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  • 1. Utilisation of semiconductor sequencing for the detection of predictive biomarkers in glioblastoma.
    Williams G; Llewelyn A; Thatcher R; Hardisty KM; Loddo M
    PLoS One; 2022; 17(3):e0245817. PubMed ID: 35324914
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  • 2. Utilisation of semiconductor sequencing for detection of actionable fusions in solid tumours.
    Loddo M; Hardisty KM; Llewelyn A; Haddow T; Thatcher R; Williams G
    PLoS One; 2022; 17(8):e0246778. PubMed ID: 35984852
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  • 3. Actionable molecular alterations in newly diagnosed and recurrent IDH1/2 wild-type glioblastoma patients and therapeutic implications: a large mono-institutional experience using extensive next-generation sequencing analysis.
    Padovan M; Maccari M; Bosio A; De Toni C; Vizzaccaro S; Cestonaro I; Corrà M; Caccese M; Cerretti G; Zagonel V; Lombardi G
    Eur J Cancer; 2023 Sep; 191():112959. PubMed ID: 37481865
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  • 4. Circulating tumour DNA in metastatic breast cancer to guide clinical trial enrolment and precision oncology: A cohort study.
    Zivanovic Bujak A; Weng CF; Silva MJ; Yeung M; Lo L; Ftouni S; Litchfield C; Ko YA; Kuykhoven K; Van Geelen C; Chandrashekar S; Dawson MA; Loi S; Wong SQ; Dawson SJ
    PLoS Med; 2020 Oct; 17(10):e1003363. PubMed ID: 33001984
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  • 5. Multigene profiling to identify alternative treatment options for glioblastoma: a pilot study.
    Tabone T; Abuhusain HJ; Nowak AK; ; Erber WN; McDonald KL
    J Clin Pathol; 2014 Jul; 67(7):550-5. PubMed ID: 24695838
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  • 6. Validation and utilisation of high-coverage next-generation sequencing to deliver the pharmacological audit trail.
    Ong M; Carreira S; Goodall J; Mateo J; Figueiredo I; Rodrigues DN; Perkins G; Seed G; Yap TA; Attard G; de Bono JS
    Br J Cancer; 2014 Aug; 111(5):828-36. PubMed ID: 24983367
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  • 7. Targeted mutation detection in breast cancer using MammaSeq™.
    Smith NG; Gyanchandani R; Shah OS; Gurda GT; Lucas PC; Hartmaier RJ; Brufsky AM; Puhalla S; Bahreini A; Kota K; Wald AI; Nikiforov YE; Nikiforova MN; Oesterreich S; Lee AV
    Breast Cancer Res; 2019 Feb; 21(1):22. PubMed ID: 30736836
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  • 8. Next generation sequencing of vitreoretinal lymphomas from small-volume intraocular liquid biopsies: new routes to targeted therapies.
    Cani AK; Hovelson DH; Demirci H; Johnson MW; Tomlins SA; Rao RC
    Oncotarget; 2017 Jan; 8(5):7989-7998. PubMed ID: 28002793
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  • 9. A comprehensive DNA panel next generation sequencing approach supporting diagnostics and therapy prediction in neurooncology.
    Lorenz J; Rothhammer-Hampl T; Zoubaa S; Bumes E; Pukrop T; Kölbl O; Corbacioglu S; Schmidt NO; Proescholdt M; Hau P; Riemenschneider MJ
    Acta Neuropathol Commun; 2020 Aug; 8(1):124. PubMed ID: 32758285
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  • 10. Top advances of the year: Precision oncology.
    Desai A; Reddy NK; Subbiah V
    Cancer; 2023 Jun; 129(11):1634-1642. PubMed ID: 36946766
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  • 11. Next-generation sequencing identifies high frequency of mutations in potentially clinically actionable genes in sebaceous carcinoma.
    Tetzlaff MT; Singh RR; Seviour EG; Curry JL; Hudgens CW; Bell D; Wimmer DA; Ning J; Czerniak BA; Zhang L; Davies MA; Prieto VG; Broaddus RR; Ram P; Luthra R; Esmaeli B
    J Pathol; 2016 Sep; 240(1):84-95. PubMed ID: 27287813
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  • 12. Clinical impact of a cancer genomic profiling test using an in-house comprehensive targeted sequencing system.
