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  • 1. The relationship between frailty, nutritional status, co-morbidity, CT-body composition and systemic inflammation in patients with COVID-19.
    McGovern J; Al-Azzawi Y; Kemp O; Moffitt P; Richards C; Dolan RD; Laird BJ; McMillan DC; Maguire D
    J Transl Med; 2022 Feb; 20(1):98. PubMed ID: 35189900
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  • 2. The Relationship between Clinical Frailty Score, CT-Derived Body Composition, Systemic Inflammation, and Survival in Patients with Chronic Limb-Threatening Ischemia.
    Bradley NA; Walter A; Roxburgh CSD; McMillan DC; Guthrie GJK
    Ann Vasc Surg; 2024 Jul; 104():18-26. PubMed ID: 37356659
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  • 3. The relationship between the modified frailty index score (mFI-5), malnutrition, body composition, systemic inflammation and short-term clinical outcomes in patients undergoing surgery for colorectal cancer.
    McGovern J; Grayston A; Coates D; Leadbitter S; Hounat A; Horgan PG; Dolan RD; McMillan DC
    BMC Geriatr; 2023 Jan; 23(1):9. PubMed ID: 36609242
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  • 4. The relationship between micronutrient status, frailty, systemic inflammation, and clinical outcomes in patients admitted to hospital with COVID-19.
    McGovern J; Wadsworth J; Catchpole A; Richards C; McMillan DC; Kelliher T; Goodall E; Murray E; Melaugh T; McPhillips S; Brice K; Barbour K; Robinson S; Moffitt P; Kemp O; Talwar D; Maguire D
    J Transl Med; 2023 Apr; 21(1):284. PubMed ID: 37118813
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  • 5. Relation Between Body Composition, Systemic Inflammatory Response, and Clinical Outcomes in Patients Admitted to an Urban Teaching Hospital with COVID-19.
    McGovern J; Dolan R; Richards C; Laird BJ; McMillan DC; Maguire D
    J Nutr; 2021 Aug; 151(8):2236-2244. PubMed ID: 34159388
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  • 6. Identifying prognostic risk factors for poor outcome following COVID-19 disease among in-centre haemodialysis patients: role of inflammation and frailty.
    Hendra H; Vajgel G; Antonelou M; Neradova A; Manson B; Clark SG; Kostakis ID; Caplin B; Salama AD
    J Nephrol; 2021 Apr; 34(2):315-323. PubMed ID: 33515380
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  • 7. Comparison of the prognostic value of MUST, ECOG-PS, mGPS and CT derived body composition analysis in patients with advanced lung cancer.
    Abbass T; Dolan RD; MacLeod N; Horgan PG; Laird BJ; McMillan DC
    Clin Nutr ESPEN; 2020 Dec; 40():349-356. PubMed ID: 33183562
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  • 8. The systemic inflammatory response and clinicopathological characteristics in patients admitted to hospital with COVID-19 infection: Comparison of 2 consecutive cohorts.
    Maguire D; Richards C; Woods M; Dolan R; Wilson Veitch J; Sim WMJ; Kemmett OEH; Milton DC; Randall SLW; Bui LD; Goldmann N; Brown A; Gillen E; Cameron A; Laird B; Talwar D; Godber IM; Wadsworth J; Catchpole A; Davidson A; McMillan DC
    PLoS One; 2021; 16(5):e0251924. PubMed ID: 34043668
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  • 9. The relationship between
    Dolan RD; Maclay JD; Abbass T; Colville D; Buali F; MacLeod N; McSorley ST; Horgan PG; McMillan DC
    Sci Rep; 2020 Nov; 10(1):20819. PubMed ID: 33257741
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  • 10. Effects of systemic inflammation and frailty on survival in elderly cancer patients: Results from the INSCOC study.
    Zhang Q; Wang Z; Song M; Liu T; Ding J; Deng L; Zhang X; Qian L; Ge Y; Xie H; Ruan G; Song C; Yao Q; Xu H; Ju H; Shi H
    Front Immunol; 2023; 14():936904. PubMed ID: 36891320
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  • 11. The effect of frailty on survival in patients with COVID-19 (COPE): a multicentre, European, observational cohort study.
    Hewitt J; Carter B; Vilches-Moraga A; Quinn TJ; Braude P; Verduri A; Pearce L; Stechman M; Short R; Price A; Collins JT; Bruce E; Einarsson A; Rickard F; Mitchell E; Holloway M; Hesford J; Barlow-Pay F; Clini E; Myint PK; Moug SJ; McCarthy K;
    Lancet Public Health; 2020 Aug; 5(8):e444-e451. PubMed ID: 32619408
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  • 12. Frailty is associated with in-hospital mortality in older hospitalised COVID-19 patients in the Netherlands: the COVID-OLD study.
