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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 21. Genomic Landscape of Advanced Solid Tumors in Circulating Tumor DNA and Correlation With Tissue Sequencing: A Single Institution's Experience.
    Gerratana L; Movarek M; Wehbe F; Katam N; Mahalingam D; Donahue J; Shah A; Chae YK; Mulcahy M; Tsarwhas D; Villaflor V; Kalyan A; Hussein M; Patel J; Chandra S; Platanias LC; Gradishar W; Cristofanilli M; Behdad A
    JCO Precis Oncol; 2022 Jun; 6():e2100289. PubMed ID: 35772051
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  • 22. Usefulness of Circulating Tumor DNA in Identifying Somatic Mutations and Tracking Tumor Evolution in Patients With Non-small Cell Lung Cancer.
    Roosan MR; Mambetsariev I; Pharaon R; Fricke J; Husain H; Reckamp KL; Koczywas M; Massarelli E; Bild AH; Salgia R
    Chest; 2021 Sep; 160(3):1095-1107. PubMed ID: 33878340
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  • 23. Prospective Clinical Validation of the InVisionFirst-Lung Circulating Tumor DNA Assay for Molecular Profiling of Patients With Advanced Nonsquamous Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer.
    Pritchett MA; Camidge DR; Patel M; Khatri J; Boniol S; Friedman EK; Khomani A; Dalia S; Baker-Neblett K; Plagnol V; Howarth KD; Jones GR; Rosenfeld N; Morris CD; Govindan R
    JCO Precis Oncol; 2019; 3():. PubMed ID: 32914040
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  • 24. Blood-Based Next-Generation Sequencing in Adrenocortical Carcinoma.
    Nazha B; Zhuang TZ; Dada HI; Drusbosky LM; Brown JT; Ravindranathan D; Carthon BC; Kucuk O; Goldman J; Master VA; Bilen MA
    Oncologist; 2022 Jun; 27(6):462-468. PubMed ID: 35462410
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  • 25. Longitudinal Circulating Tumor DNA Profiling in Metastatic Colorectal Cancer During Anti-EGFR Therapy.
    Yang W; Zou J; Li Y; Liu R; Yan Z; Chen S; Zhao X; Guo W; Huang M; Li W; Zhu X; Chen Z
    Front Oncol; 2022; 12():830816. PubMed ID: 35280779
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  • 26. Genomic Profiling of Circulating Tumor DNA from Patients with Extensive-Stage Small Cell Lung Cancer Identifies Potentially Actionable Alterations.
    Yang J; Wang X; Lu J; Chen H; Zhao X; Gao C; Bai Y; Zhang Q; Fu X; Zhang X
    J Cancer; 2021; 12(17):5099-5105. PubMed ID: 34335926
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  • 27. Clinical validity of oncogenic driver genes detected from circulating tumor DNA in the blood of lung cancer patients.
    Kim S; Kim S; Kim SH; Jung EH; Suh KJ; Kim YJ; Kwon NJ; Kim H; Chung JH; Lee JS
    Transl Lung Cancer Res; 2023 Jun; 12(6):1185-1196. PubMed ID: 37425402
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  • 28. Somatic
    Fang Z; Wu X; Xiao L; Wang C; Zhao Y; Zhang Q; Jablonska PA; La Rosa A; Dempke WCM; Furqan M; Fan H
    J Thorac Dis; 2024 May; 16(5):3338-3349. PubMed ID: 38883659
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  • 29. Detection of Therapeutically Targetable Driver and Resistance Mutations in Lung Cancer Patients by Next-Generation Sequencing of Cell-Free Circulating Tumor DNA.
    Thompson JC; Yee SS; Troxel AB; Savitch SL; Fan R; Balli D; Lieberman DB; Morrissette JD; Evans TL; Bauml J; Aggarwal C; Kosteva JA; Alley E; Ciunci C; Cohen RB; Bagley S; Stonehouse-Lee S; Sherry VE; Gilbert E; Langer C; Vachani A; Carpenter EL
    Clin Cancer Res; 2016 Dec; 22(23):5772-5782. PubMed ID: 27601595
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  • 30. The landscape of actionable genomic alterations in lung adenocarcinomas in India.
