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Molecular Biopsy of Human Tumors

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  • 1. Diagnostic performance of gliomas grading and IDH status decoding A comparison between 3D amide proton transfer APT and four diffusion-weighted MRI models.
    Guo H; Liu J; Hu J; Zhang H; Zhao W; Gao M; Zhang Y; Yang G; Cui Y
    J Magn Reson Imaging; 2022 Dec; 56(6):1834-1844. PubMed ID: 35488516
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  • 2. Diagnostic performance between MR amide proton transfer (APT) and diffusion kurtosis imaging (DKI) in glioma grading and IDH mutation status prediction at 3 T.
    Xu Z; Ke C; Liu J; Xu S; Han L; Yang Y; Qian L; Liu X; Zheng H; Lv X; Wu Y
    Eur J Radiol; 2021 Jan; 134():109466. PubMed ID: 33307459
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  • 3. Prediction of Isocitrate Dehydrogenase Genotype in Brain Gliomas with MRI: Single-Shell versus Multishell Diffusion Models.
    Figini M; Riva M; Graham M; Castelli GM; Fernandes B; Grimaldi M; Baselli G; Pessina F; Bello L; Zhang H; Bizzi A
    Radiology; 2018 Dec; 289(3):788-796. PubMed ID: 30277427
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  • 4. Comparative analysis of the diffusion kurtosis imaging and diffusion tensor imaging in grading gliomas, predicting tumour cell proliferation and IDH-1 gene mutation status.
    Zhao J; Wang YL; Li XB; Hu MS; Li ZH; Song YK; Wang JY; Tian YS; Liu DW; Yan X; Jiang L; Yang ZY; Chu JP
    J Neurooncol; 2019 Jan; 141(1):195-203. PubMed ID: 30414095
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  • 5. Whole-Tumor Histogram Analysis of Multiple Diffusion Metrics for Glioma Genotyping.
    Gao A; Zhang H; Yan X; Wang S; Chen Q; Gao E; Qi J; Bai J; Zhang Y; Cheng J
    Radiology; 2022 Mar; 302(3):652-661. PubMed ID: 34874198
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  • 6. Predicting IDH mutation status in grade II gliomas using amide proton transfer-weighted (APTw) MRI.
    Jiang S; Zou T; Eberhart CG; Villalobos MAV; Heo HY; Zhang Y; Wang Y; Wang X; Yu H; Du Y; van Zijl PCM; Wen Z; Zhou J
    Magn Reson Med; 2017 Sep; 78(3):1100-1109. PubMed ID: 28714279
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  • 7. Tumor Multiregional Mean Apparent Propagator (MAP) Features in Evaluating Gliomas-A Comparative Study With Diffusion Kurtosis Imaging (DKI).
    Zeng S; Ma H; Xie D; Huang Y; Yang J; Lin F; Ma Z; Wang M; Yang Z; Zhao J; Chu J
    J Magn Reson Imaging; 2023 Dec; ():. PubMed ID: 38131220
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  • 8. Diffusion- and perfusion-weighted MRI radiomics model may predict isocitrate dehydrogenase (IDH) mutation and tumor aggressiveness in diffuse lower grade glioma.
    Kim M; Jung SY; Park JE; Jo Y; Park SY; Nam SJ; Kim JH; Kim HS
    Eur Radiol; 2020 Apr; 30(4):2142-2151. PubMed ID: 31828414
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  • 9. Amide proton transfer-weighted imaging and derived radiomics in the classification of adult-type diffuse gliomas.
    Wu M; Jiang T; Guo M; Duan Y; Zhuo Z; Weng J; Xie C; Sun J; Li J; Cheng D; Liu X; Du J; Zhang X; Zhang Y; Liu Y
    Eur Radiol; 2024 May; 34(5):2986-2996. PubMed ID: 37855851
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  • 10. Assessing the predictability of IDH mutation and MGMT methylation status in glioma patients using relaxation-compensated multipool CEST MRI at 7.0 T.
