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  • 1. C-reactive protein trajectories and the risk of all cancer types: A prospective cohort study.
    Liu T; Zhang Q; Song C; Siyin ST; Chen S; Zhang Q; Song M; Cao L; Shi H
    Int J Cancer; 2022 Jul; 151(2):297-307. PubMed ID: 35368093
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  • 2. The association of metabolic syndrome scores trajectory patterns with risk of all cancer types.
    Deng L; Liu T; Liu CA; Zhang Q; Song MM; Lin SQ; Wang YM; Zhang QS; Shi HP
    Cancer; 2024 Mar; ():. PubMed ID: 38462898
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  • 3. [Association between resting heart rate trajectory pattern and risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases].
    Liu HM; Wen W; Liu X; Li L; Chen SH; Liu YH; Zhao XH; Zhao HY; Ruan CY; Cui K; Wu SL
    Zhonghua Xin Xue Guan Bing Za Zhi; 2019 Apr; 47(4):318-325. PubMed ID: 31060192
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  • 4. C-reactive protein levels are not associated with increased risk for colorectal cancer in women.
    Zhang SM; Buring JE; Lee IM; Cook NR; Ridker PM
    Ann Intern Med; 2005 Mar; 142(6):425-32. PubMed ID: 15767620
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  • 5. Habitually Skipping Breakfast Is Associated with the Risk of Gastrointestinal Cancers: Evidence from the Kailuan Cohort Study.
    Liu T; Wang Y; Wang X; Liu C; Zhang Q; Song M; Song C; Zhang Q; Shi H
    J Gen Intern Med; 2023 Aug; 38(11):2527-2536. PubMed ID: 36869181
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  • 6. The trajectory of high sensitivity C-reactive protein is associated with incident diabetes in Chinese adults.
    Xu R; Jiang X; Fan Z; Wan Y; Gao X
    Nutr Metab (Lond); 2020; 17():49. PubMed ID: 32612667
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  • 7. Resting Heart Rate Trajectory Pattern Predicts Arterial Stiffness in a Community-Based Chinese Cohort.
    Chen S; Li W; Jin C; Vaidya A; Gao J; Yang H; Wu S; Gao X
    Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol; 2017 Feb; 37(2):359-364. PubMed ID: 27908892
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  • 8. Multi-trajectory analysis of C-reactive protein and low back pain from adolescence to early adulthood.
    Beynon AM; Hebert JJ; Beales DJ; Jacques A; Walker BF
    Eur Spine J; 2021 Apr; 30(4):1028-1034. PubMed ID: 33392755
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  • 9. Baseline serum C-reactive protein and death from colorectal cancer in the NHANES III cohort.
    Swede H; Hajduk AM; Sharma J; Rawal S; Rasool H; Vella AT; Tobet RE; Stevens RG
    Int J Cancer; 2014 Apr; 134(8):1862-70. PubMed ID: 24122448
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  • 10. C-reactive protein levels, variation in the C-reactive protein gene, and cancer risk: the Rotterdam Study.
    Siemes C; Visser LE; Coebergh JW; Splinter TA; Witteman JC; Uitterlinden AG; Hofman A; Pols HA; Stricker BH
    J Clin Oncol; 2006 Nov; 24(33):5216-22. PubMed ID: 17114654
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  • 11. Associations of circulating C-reactive protein and interleukin-6 with cancer risk: findings from two prospective cohorts and a meta-analysis.
    Heikkilä K; Harris R; Lowe G; Rumley A; Yarnell J; Gallacher J; Ben-Shlomo Y; Ebrahim S; Lawlor DA
    Cancer Causes Control; 2009 Feb; 20(1):15-26. PubMed ID: 18704713
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  • 12. Fibroblast Growth Factor 23 Trajectories in Chronic Hemodialysis Patients: Lessons from the HEMO Study.
    Jovanovich A; You Z; Isakova T; Nowak K; Cheung A; Wolf M; Chonchol M; Kendrick J
    Am J Nephrol; 2019; 49(4):263-270. PubMed ID: 30820005
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  • 13. Circulating C-reactive protein increases lung cancer risk: Results from a prospective cohort of UK Biobank.
    Ji M; Du L; Ma Z; Xie J; Huang Y; Wei X; Jiang X; Xu J; Yin R; Wang Y; Dai J; Jin G; Xu L; Zhu C; Hu Z; Ma H; Zhu M; Shen H
    Int J Cancer; 2022 Jan; 150(1):47-55. PubMed ID: 34449869
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  • 14. C-reactive Protein and Future Risk of Clinical and Molecular Subtypes of Colorectal Cancer.
    Bodén S; Myte R; Harbs J; Sundkvist A; Zingmark C; Löfgren Burström A; Palmqvist R; Harlid S; Van Guelpen B
    Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev; 2020 Jul; 29(7):1482-1491. PubMed ID: 32317300
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  • 15. Chronic inflammation and risk of colorectal and other obesity-related cancers: The health, aging and body composition study.
    Izano M; Wei EK; Tai C; Swede H; Gregorich S; Harris TB; Klepin H; Satterfield S; Murphy R; Newman AB; Rubin SM; Braithwaite D;
    Int J Cancer; 2016 Mar; 138(5):1118-28. PubMed ID: 26413860
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  • 16. Association of Longitudinal Patterns of Habitual Sleep Duration With Risk of Cardiovascular Events and All-Cause Mortality.
    Wang YH; Wang J; Chen SH; Li JQ; Lu QD; Vitiello MV; Wang F; Tang XD; Shi J; Lu L; Wu SL; Bao YP
    JAMA Netw Open; 2020 May; 3(5):e205246. PubMed ID: 32442289
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  • 17. Association of 10-Year C-Reactive Protein Trajectories With Markers of Healthy Aging: Findings From the English Longitudinal Study of Aging.
    Lassale C; Batty GD; Steptoe A; Cadar D; Akbaraly TN; Kivimäki M; Zaninotto P
    J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci; 2019 Jan; 74(2):195-203. PubMed ID: 29462285
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  • 18. A prospective study of waist circumference trajectories and incident cardiovascular disease in China: the Kailuan Cohort Study.
    Wang L; Lee Y; Wu Y; Zhang X; Jin C; Huang Z; Wang Y; Wang Z; Kris-Etherton P; Wu S; Gao X
    Am J Clin Nutr; 2021 Feb; 113(2):338-347. PubMed ID: 33330917
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  • 19. [The relationship between inflammatory markers and the risk of lung cancer: a prospective cohort study].
    Wang G; Wei LP; Li N; Xu WG; Su K; Li F; Tan FW; Lyu ZY; Feng XS; Li X; Chen HD; Chen YH; Guo LW; Cui H; Jiao PF; Liu HX; Ren JS; Wu SL; Shi JF; Dai M; He J
    Zhonghua Zhong Liu Za Zhi; 2019 Aug; 41(8):633-637. PubMed ID: 31434457
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    ; ; . PubMed ID:
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