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  • 1. EGF/EGFR Promotes Salivary Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Cell Malignant Neural Invasion
    Ren Y; Hong Y; He W; Liu Y; Chen W; Wen S; Sun M
    Curr Cancer Drug Targets; 2022; 22(7):603-616. PubMed ID: 35410600
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  • 2. Upregulation of lncRNA ADAMTS9-AS2 Promotes Salivary Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Metastasis via PI3K/Akt and MEK/Erk Signaling.
    Xie S; Yu X; Li Y; Ma H; Fan S; Chen W; Pan G; Wang W; Zhang H; Li J; Lin Z
    Mol Ther; 2018 Dec; 26(12):2766-2778. PubMed ID: 30217729
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  • 3. MiR-200b-5p inhibits tumor progression in salivary adenoid cystic carcinoma via targeting BTBD1.
    Tang Y; Zhu Q; Yang L; Meng Y; Zhang G; Zhou T; Wang C; Song X; Su YX; Ye J
    Cell Signal; 2023 Sep; 109():110748. PubMed ID: 37290676
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  • 4. CCL25/CCR9 interaction promotes the malignant behavior of salivary adenoid cystic carcinoma
    Chai S; Wen Z; Zhang R; Bai Y; Liu J; Li J; Kongling W; Chen W; Wang F; Gao L
    PeerJ; 2022; 10():e13844. PubMed ID: 36003306
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  • 5. HIF-1╬▒ induced NID1 expression promotes pulmonary metastases via the PI3K-AKT pathway in salivary gland adenoid cystic carcinoma.
    Han N; Li X; Wang Y; Li H; Zhang C; Zhao X; Zhang Z; Ruan M; Zhang C
    Oral Oncol; 2022 Aug; 131():105940. PubMed ID: 35689951
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  • 6. Epiregulin promotes migration and invasion of salivary adenoid cystic carcinoma cell line SACC-83 through activation of ERK and Akt.
    Hu K; Li SL; Gan YH; Wang CY; Yu GY
    Oral Oncol; 2009 Feb; 45(2):156-63. PubMed ID: 18620900
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  • 7. NR2F1 contributes to cancer cell dormancy, invasion and metastasis of salivary adenoid cystic carcinoma by activating CXCL12/CXCR4 pathway.
    Gao XL; Zheng M; Wang HF; Dai LL; Yu XH; Yang X; Pang X; Li L; Zhang M; Wang SS; Wu JB; Tang YJ; Liang XH; Tang YL
    BMC Cancer; 2019 Jul; 19(1):743. PubMed ID: 31357956
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  • 8. JQ1 and PI3K inhibition synergistically reduce salivary adenoid cystic carcinoma malignancy by targeting the c-Myc and EGFR signaling pathways.
    Liu X; Wu H; Huang P; Zhang F
    J Oral Pathol Med; 2019 Jan; 48(1):43-51. PubMed ID: 30269363
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  • 9. Autocrine epiregulin activates EGFR pathway for lung metastasis via EMT in salivary adenoid cystic carcinoma.
    Liu S; Ye D; Xu D; Liao Y; Zhang L; Liu L; Yu W; Wang Y; He Y; Hu J; Guo W; Wang T; Sun B; Song H; Yin H; Liu J; Wu Y; Zhu H; Zhou BP; Deng J; Zhang Z
    Oncotarget; 2016 May; 7(18):25251-63. PubMed ID: 26958807
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  • 10. Epithelial mesenchymal transition is required for acquisition of anoikis resistance and metastatic potential in adenoid cystic carcinoma.
    Jia J; Zhang W; Liu JY; Chen G; Liu H; Zhong HY; Liu B; Cai Y; Zhang JL; Zhao YF
    PLoS One; 2012; 7(12):e51549. PubMed ID: 23272116
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  • 11. Thioredoxin 1 mediates TGF-╬▓-induced epithelial-mesenchymal transition in salivary adenoid cystic carcinoma.
    Jiang Y; Feng X; Zheng L; Li SL; Ge XY; Zhang JG
    Oncotarget; 2015 Sep; 6(28):25506-19. PubMed ID: 26325518
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  • 12. EGFR activation induced Snail-dependent EMT and myc-dependent PD-L1 in human salivary adenoid cystic carcinoma cells.
    Wang Y; Hu J; Wang Y; Ye W; Zhang X; Ju H; Xu D; Liu L; Ye D; Zhang L; Zhu D; Deng J; Zhang Z; Liu S
    Cell Cycle; 2018; 17(12):1457-1470. PubMed ID: 29954240
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  • 13. BRD4 inhibition suppresses cell growth, migration and invasion of salivary adenoid cystic carcinoma.
    Wang L; Wu X; Wang R; Yang C; Li Z; Wang C; Zhang F; Yang P
    Biol Res; 2017 May; 50(1):19. PubMed ID: 28545522
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  • 14. RhoG/Rac1 signaling pathway involved in migration and invasion of salivary adenoid cystic carcinoma┬ácells.
    Xu ZD; Hao T; Gan YH
    Oral Dis; 2020 Mar; 26(2):302-312. PubMed ID: 31793126
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  • 15. Sphk1 promotes salivary adenoid cystic carcinoma progression via PI3K/Akt signaling.
    Hou CX; Wang L; Cai M; Meng Y; Tang YT; Zhu QH; Han W; Sun NN; Ma B; Hu Y; Ye JH
    Pathol Res Pract; 2021 Nov; 227():153620. PubMed ID: 34560416
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  • 16. Concomitant inhibition of epidermal growth factor and vascular endothelial growth factor receptor tyrosine kinases reduces growth and metastasis of human salivary adenoid cystic carcinoma in an orthotopic nude mouse model.
    Younes MN; Park YW; Yazici YD; Gu M; Santillan AA; Nong X; Kim S; Jasser SA; El-Naggar AK; Myers JN
    Mol Cancer Ther; 2006 Nov; 5(11):2696-705. PubMed ID: 17121916
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  • 17. Tumor-derived exosomes enhance invasion and metastasis of salivary adenoid cystic carcinoma cells.
    Hou J; Wang F; Liu X; Song M; Yin X
    J Oral Pathol Med; 2018 Feb; 47(2):144-151. PubMed ID: 29057556
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  • 18. Inhibition of EGF/EGFR activation with naphtho[1,2-b]furan-4,5-dione blocks migration and invasion of MDA-MB-231 cells.
    Hsieh CY; Tsai PC; Tseng CH; Chen YL; Chang LS; Lin SR
    Toxicol In Vitro; 2013 Feb; 27(1):1-10. PubMed ID: 23064031
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  • 19. Protein kinase D1 induced epithelial-mesenchymal transition and invasion in salivary adenoid cystic carcinoma via E-cadherin/Snail regulation.
    Du Y; Lv D; Cui B; Li X; Chen H; Kang Y; Chen Q; Feng Y; Zhang P; Chen J; Zhou X
    Oral Dis; 2022 Sep; 28(6):1539-1554. PubMed ID: 34351044
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  • 20. High frequency of loss of PTEN expression in human solid salivary adenoid cystic carcinoma and its implication for targeted therapy.
    Liu H; Du L; Wang R; Wei C; Liu B; Zhu L; Liu P; Liu Q; Li J; Lu SL; Xiao J
    Oncotarget; 2015 May; 6(13):11477-91. PubMed ID: 25909167
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