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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. LINC00511 enhances LUAD malignancy by upregulating GCNT3 via miR-195-5p.
    Zhang Y; Xiao P; Hu X
    BMC Cancer; 2022 Apr; 22(1):389. PubMed ID: 35399076
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  • 2. LncRNA LINC00511 plays an oncogenic role in lung adenocarcinoma by regulating PKM2 expression via sponging miR-625-5p.
    Xue J; Zhang F
    Thorac Cancer; 2020 Sep; 11(9):2570-2579. PubMed ID: 32716147
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  • 3. LINC00511 promotes cervical cancer progression by regulating the miR-497-5p/MAPK1 axis.
    Lu M; Gao Q; Wang Y; Ren J; Zhang T
    Apoptosis; 2022 Dec; 27(11-12):800-811. PubMed ID: 36103025
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  • 4. miR-139-5p Inhibits Lung Adenocarcinoma Cell Proliferation, Migration, and Invasion by Targeting MAD2L1.
    Li J; He X; Wu X; Liu X; Huang Y; Gong Y
    Comput Math Methods Med; 2020; 2020():2953598. PubMed ID: 33204298
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  • 5. [miR-218-5p Targeting TPX2 Regulates p53 Pathway and Inhibits Malignant Progression of Lung Adenocarcinoma].
    Xu J
    Zhongguo Fei Ai Za Zhi; 2023 Oct; 26(10):721-731. PubMed ID: 37989335
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  • 6. LINC01572 promotes the malignant progression of lung adenocarcinoma by modulating p53 mediated by miRNA-338-5p/TTK axis.
    Liu S; Liu X; Yang Q; Zeng C; Hu G; Ren B
    J Pharm Pharmacol; 2024 Jul; 76(7):873-883. PubMed ID: 38698658
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  • 7. lncRNA CYTOR promotes lung adenocarcinoma gemcitabine resistance and epithelial-mesenchymal transition by sponging miR-125a-5p and upregulating ANLN and RRM2.
    Cao Q; Wang H; Zhu J; Qi C; Huang H; Chu X
    Acta Biochim Biophys Sin (Shanghai); 2024 Feb; 56(2):210-222. PubMed ID: 38273783
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  • 8. miR-30a-5p Regulates Viability, Migration, and Invasion of Lung Adenocarcinoma Cells via Targeting ECT2.
    Chen S; Zhu X; Zheng J; Xu T; Xu Y; Chen F
    Comput Math Methods Med; 2021; 2021():6241469. PubMed ID: 34306175
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  • 9. [Mechanism of miR-186-5p Regulating PRKAA2 to Promote Ferroptosis 
in Lung Adenocarcinoma Cells].
    Liu L; Guan X; Zhao Y; Wang X; Yin C; Liu Q; Li H
    Zhongguo Fei Ai Za Zhi; 2023 Nov; 26(11):813-821. PubMed ID: 38061883
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  • 10. Prognostic value of long noncoding RNA LINC00924 in lung adenocarcinoma and its regulatory effect on tumor progression.
    Zhang W; Zhao Y; Jia Y; Bai Y
    Histol Histopathol; 2024 May; 39(5):595-602. PubMed ID: 37358073
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  • 11. LINC01123 acts as an oncogenic driver in lung adenocarcinoma by regulating the miR-4766-5p/PYCR1 axis.
    Wang H; He D
    Histol Histopathol; 2023 Dec; 38(12):1475-1486. PubMed ID: 36994814
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  • 12. Inhibiting miR-33b-5p Enhances Chemoresistance in Lung Adenocarcinoma by Targeting YWHAH to Regulate Epithelial-mesenchymal Transition.
    Liu B; Pu ZY; Wang L; Fang J; Xue T
    Anticancer Res; 2023 Dec; 43(12):5447-5458. PubMed ID: 38030169
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  • 13. ANLN Regulated by miR-30a-5p Mediates Malignant Progression of Lung Adenocarcinoma.
    Deng F; Xu Z; Zhou J; Zhang R; Gong X
    Comput Math Methods Med; 2021; 2021():9549287. PubMed ID: 34777569
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  • 14. Downregulation of LINC00665 suppresses the progression of lung adenocarcinoma via regulating miR-181c-5p/ZIC2 axis.
    Wei W; Zhao X; Liu J; Zhang Z
    Aging (Albany NY); 2021 Jul; 13(13):17499-17515. PubMed ID: 34232917
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  • 15. linc00511 Knockdown Inhibits Lung Cancer Progression by Regulating miR-16-5p/MMP11.
    Song Z; Luo J; Wu M; Zhang Z
    Crit Rev Eukaryot Gene Expr; 2023; 33(7):17-30. PubMed ID: 37602450
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  • 16. Long noncoding RNA LINC00511 contributes to breast cancer tumourigenesis and stemness by inducing the miR-185-3p/E2F1/Nanog axis.
    Lu G; Li Y; Ma Y; Lu J; Chen Y; Jiang Q; Qin Q; Zhao L; Huang Q; Luo Z; Huang S; Wei Z
    J Exp Clin Cancer Res; 2018 Nov; 37(1):289. PubMed ID: 30482236
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  • 17. LncRNA CYP4A22-AS1 promotes the progression of lung adenocarcinoma through the miR-205-5p/EREG and miR-34c-5p/BCL-2 axes.
    Dong L; Zhang L; Zhao X; Zou H; Lin S; Zhu X; Cao J; Zhou C; Yu Z; Zhu Y; Chai K; Li M; Li Q
    Cancer Cell Int; 2023 Sep; 23(1):194. PubMed ID: 37670265
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  • 18. YY1-induced lncRNA00511 promotes melanoma progression via the miR-150-5p/ADAM19 axis.
    Chen YN; Fu XR; Guo H; Fu XY; Shi KS; Gao T; Yu HQ
    Am J Cancer Res; 2024; 14(2):809-831. PubMed ID: 38455406
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  • 19. LncRNA CYTOR knockdown inhibits tumor development via regulating miR-503-5p/PCSK9 in lung adenocarcinoma.
    Zhu Z; Lu J; Tong J; Yin Y; Zhang K
    Am J Med Sci; 2024 Jul; ():. PubMed ID: 38977244
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  • 20. LINC00665 promotes glycolysis in lung adenocarcinoma cells via the let-7c-5p/HMMR axis.
    Li Z; Zhu T; Yao F; Shen X; Xu M; Fu L; Wu Y; Ding J; Zhang J; Zhao J; Dong L; Wang X; Yu G
    J Bioenerg Biomembr; 2024 Apr; 56(2):181-191. PubMed ID: 38411863
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