5686-5699. PubMed ID: 33897875
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  • 10. Comparative Analysis of Patient-Matched PDOs Revealed a Reduction in OLFM4-Associated Clusters in Metastatic Lesions in Colorectal Cancer.
    Okamoto T; duVerle D; Yaginuma K; Natsume Y; Yamanaka H; Kusama D; Fukuda M; Yamamoto M; Perraudeau F; Srivastava U; Kashima Y; Suzuki A; Kuze Y; Takahashi Y; Ueno M; Sakai Y; Noda T; Tsuda K; Suzuki Y; Nagayama S; Yao R
    Stem Cell Reports; 2021 Apr; 16(4):954-967. PubMed ID: 33711267
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  • 11. A Three-Dimensional Organoid Culture System Derived from Human Glioblastomas Recapitulates the Hypoxic Gradients and Cancer Stem Cell Heterogeneity of Tumors Found In Vivo.
    Hubert CG; Rivera M; Spangler LC; Wu Q; Mack SC; Prager BC; Couce M; McLendon RE; Sloan AE; Rich JN
    Cancer Res; 2016 Apr; 76(8):2465-77. PubMed ID: 26896279
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  • 12. Comparison of Surgical and Colonoscopy Tissue to Establish Colorectal Patient-derived Organoids.
    Chen H; Yang Y; Shi J; Yan T; Wang J; Yang Y; Lu Q; Feng H; Du J; Cao Z; Weygant N
    Curr Cancer Drug Targets; 2024; 24(5):546-555. PubMed ID: 37997804
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  • 13. MACC1 Regulates LGR5 to Promote Cancer Stem Cell Properties in Colorectal Cancer.
    Erdem M; Lee KH; Hardt M; Regan JL; Kobelt D; Walther W; Mokrizkij M; Regenbrecht C; Stein U
    Cancers (Basel); 2024 Jan; 16(3):. PubMed ID: 38339354
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  • 14. Co-expression of Lgr5 and CXCR4 characterizes cancer stem-like cells of colorectal cancer.
    Wu W; Cao J; Ji Z; Wang J; Jiang T; Ding H
    Oncotarget; 2016 Dec; 7(49):81144-81155. PubMed ID: 27835894
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  • 15. A protocol for efficient CRISPR-Cas9-mediated knock-in in colorectal cancer patient-derived organoids.
    Okamoto T; Natsume Y; Yamanaka H; Fukuda M; Yao R
    STAR Protoc; 2021 Dec; 2(4):100780. PubMed ID: 34585151
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  • 16. CEA expression heterogeneity and plasticity confer resistance to the CEA-targeting bispecific immunotherapy antibody cibisatamab (CEA-TCB) in patient-derived colorectal cancer organoids.
    Gonzalez-Exposito R; Semiannikova M; Griffiths B; Khan K; Barber LJ; Woolston A; Spain G; von Loga K; Challoner B; Patel R; Ranes M; Swain A; Thomas J; Bryant A; Saffery C; Fotiadis N; Guettler S; Mansfield D; Melcher A; Powles T; Rao S; Watkins D; Chau I; Matthews N; Wallberg F; Starling N; Cunningham D; Gerlinger M
    J Immunother Cancer; 2019 Apr; 7(1):101. PubMed ID: 30982469
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  • 17. Interrogating colorectal cancer metastasis to liver: a search for clinically viable compounds and mechanistic insights in colorectal cancer Patient Derived Organoids.
    Cioce M; Fumagalli MR; Donzelli S; Goeman F; Canu V; Rutigliano D; Orlandi G; Sacconi A; Pulito C; Palcau AC; Fanciulli M; Morrone A; Diodoro MG; Caricato M; Crescenzi A; Verri M; Fazio VM; Zapperi S; Levrero M; Strano S; Grazi GL; La Porta C; Blandino G
    J Exp Clin Cancer Res; 2023 Jul; 42(1):170. PubMed ID: 37460938
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  • 18. Mithramycin A Inhibits Colorectal Cancer Growth by Targeting Cancer Stem Cells.
    Quarni W; Dutta R; Green R; Katiri S; Patel B; Mohapatra SS; Mohapatra S
    Sci Rep; 2019 Oct; 9(1):15202. PubMed ID: 31645574
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  • 19. Establishment of patient-derived organoids for guiding personalized therapies in breast cancer patients.
    Wu H; Wang W; Zhang Y; Chen Y; Shan C; Li J; Jia Y; Li C; Du C; Cai Y; Zhang Y; Zhang S; Wu F
    Int J Cancer; 2024 Jul; 155(2):324-338. PubMed ID: 38533706
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  • 20. Possible Role of Cancer Stem Cells in Colorectal Cancer Metastasizing to the Liver.
    Jiao ZY; Cao HT; Li YM
    Curr Stem Cell Res Ther; 2016; 11(5):440-3. PubMed ID: 26832139
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