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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 21. Cancer cell membrane-coated C-TiO
    Ning S; Dai X; Tang W; Guo Q; Lyu M; Zhu D; Zhang W; Qian H; Yao X; Wang X
    Acta Biomater; 2022 Oct; 152():562-574. PubMed ID: 36067874
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  • 22. Hybrid theranostic microbubbles for ultrasound/photoacoustic imaging guided starvation/low-temperature photothermal/hypoxia-activated synergistic cancer therapy.
    Tian F; Zhong X; Zhao J; Gu Y; Fan Y; Shi F; Zhang Y; Tan Y; Chen W; Yi C; Yang M
    J Mater Chem B; 2021 Nov; 9(45):9358-9369. PubMed ID: 34726226
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  • 23. An efficient delivery of photosensitizers and hypoxic prodrugs for a tumor combination therapy by membrane camouflage nanoparticles.
    Wang H; Zhang C; Zhang Y; Tian R; Cheng G; Pan H; Cui M; Chang J
    J Mater Chem B; 2020 Apr; 8(14):2876-2886. PubMed ID: 32191252
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  • 24. Polydopamine-coated UiO-66 nanoparticles loaded with perfluorotributylamine/tirapazamine for hypoxia-activated osteosarcoma therapy.
    Chen H; Fu Y; Feng K; Zhou Y; Wang X; Huang H; Chen Y; Wang W; Xu Y; Tian H; Mao Y; Wang J; Zhang Z
    J Nanobiotechnology; 2021 Sep; 19(1):298. PubMed ID: 34592996
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  • 25. Anti-LDLR modified TPZ@Ce6-PEG complexes for tumor hypoxia-targeting chemo-/radio-/photodynamic/photothermal therapy.
    Song C; Xu W; Wei Z; Ou C; Wu J; Tong J; Cai Y; Dong X; Han W
    J Mater Chem B; 2020 Jan; 8(4):648-654. PubMed ID: 31898718
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  • 26. A pH-Responsive Charge-Convertible Drug Delivery Nanocarrier for Precise Starvation and Chemo Synergistic Oncotherapy.
    Zhou Y; Gao X; Lu Y; Zhang R; Lv K; Gong J; Feng J; Zhang H
    Chempluschem; 2023 Feb; 88(2):e202200394. PubMed ID: 36725346
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  • 27. Tirapazamine-loaded UiO-66/Cu for ultrasound-mediated promotion of chemodynamic therapy cascade hypoxia-activated anticancer therapy.
    Yang L; Wang Z; Gong H; Gai S; Shen R
    J Colloid Interface Sci; 2023 Mar; 634():495-508. PubMed ID: 36542978
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  • 28. Precise gliomas therapy: Hypoxia-activated prodrugs sensitized by nano-photosensitizers.
    Zhang H; Shi C; Han F; Li M; Ma H; Sui R; Long S; Sun W; Du J; Fan J; Piao H; Peng X
    Biomaterials; 2022 Oct; 289():121770. PubMed ID: 36075142
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  • 29. Combination of the bioreductive drug tirapazamine with the chemotherapeutic prodrug cyclophosphamide for P450/P450-reductase-based cancer gene therapy.
    Jounaidi Y; Waxman DJ
    Cancer Res; 2000 Jul; 60(14):3761-9. PubMed ID: 10919648
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  • 30. Physical Dissolution Combined with Photodynamic Depletion: A Two-Pronged Nanoapproach for Deoxygenation-Driven and Hypoxia-Activated Prodrug Therapy.
    Lu J; Yu J; Xie W; Gao X; Guo Z; Jin Z; Li Y; Fahad A; Pambe NU; Che S; Wei Y; Zhao L
    ACS Appl Bio Mater; 2023 Sep; 6(9):3902-3911. PubMed ID: 37644623
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  • 31. Biomimetic cell membrane-coated glucose/oxygen-exhausting nanoreactor for remodeling tumor microenvironment in targeted hypoxic tumor therapy.
    Guo H; Zhang W; Wang L; Shao Z; Huang X
    Biomaterials; 2022 Nov; 290():121821. PubMed ID: 36201949
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  • 32. Bioengineered "Molecular Glue"-Mediated Tumor-Specific Cascade Nanoreactors with Self-Destruction Ability for Enhanced Precise Starvation/Chemosynergistic Tumor Therapy.
    Zhang Q; Xuan Q; Wang C; Shi C; Wang X; Ma T; Zhang W; Li H; Wang P; Chen C
    ACS Appl Mater Interfaces; 2023 Sep; 15(35):41271-41286. PubMed ID: 37622208
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  • 33. Selective potentiation of the hypoxic cytotoxicity of tirapazamine by its 1-N-oxide metabolite SR 4317.
    Siim BG; Pruijn FB; Sturman JR; Hogg A; Hay MP; Brown JM; Wilson WR
    Cancer Res; 2004 Jan; 64(2):736-42. PubMed ID: 14744792
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  • 34. Highly Active Nano-Reactor for Responding Tumor Microenvironment and Antitumor Therapy.
    Zhang S; Liu Y; Liu B
    Technol Cancer Res Treat; 2022; 21():15330338221095670. PubMed ID: 35712964
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  • 35. Iodinated cyanine dye-based nanosystem for synergistic phototherapy and hypoxia-activated bioreductive therapy.
    Dong Y; Zhou L; Shen Z; Ma Q; Zhao Y; Sun Y; Cao J
    Drug Deliv; 2022 Dec; 29(1):238-253. PubMed ID: 35001784
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  • 36. Zwitterionic Block Copolymer Prodrug Micelles for pH Responsive Drug Delivery and Hypoxia-Specific Chemotherapy.
    Zhao J; Peng YY; Diaz-Dussan D; White J; Duan W; Kong L; Narain R; Hao X
    Mol Pharm; 2022 Jun; 19(6):1766-1777. PubMed ID: 34473523
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  • 37. Introducing urea into tirapazamine derivatives to enhance anticancer therapy.
    Xu Y; Lv J; Kong C; Liu Y; Wang K; Tang Z; Chen X
    Natl Sci Rev; 2024 Apr; 11(4):nwae038. PubMed ID: 38440219
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  • 38. Regulation of hypoxia-induced mRNA expressions of HIF-1alpha and osteopontin and in vitro radiosensitization by tirapazamine in human nasopharyngeal carcinoma HNE-1 and CNE-1 cells.
    Xu P; Huang JM; Ren Y; Zha X; Deng BF; Wu JH; Lang JY
    Chin J Cancer; 2010 Feb; 29(2):126-30. PubMed ID: 20109337
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  • 39. Near-infrared light triggered liposomes combining photodynamic and chemotherapy for synergistic breast tumor therapy.
    Yang Y; Yang X; Li H; Li C; Ding H; Zhang M; Guo Y; Sun M
    Colloids Surf B Biointerfaces; 2019 Jan; 173():564-570. PubMed ID: 30347383
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  • 40. Improving Tirapazamine (TPZ) to Target and Eradicate Hypoxia Tumors by Gold Nanoparticle Carriers.
    Ajnai G; Cheng CC; Kan TC; Lu JW; Rahayu S; Chiu A; Chang J
    Pharmaceutics; 2022 Apr; 14(4):. PubMed ID: 35456681
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