    Sharma R; Kamireddy AP; Hussaini SM; Chatterjee S; Hasan Q; Jain J
    Front Genet; 2023; 14():1256756. PubMed ID: 38155717
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  • 31. Detection of circulating tumor DNA in patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer.
    Yao Y; Liu J; Li L; Yuan Y; Nan K; Wu X; Zhang Z; Wu Y; Li X; Zhu J; Meng X; Wei L; Chen J; Jiang Z
    Oncotarget; 2017 Jan; 8(2):2130-2140. PubMed ID: 27791985
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  • 32. Comparing the efficacy of targeted next-generation sequencing in the identification of somatic mutations in circulating tumor DNA from different stages of lung cancer.
    Chen Y; Han T; Zhou Y; Mao B; Zhuang W
    Neoplasma; 2019 Jul; 66(4):652-660. PubMed ID: 31058536
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  • 33. Analysis of Tissue and Circulating Tumor DNA by Next-Generation Sequencing of Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Implications for Targeted Therapeutics.
    Ikeda S; Lim JS; Kurzrock R
    Mol Cancer Ther; 2018 May; 17(5):1114-1122. PubMed ID: 29483209
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  • 34. Comparison of the somatic genomic landscape between central- and peripheral-type non-small cell lung cancer.
    Wang L; Diao M; Zhang Z; Jiang M; Chen S; Zhao D; Liu Z; Zhou C
    Lung Cancer; 2024 Jan; 187():107439. PubMed ID: 38113653
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  • 35. High MAF of EGFR mutations and high ratio of T790M sensitizing mutations in ctDNA predict better third-generation TKI outcomes.
    Li Y; Zhang F; Yuan P; Guo L; Jianming Y; He J
    Thorac Cancer; 2020 Jun; 11(6):1503-1511. PubMed ID: 32285618
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  • 36. Utility of Genomic Assessment of Blood-Derived Circulating Tumor DNA (ctDNA) in Patients with Advanced Lung Adenocarcinoma.
    Schwaederlé MC; Patel SP; Husain H; Ikeda M; Lanman RB; Banks KC; Talasaz A; Bazhenova L; Kurzrock R
    Clin Cancer Res; 2017 Sep; 23(17):5101-5111. PubMed ID: 28539465
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  • 37. Genomic Profiling of Blood-Derived Circulating Tumor DNA from Patients with Colorectal Cancer: Implications for Response and Resistance to Targeted Therapeutics.
    Choi IS; Kato S; Fanta PT; Leichman L; Okamura R; Raymond VM; Lanman RB; Lippman SM; Kurzrock R
    Mol Cancer Ther; 2019 Oct; 18(10):1852-1862. PubMed ID: 31320401
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  • 38. Circulating Tumor DNA Analysis for Patients with Oncogene-Addicted NSCLC With Isolated Central Nervous System Progression.
    Aldea M; Hendriks L; Mezquita L; Jovelet C; Planchard D; Auclin E; Remon J; Howarth K; Benitez JC; Gazzah A; Lavaud P; Naltet C; Lacroix L; de Kievit F; Morris C; Green E; Ngo-Camus M; Rouleau E; Massard C; Caramella C; Friboulet L; Besse B
    J Thorac Oncol; 2020 Mar; 15(3):383-391. PubMed ID: 31843682
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  • 39. Genotyping of Circulating Tumor DNA Reveals the Clinically Actionable Mutation Landscape of Advanced Colorectal Cancer.
    Cao W; Xu Y; Chang L; Gong Y; Li L; Mo X; Zhang X; Lin G; Zhou J; Liu D; Yi Y; Dai P; Zhu C; Liu T; Chu Y; Guan Y; Chen Y; Wang J; Xia X; Yang L; Yi X; Cheng Y
    Mol Cancer Ther; 2019 Jun; 18(6):1158-1167. PubMed ID: 31015309
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  • 40. Genetic alteration and PD-L1 expression profiles of Chinese patients with lung squamous cell carcinoma.
    Chen Y; Kong W; Yu Z; Zhao Z
    Pathol Res Pract; 2022 Mar; 231():153761. PubMed ID: 35151031
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