    Hayashi H; Tanishima S; Fujii K; Mori R; Okada C; Yanagita E; Shibata Y; Matsuoka R; Amano T; Yamada T; Yabe I; Kinoshita I; Komatsu Y; Dosaka-Akita H; Nishihara H
    Cancer Sci; 2020 Oct; 111(10):3926-3937. PubMed ID: 32772458
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  • 13. Mutational landscape of gastric cancer and clinical application of genomic profiling based on target next-generation sequencing.
    Cai H; Jing C; Chang X; Ding D; Han T; Yang J; Lu Z; Hu X; Liu Z; Wang J; Shang L; Wu S; Meng P; Lin L; Zhao J; Nie M; Yin K
    J Transl Med; 2019 Jun; 17(1):189. PubMed ID: 31164161
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  • 14. High concordance of actionable genomic alterations identified between circulating tumor DNA-based and tissue-based next-generation sequencing testing in advanced non-small cell lung cancer: The Korean Lung Liquid Versus Invasive Biopsy Program.
    Park S; Olsen S; Ku BM; Lee MS; Jung HA; Sun JM; Lee SH; Ahn JS; Park K; Choi YL; Ahn MJ
    Cancer; 2021 Aug; 127(16):3019-3028. PubMed ID: 33826761
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  • 15. Next-generation Sequencing of Nonmuscle Invasive Bladder Cancer Reveals Potential Biomarkers and Rational Therapeutic Targets.
    Pietzak EJ; Bagrodia A; Cha EK; Drill EN; Iyer G; Isharwal S; Ostrovnaya I; Baez P; Li Q; Berger MF; Zehir A; Schultz N; Rosenberg JE; Bajorin DF; Dalbagni G; Al-Ahmadie H; Solit DB; Bochner BH
    Eur Urol; 2017 Dec; 72(6):952-959. PubMed ID: 28583311
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  • 16. Clinical implications of routine genomic mutation sequencing in PIK3CA/AKT1 and KRAS/NRAS/BRAF in metastatic breast cancer.
    Cejalvo JM; Pérez-Fidalgo JA; Ribas G; Burgués O; Mongort C; Alonso E; Ibarrola-Villava M; Bermejo B; Martínez MT; Cervantes A; Lluch A
    Breast Cancer Res Treat; 2016 Nov; 160(1):69-77. PubMed ID: 27628192
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  • 17. Routine application of next-generation sequencing testing in uro-oncology-Are we ready for the next step of personalised medicine?
    Rodler S; Jung A; Greif PA; Rühlmann K; Apfelbeck M; Tamalunas A; Kretschmer A; Schulz GB; Szabados B; Stief C; Heinemann V; Westphalen CB; Casuscelli J
    Eur J Cancer; 2021 Mar; 146():1-10. PubMed ID: 33535139
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  • 18. Identification of putative actionable alterations in clinically relevant genes in breast cancer.
    Kaur P; Porras TB; Colombo A; Ring A; Lu J; Kang I; Lang JE
    Br J Cancer; 2021 Oct; 125(9):1270-1284. PubMed ID: 34455425
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  • 19. Memorial Sloan Kettering-Integrated Mutation Profiling of Actionable Cancer Targets (MSK-IMPACT): A Hybridization Capture-Based Next-Generation Sequencing Clinical Assay for Solid Tumor Molecular Oncology.
    Cheng DT; Mitchell TN; Zehir A; Shah RH; Benayed R; Syed A; Chandramohan R; Liu ZY; Won HH; Scott SN; Brannon AR; O'Reilly C; Sadowska J; Casanova J; Yannes A; Hechtman JF; Yao J; Song W; Ross DS; Oultache A; Dogan S; Borsu L; Hameed M; Nafa K; Arcila ME; Ladanyi M; Berger MF
    J Mol Diagn; 2015 May; 17(3):251-64. PubMed ID: 25801821
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  • 20. Clinical Impact of Hybrid Capture-Based Next-Generation Sequencing on Changes in Treatment Decisions in Lung Cancer.
    Rozenblum AB; Ilouze M; Dudnik E; Dvir A; Soussan-Gutman L; Geva S; Peled N
    J Thorac Oncol; 2017 Feb; 12(2):258-268. PubMed ID: 27865871
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