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  • 21. High-throughput detection of clinically relevant mutations in archived tumor samples by multiplexed PCR and next-generation sequencing.
    Bourgon R; Lu S; Yan Y; Lackner MR; Wang W; Weigman V; Wang D; Guan Y; Ryner L; Koeppen H; Patel R; Hampton GM; Amler LC; Wang Y
    Clin Cancer Res; 2014 Apr; 20(8):2080-91. PubMed ID: 24573554
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  • 22. A wide spectrum of EGFR mutations in glioblastoma is detected by a single clinical oncology targeted next-generation sequencing panel.
    Cimino PJ; Bredemeyer A; Abel HJ; Duncavage EJ
    Exp Mol Pathol; 2015 Jun; 98(3):568-73. PubMed ID: 25910966
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  • 23. Subtype-specific signaling pathways and genomic aberrations associated with prognosis of glioblastoma.
    Park AK; Kim P; Ballester LY; Esquenazi Y; Zhao Z
    Neuro Oncol; 2019 Jan; 21(1):59-70. PubMed ID: 30053126
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  • 24. Discovery of actionable genetic alterations with targeted panel sequencing in children with relapsed or refractory solid tumors.
    Lee JW; Kim NKD; Lee SH; Cho HW; Ma Y; Ju HY; Yoo KH; Sung KW; Koo HH; Park WY
    PLoS One; 2019; 14(11):e0224227. PubMed ID: 31747416
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  • 25. Whole Genome Sequencing-Based Discovery of Structural Variants in Glioblastoma.
    Wrzeszczynski KO; Felice V; Shah M; Rahman S; Emde AK; Jobanputra V; O Frank M; Darnell RB
    Methods Mol Biol; 2018; 1741():1-29. PubMed ID: 29392687
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  • 26. Landscape of Actionable Genetic Alterations Profiled from 1,071 Tumor Samples in Korean Cancer Patients.
    Lee SH; Lee B; Shim JH; Lee KW; Yun JW; Kim SY; Kim TY; Kim YH; Ko YH; Chung HC; Yu CS; Lee J; Rha SY; Kim TW; Jung KH; Im SA; Moon HG; Cho S; Kang JH; Kim J; Kim SK; Ryu HS; Ha SY; Kim JI; Chung YJ; Kim C; Kim HL; Park WY; Noh DY; Park K
    Cancer Res Treat; 2019 Jan; 51(1):211-222. PubMed ID: 29690749
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  • 27. Molecular tests and target therapies in oncology: recommendations from the Italian workshop.
    Pinto C; Biffoni M; Popoli P; Marchetti A; Marchetti P; Martini N; Normanno N
    Future Oncol; 2021 Sep; 17(26):3529-3539. PubMed ID: 34254524
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  • 28. Toward Precision Oncology in Glioblastoma with a Personalized Cancer Genome Reporting Tool and Genetic Changes Identified by Whole Exome Sequencing.
    Erdogan O; Özkaya ŞÇ; Erzik C; Bilguvar K; Arga KY; Bayraklı F
    OMICS; 2023 Sep; 27(9):426-433. PubMed ID: 37669106
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  • 29. On the Road to Precision Cancer Medicine: Analysis of Genomic Biomarker Actionability in 439 Patients.
    Schwaederle M; Daniels GA; Piccioni DE; Fanta PT; Schwab RB; Shimabukuro KA; Parker BA; Kurzrock R
    Mol Cancer Ther; 2015 Jun; 14(6):1488-94. PubMed ID: 25852059
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  • 30. Clinical genomic profiling to identify actionable alterations for investigational therapies in patients with diverse sarcomas.
    Groisberg R; Hong DS; Holla V; Janku F; Piha-Paul S; Ravi V; Benjamin R; Kumar Patel S; Somaiah N; Conley A; Ali SM; Schrock AB; Ross JS; Stephens PJ; Miller VA; Sen S; Herzog C; Meric-Bernstam F; Subbiah V
    Oncotarget; 2017 Jun; 8(24):39254-39267. PubMed ID: 28424409
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  • 31. A targeted next-generation sequencing assay detects a high frequency of therapeutically targetable alterations in primary and metastatic breast cancers: implications for clinical practice.
