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  • 1. Tumor-Derived Extracellular Vesicles Induce CCL18 Production by Mast Cells: A Possible Link to Angiogenesis.
    Shefler I; Salamon P; Zitman-Gal T; Mekori YA
    Cells; 2022 Jan; 11(3):. PubMed ID: 35159163
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  • 2. CCL18 from tumor-associated macrophages promotes angiogenesis in breast cancer.
    Lin L; Chen YS; Yao YD; Chen JQ; Chen JN; Huang SY; Zeng YJ; Yao HR; Zeng SH; Fu YS; Song EW
    Oncotarget; 2015 Oct; 6(33):34758-73. PubMed ID: 26416449
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  • 3. Lung cancer-derived extracellular vesicles: a possible mediator of mast cell activation in the tumor microenvironment.
    Salamon P; Mekori YA; Shefler I
    Cancer Immunol Immunother; 2020 Mar; 69(3):373-381. PubMed ID: 31897659
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  • 4. Local Concentrations of CC-Chemokine-Ligand 18 Correlate with Tumor Size in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer and Are Elevated in Lymph Node-positive Disease.
    Schmid S; Le UT; Haager B; Mayer O; Dietrich I; Elze M; Kemna LJ; Zissel G; Passlick B
    Anticancer Res; 2016 Sep; 36(9):4667-71. PubMed ID: 27630310
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  • 5. The immunosuppressive and pro-tumor functions of CCL18 at the tumor microenvironment.
    Cardoso AP; Pinto ML; Castro F; Costa ÂM; Marques-Magalhães Â; Canha-Borges A; Cruz T; Velho S; Oliveira MJ
    Cytokine Growth Factor Rev; 2021 Aug; 60():107-119. PubMed ID: 33863622
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  • 6. Breast cancer cell-derived extracellular vesicles transfer miR-182-5p and promote breast carcinogenesis via the CMTM7/EGFR/AKT axis.
    Lu C; Zhao Y; Wang J; Shi W; Dong F; Xin Y; Zhao X; Liu C
    Mol Med; 2021 Jul; 27(1):78. PubMed ID: 34294040
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  • 7. [Expression of CC-chemokine ligand 18 (CCL18) in the serum and pleural effusion of non-small-cell lung cancer patients and its regulatory effect on the differentiation of monocyte-derived dendritic cells].
    Chen L; Zhou Q; Zhong F; Wang Q; Fang Y; Yang K; Guan S
    Zhonghua Zhong Liu Za Zhi; 2014 Nov; 36(11):823-7. PubMed ID: 25620478
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  • 8. Tumor endothelial cell-derived extracellular vesicles contribute to tumor microenvironment remodeling.
    Gao J; Zhang X; Jiang L; Li Y; Zheng Q
    Cell Commun Signal; 2022 Jun; 20(1):97. PubMed ID: 35752798
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  • 9. CC-Chemokine Ligand 18 Is an Independent Prognostic Marker in Lymph Node-positive Non-small Cell Lung Cancer.
    Schmid S; Csanadi A; Kozhuharov N; Tchudjin M; Kayser C; Rawluk J; Passlick B; Werner M; Prasse A; Kayser G
    Anticancer Res; 2018 Jul; 38(7):3913-3918. PubMed ID: 29970512
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  • 10. The interaction of mast cells with membranes from lung cancer cells induces the release of extracellular vesicles with a unique miRNA signature.
    Shemesh R; Laufer-Geva S; Gorzalczany Y; Anoze A; Sagi-Eisenberg R; Peled N; Roisman LC
    Sci Rep; 2023 Dec; 13(1):21544. PubMed ID: 38057448
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  • 11. Angiogenesis is promoted by hypoxic cervical carcinoma-derived extracellular vesicles depending on the endothelial cell environment.
    Orozco-García E; Getova V; Calderón JC; Harmsen MC; Narvaez-Sanchez R
    Vascul Pharmacol; 2024 Mar; 154():107276. PubMed ID: 38242295
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  • 12. Protein kinase Ds promote tumor angiogenesis through mast cell recruitment and expression of angiogenic factors in prostate cancer microenvironment.
    Xu W; Qian J; Zeng F; Li S; Guo W; Chen L; Li G; Zhang Z; Wang QJ; Deng F
    J Exp Clin Cancer Res; 2019 Mar; 38(1):114. PubMed ID: 30841931
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  • 13. From glioblastoma to endothelial cells through extracellular vesicles: messages for angiogenesis.
    Giusti I; Delle Monache S; Di Francesco M; Sanità P; D'Ascenzo S; Gravina GL; Festuccia C; Dolo V
    Tumour Biol; 2016 Sep; 37(9):12743-12753. PubMed ID: 27448307
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  • 14. T cell-derived microvesicles induce mast cell production of IL-24: relevance to inflammatory skin diseases.
    Shefler I; Pasmanik-Chor M; Kidron D; Mekori YA; Hershko AY
    J Allergy Clin Immunol; 2014 Jan; 133(1):217-24.e1-3. PubMed ID: 23768573
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  • 15. Extracellular Vesicles as Signal Carriers in Malignant Thyroid Tumors?
    Grzanka M; Stachurska-Skrodzka A; Adamiok-Ostrowska A; Gajda E; Czarnocka B
    Int J Mol Sci; 2022 Mar; 23(6):. PubMed ID: 35328683
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  • 16. Colorectal cancer cell-derived extracellular vesicles transfer miR-221-3p to promote endothelial cell angiogenesis via targeting suppressor of cytokine signaling 3.
    Dokhanchi M; Pakravan K; Zareian S; Hussen BM; Farid M; Razmara E; Mossahebi-Mohammadi M; Cho WC; Babashah S
    Life Sci; 2021 Nov; 285():119937. PubMed ID: 34508764
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  • 17. Microvesicles and chemokines in tumor microenvironment: mediators of intercellular communications in tumor progression.
    Bian X; Xiao YT; Wu T; Yao M; Du L; Ren S; Wang J
    Mol Cancer; 2019 Mar; 18(1):50. PubMed ID: 30925930
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  • 18. Small Extracellular Vesicles Released from Ovarian Cancer Spheroids in Response to Cisplatin Promote the Pro-Tumorigenic Activity of Mesenchymal Stem Cells.
    Vera N; Acuña-Gallardo S; Grünenwald F; Caceres-Verschae A; Realini O; Acuña R; Lladser A; Illanes SE; Varas-Godoy M
    Int J Mol Sci; 2019 Oct; 20(20):. PubMed ID: 31600881
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  • 19. Controversial role of mast cells in NSCLC tumor progression and angiogenesis.
    Longo V; Catino A; Montrone M; Galetta D; Ribatti D
    Thorac Cancer; 2022 Nov; 13(21):2929-2934. PubMed ID: 36196487
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  • 20. Role of Cytokines and Chemokines in NSCLC Immune Navigation and Proliferation.
    Ramachandran S; Verma AK; Dev K; Goyal Y; Bhatt D; Alsahli MA; Rahmani AH; Almatroudi A; Almatroodi SA; Alrumaihi F; Khan NA
    Oxid Med Cell Longev; 2021; 2021():5563746. PubMed ID: 34336101
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