    Blomaard LC; van der Linden CMJ; van der Bol JM; Jansen SWM; Polinder-Bos HA; Willems HC; Festen J; Barten DG; Borgers AJ; Bos JC; van den Bos F; de Brouwer EJM; van Deudekom FJA; van Dijk SC; Emmelot-Vonk MH; Geels RES; van de Glind EMM; de Groot B; Hempenius L; Kamper AM; Kampschreur LM; de Koning MMM; Labots G; Looman R; Lucke JA; Maas HAAM; Mattace-Raso FUS; El Moussaoui R; van Munster BC; van Nieuwkoop C; Oosterwijk LBLE; Regtuijt MEM; Robben SHM; Ruiter R; Salarbaks AM; Schouten HJ; Smit OM; Smits RAL; Spies PE; Vreeswijk R; de Vries OJ; Wijngaarden MA; Wyers CE; Mooijaart SP
    Age Ageing; 2021 May; 50(3):631-640. PubMed ID: 33951156
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  • 13. Frailty but not sarcopenia nor malnutrition increases the risk of developing COVID-19 in older community-dwelling adults.
    Lengelé L; Locquet M; Moutschen M; Beaudart C; Kaux JF; Gillain S; Reginster JY; Bruyère O
    Aging Clin Exp Res; 2022 Jan; 34(1):223-234. PubMed ID: 34689315
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  • 14. Frailty score before admission as risk factor for mortality of renal patients during the first wave of the COVID pandemic in London.
    Neradova A; Vajgel G; Hendra H; Antonelou M; Kostakis ID; Wright D; Masson P; Milne SE; Jones G; Salama A; Davenport A; Burns Á
    G Ital Nefrol; 2021 Jun; 38(3):. PubMed ID: 34169690
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  • 15. Divergent: Age, Frailty, and Atypical Presentations of COVID-19 in Hospitalized Patients.
    Poco PCE; Aliberti MJR; Dias MB; Takahashi SF; Leonel FC; Altona M; Venys AL; Shin-Ike IA; Garcia BA; Sumita LH; Lima LMO; Garcez FB; Avelino-Silva TJ
    J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci; 2021 Feb; 76(3):e46-e51. PubMed ID: 33151305
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  • 16. Beyond Chronological Age: Frailty and Multimorbidity Predict In-Hospital Mortality in Patients With Coronavirus Disease 2019.
    Marengoni A; Zucchelli A; Vetrano DL; Armellini A; Botteri E; Nicosia F; Romanelli G; Beindorf EA; Giansiracusa P; Garrafa E; Ferrucci L; Fratiglioni L; Bernabei R; Onder G
    J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci; 2021 Feb; 76(3):e38-e45. PubMed ID: 33216846
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  • 17. Role of Frailty and Comorbidity Status in Predicting Morbidity and Mortality in Patients with Acute Mesenteric Ischemia.
    Chen FF; Ye XN; Jiang HT; Zhu GX; Miao SL; Yu GF; Qiu YH; Huang JY
    Ann Vasc Surg; 2020 Aug; 67():105-114. PubMed ID: 32240729
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  • 18. Impact of frailty and its inter-relationship with lean tissue wasting and malnutrition on kidney transplant waitlist candidacy and delisting.
    Chan GC; Ng JK; Chow KM; Kwong VW; Pang WF; Cheng PM; Law MC; Leung CB; Li PK; Szeto CC
    Clin Nutr; 2021 Nov; 40(11):5620-5629. PubMed ID: 34656960
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  • 19. Prognostic value of simple frailty and malnutrition screening tools in patients with acute heart failure due to left ventricular systolic dysfunction.
    Sze S; Zhang J; Pellicori P; Morgan D; Hoye A; Clark AL
    Clin Res Cardiol; 2017 Jul; 106(7):533-541. PubMed ID: 28204965
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  • 20. The Value of Clinical Frailty Scale (CFS) as a Prognostic Tool in Predicting Mortality in COVID-19-A Retrospective Cohort Study.
    Jachymek M; Cader A; Ptak M; Witkiewicz W; Szymański AG; Kotfis K; Kaźmierczak J; Szylińska A
    Int J Environ Res Public Health; 2022 Jan; 19(3):. PubMed ID: 35162123
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