    Paech D; Windschuh J; Oberhollenzer J; Dreher C; Sahm F; Meissner JE; Goerke S; Schuenke P; Zaiss M; Regnery S; Bickelhaupt S; Bäumer P; Bendszus M; Wick W; Unterberg A; Bachert P; Ladd ME; Schlemmer HP; Radbruch A
    Neuro Oncol; 2018 Nov; 20(12):1661-1671. PubMed ID: 29733378
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  • 11. Differentiation between high-grade gliomas and solitary brain metastases: a comparison of five diffusion-weighted MRI models.
    Mao J; Zeng W; Zhang Q; Yang Z; Yan X; Zhang H; Wang M; Yang G; Zhou M; Shen J
    BMC Med Imaging; 2020 Nov; 20(1):124. PubMed ID: 33228564
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  • 12. 3D Amide Proton Transfer-Weighted Imaging for Grading Glioma and Correlating IDH Mutation Status: Added Value to 3D Pseudocontinuous Arterial Spin Labelling Perfusion.
    Hou H; Chen W; Diao Y; Wang Y; Zhang L; Wang L; Xu M; Yu J; Song T; Liu Y; Yuan Z
    Mol Imaging Biol; 2023 Apr; 25(2):343-352. PubMed ID: 35962302
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  • 13. Mean apparent propagator-MRI in evaluation of glioma grade, cellular proliferation, and IDH-1 gene mutation status.
    Sun Y; Su C; Deng K; Hu X; Xue Y; Jiang R
    Eur Radiol; 2022 Jun; 32(6):3744-3754. PubMed ID: 35076759
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  • 14. Quantitative analysis of neurite orientation dispersion and density imaging in grading gliomas and detecting
    Zhao J; Li JB; Wang JY; Wang YL; Liu DW; Li XB; Song YK; Tian YS; Yan X; Li ZH; He SF; Huang XL; Jiang L; Yang ZY; Chu JP
    Neuroimage Clin; 2018; 19():174-181. PubMed ID: 30023167
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  • 15. World Health Organization Grade II/III Glioma Molecular Status: Prediction by MRI Morphologic Features and Apparent Diffusion Coefficient.
    Maynard J; Okuchi S; Wastling S; Busaidi AA; Almossawi O; Mbatha W; Brandner S; Jaunmuktane Z; Koc AM; Mancini L; Jäger R; Thust S
    Radiology; 2020 Jul; 296(1):111-121. PubMed ID: 32315266
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  • 16. Grading diffuse gliomas without intense contrast enhancement by amide proton transfer MR imaging: comparisons with diffusion- and perfusion-weighted imaging.
    Togao O; Hiwatashi A; Yamashita K; Kikuchi K; Keupp J; Yoshimoto K; Kuga D; Yoneyama M; Suzuki SO; Iwaki T; Takahashi M; Iihara K; Honda H
    Eur Radiol; 2017 Feb; 27(2):578-588. PubMed ID: 27003139
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  • 17. Amide proton transfer imaging to discriminate between low- and high-grade gliomas: added value to apparent diffusion coefficient and relative cerebral blood volume.
    Choi YS; Ahn SS; Lee SK; Chang JH; Kang SG; Kim SH; Zhou J
    Eur Radiol; 2017 Aug; 27(8):3181-3189. PubMed ID: 28116517
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  • 18. Applying MAP-MRI to Identify the WHO Grade and Main Genetic Features of Adult-type Diffuse Gliomas: A Comparison of Three Diffusion-weighted MRI Models.
    Wang P; He J; Ma X; Weng L; Wu Q; Zhao P; Ban C; Hao X; Hao Z; Yuan P; Hao F; Wang S; Zhang H; Xie S; Gao Y
    Acad Radiol; 2023 Jul; 30(7):1238-1246. PubMed ID: 36347664
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  • 19. The role of MR diffusion kurtosis and neurite orientation dispersion and density imaging in evaluating gliomas.
    Genç B; Aslan K; Özçağlayan A; İncesu L
    J Neuroimaging; 2023; 33(4):644-651. PubMed ID: 37170070
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  • 20. A three-component multi-b-value diffusion-weighted imaging might be a useful biomarker for detecting microstructural features in gliomas with differences in malignancy and IDH-1 mutation status.
    Cao M; Wang X; Liu F; Xue K; Dai Y; Zhou Y
    Eur Radiol; 2023 Apr; 33(4):2871-2880. PubMed ID: 36346441
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