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  • 1. Alterations of the Gut Microbiome and Fecal Metabolome in Colorectal Cancer: Implication of Intestinal Metabolism for Tumorigenesis.
    Du X; Li Q; Tang Z; Yan L; Zhang L; Zheng Q; Zeng X; Chen G; Yue H; Li J; Zhao M; Han YP; Fu X
    Front Physiol; 2022; 13():854545. PubMed ID: 35600308
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  • 2. Alteration of fecal tryptophan metabolism correlates with shifted microbiota and may be involved in pathogenesis of colorectal cancer.
    Sun XZ; Zhao DY; Zhou YC; Wang QQ; Qin G; Yao SK
    World J Gastroenterol; 2020 Dec; 26(45):7173-7190. PubMed ID: 33362375
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  • 3. Gut Microbiome and Serum Metabolome Alterations Associated with Isolated Dystonia.
    Ma L; Keng J; Cheng M; Pan H; Feng B; Hu Y; Feng T; Yang F
    mSphere; 2021 Aug; 6(4):e0028321. PubMed ID: 34346706
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  • 4. Integrative analysis of the mouse fecal microbiome and metabolome reveal dynamic phenotypes in the development of colorectal cancer.
    Liu J; Qi M; Qiu C; Wang F; Xie S; Zhao J; Wu J; Song X
    Front Microbiol; 2022; 13():1021325. PubMed ID: 36246263
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  • 5. Altered gut metabolites and microbiota interactions are implicated in colorectal carcinogenesis and can be non-invasive diagnostic biomarkers.
    Coker OO; Liu C; Wu WKK; Wong SH; Jia W; Sung JJY; Yu J
    Microbiome; 2022 Feb; 10(1):35. PubMed ID: 35189961
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  • 6. Integrated microbiome and metabolome analysis reveals a novel interplay between commensal bacteria and metabolites in colorectal cancer.
    Yang Y; Misra BB; Liang L; Bi D; Weng W; Wu W; Cai S; Qin H; Goel A; Li X; Ma Y
    Theranostics; 2019; 9(14):4101-4114. PubMed ID: 31281534
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  • 7. Fecal metabonomics combined with 16S rRNA gene sequencing to analyze the changes of gut microbiota in rats with kidney-yang deficiency syndrome and the intervention effect of You-gui pill.
    Chen R; Wang J; Zhan R; Zhang L; Wang X
    J Ethnopharmacol; 2019 Nov; 244():112139. PubMed ID: 31401318
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  • 8. Altered Fecal Microbiome and Correlations of the Metabolome with Plasma Metabolites in Dairy Cows with Left Displaced Abomasum.
    Luo Z; Yong K; Luo Q; Du Z; Ma L; Huang Y; Zhou T; Yao X; Shen L; Yu S; Deng J; Ren Z; Zhang Y; Yan Z; Zuo Z; Cao S
    Microbiol Spectr; 2022 Dec; 10(6):e0197222. PubMed ID: 36222683
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  • 9. Microbiome-metabolomic analysis of the impact of Zizyphus jujuba cv. Muzao polysaccharides consumption on colorectal cancer mice fecal microbiota and metabolites.
    Ji X; Hou C; Zhang X; Han L; Yin S; Peng Q; Wang M
    Int J Biol Macromol; 2019 Jun; 131():1067-1076. PubMed ID: 30926487
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  • 10. Aberrant gut microbiota and fecal metabolites in patients with coal-burning endemic fluorosis in Guizhou, China.
    Wang J; Yu C; Zhang J; Liu R; Xiao J
    Environ Sci Pollut Res Int; 2023 Jun; 30(27):69913-69926. PubMed ID: 37140865
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  • 11. Chronic Jet Lag Exacerbates Jejunal and Colonic Microenvironment in Mice.
    Li Q; Wang B; Qiu HY; Yan XJ; Cheng L; Wang QQ; Chen SL
    Front Cell Infect Microbiol; 2021; 11():648175. PubMed ID: 34141627
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  • 12. Surgical Treatment for Colorectal Cancer Partially Restores Gut Microbiome and Metabolome Traits.
    Shiroma H; Shiba S; Erawijantari PP; Takamaru H; Yamada M; Sakamoto T; Kanemitsu Y; Mizutani S; Soga T; Saito Y; Shibata T; Fukuda S; Yachida S; Yamada T
    mSystems; 2022 Apr; 7(2):e0001822. PubMed ID: 35311577
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  • 13. Intestinal gluconeogenesis shapes gut microbiota, fecal and urine metabolome in mice with gastric bypass surgery.
    Vily-Petit J; Barataud A; Zitoun C; Gautier-Stein A; Serino M; Mithieux G
    Sci Rep; 2022 Jan; 12(1):1415. PubMed ID: 35082330
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    Long X; Mu S; Zhang J; Xiang H; Wei W; Sun J; Kuang Z; Yang Y; Chen Y; Zhao H; Dong Y; Yin J; Zheng H; Song Z
    Shock; 2023 May; 59(5):716-724. PubMed ID: 36951975
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  • 15. Comprehensive Analysis of the Relationships Between the Gut Microbiota and Fecal Metabolome in Individuals With Primary Sjogren's Syndrome by 16S rRNA Sequencing and LC-MS-Based Metabolomics.
    Yang L; Xiang Z; Zou J; Zhang Y; Ni Y; Yang J
    Front Immunol; 2022; 13():874021. PubMed ID: 35634334
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  • 16. Longitudinal analysis of fecal microbiome and metabolome during renal fibrotic progression in a unilateral ureteral obstruction animal model.
    Hu X; Xie Y; Xiao Y; Zeng W; Gong Z; Du J
    Eur J Pharmacol; 2020 Nov; 886():173555. PubMed ID: 32937112
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  • 17. Changes in the composition of the fecal metabolome and gut microbiota contribute to intervertebral disk degeneration in a rabbit model.
    Cheng S; Yu J; Cui M; Su H; Cao Y
    J Orthop Surg Res; 2024 Jan; 19(1):6. PubMed ID: 38169417
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  • 18. Alterations of fecal microbiome and metabolome in pemphigus patients.
    Guo Z; Yiu N; Hu Z; Zhou W; Long X; Yang M; Liao J; Zhang G; Lu Q; Zhao M
    J Autoimmun; 2023 Dec; 141():103108. PubMed ID: 37714737
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  • 19. Characterization of gut microbiome and metabolome in
    White B; Sterrett JD; Grigoryan Z; Lally L; Heinze JD; Alikhan H; Lowry CA; Perez LJ; DeSipio J; Phadtare S
    World J Gastroenterol; 2021 Sep; 27(33):5575-5594. PubMed ID: 34588753
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  • 20. Potential of fecal microbiota for detection and postoperative surveillance of colorectal cancer.
    Yao Q; Tang M; Zeng L; Chu Z; Sheng H; Zhang Y; Zhou Y; Zhang H; Jiang H; Ye M
    BMC Microbiol; 2021 May; 21(1):156. PubMed ID: 34044781
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