    Vasan N; Yelensky R; Wang K; Moulder S; Dzimitrowicz H; Avritscher R; Wang B; Wu Y; Cronin MT; Palmer G; Symmans WF; Miller VA; Stephens P; Pusztai L
    Oncologist; 2014 May; 19(5):453-8. PubMed ID: 24710307
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  • 32. Clinical target sequencing for precision medicine of breast cancer.
    Tsuchida J; Rothman J; McDonald KA; Nagahashi M; Takabe K; Wakai T
    Int J Clin Oncol; 2019 Feb; 24(2):131-140. PubMed ID: 30604156
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  • 33. Analysis of circulating DNA and protein biomarkers to predict the clinical activity of regorafenib and assess prognosis in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer: a retrospective, exploratory analysis of the CORRECT trial.
    Tabernero J; Lenz HJ; Siena S; Sobrero A; Falcone A; Ychou M; Humblet Y; Bouché O; Mineur L; Barone C; Adenis A; Yoshino T; Goldberg RM; Sargent DJ; Wagner A; Laurent D; Teufel M; Jeffers M; Grothey A; Van Cutsem E
    Lancet Oncol; 2015 Aug; 16(8):937-48. PubMed ID: 26184520
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  • 34. Sequencing the next generation of glioblastomas.
    Jovčevska I
    Crit Rev Clin Lab Sci; 2018 Jun; 55(4):264-282. PubMed ID: 29668342
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  • 35. Performance of amplicon-based next generation DNA sequencing for diagnostic gene mutation profiling in oncopathology.
    Sie D; Snijders PJ; Meijer GA; Doeleman MW; van Moorsel MI; van Essen HF; Eijk PP; Grünberg K; van Grieken NC; Thunnissen E; Verheul HM; Smit EF; Ylstra B; Heideman DA
    Cell Oncol (Dordr); 2014 Oct; 37(5):353-61. PubMed ID: 25209392
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  • 36. The possibility of clinical sequencing in the management of cancer.
    Kou T; Kanai M; Matsumoto S; Okuno Y; Muto M
    Jpn J Clin Oncol; 2016 May; 46(5):399-406. PubMed ID: 26917600
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  • 37. Biological and therapeutic implications of multisector sequencing in newly diagnosed glioblastoma.
    Mahlokozera T; Vellimana AK; Li T; Mao DD; Zohny ZS; Kim DH; Tran DD; Marcus DS; Fouke SJ; Campian JL; Dunn GP; Miller CA; Kim AH
    Neuro Oncol; 2018 Mar; 20(4):472-483. PubMed ID: 29244145
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  • 38. Outcomes after targeted treatment based on somatic tumor genetic testing for women with gynecologic cancers.
    Somasegar S; Hoppenot C; Kuchta K; Sereika A; Khandekar J; Rodriguez G; Moore E; Hurteau J; Vogel TJ
    Gynecol Oncol; 2021 Nov; 163(2):220-228. PubMed ID: 34511240
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  • 39. Identification of genomic biomarkers and their pathway crosstalks for deciphering mechanistic links in glioblastoma.
    Quddusi DM; Bajcinca N
    IET Syst Biol; 2023 Aug; 17(4):143-161. PubMed ID: 37277696
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  • 40. Whole-Exome Sequencing of Metastatic Cancer and Biomarkers of Treatment Response.
    Beltran H; Eng K; Mosquera JM; Sigaras A; Romanel A; Rennert H; Kossai M; Pauli C; Faltas B; Fontugne J; Park K; Banfelder J; Prandi D; Madhukar N; Zhang T; Padilla J; Greco N; McNary TJ; Herrscher E; Wilkes D; MacDonald TY; Xue H; Vacic V; Emde AK; Oschwald D; Tan AY; Chen Z; Collins C; Gleave ME; Wang Y; Chakravarty D; Schiffman M; Kim R; Campagne F; Robinson BD; Nanus DM; Tagawa ST; Xiang JZ; Smogorzewska A; Demichelis F; Rickman DS; Sboner A; Elemento O; Rubin MA
    JAMA Oncol; 2015 Jul; 1(4):466-74. PubMed ID: 26181256
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