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  • 1. Impact of Activation of
    Sznurkowski JJ; Żawrocki A; Krawczyńska N; Bieńkowski M; Wasąg B; Biernat W
    Medicina (Kaunas); 2022 Apr; 58(5):. PubMed ID: 35630004
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  • 2. EGF repeats of epidermal growth factor‑like domain 7 promote endothelial cell activation and tumor escape from the immune system.
    Pinte S; Delfortrie S; Havet C; Villain G; Mattot V; Soncin F
    Oncol Rep; 2022 Jan; 47(1):. PubMed ID: 34738625
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  • 3. The ratios of CD8+ T cells to CD4+CD25+ FOXP3+ and FOXP3- T cells correlate with poor clinical outcome in human serous ovarian cancer.
    Preston CC; Maurer MJ; Oberg AL; Visscher DW; Kalli KR; Hartmann LC; Goode EL; Knutson KL
    PLoS One; 2013; 8(11):e80063. PubMed ID: 24244610
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  • 4. Egfl7 promotes tumor escape from immunity by repressing endothelial cell activation.
    Delfortrie S; Pinte S; Mattot V; Samson C; Villain G; Caetano B; Lauridant-Philippin G; Baranzelli MC; Bonneterre J; Trottein F; Faveeuw C; Soncin F
    Cancer Res; 2011 Dec; 71(23):7176-86. PubMed ID: 22037871
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  • 5. Tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes expressing the tissue resident memory marker CD103 are associated with increased survival in high-grade serous ovarian cancer.
    Webb JR; Milne K; Watson P; Deleeuw RJ; Nelson BH
    Clin Cancer Res; 2014 Jan; 20(2):434-44. PubMed ID: 24190978
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  • 6. Characterization of immunoreactivity with whole-slide imaging and digital analysis in high-grade serous ovarian cancer.
    Jäntti T; Luhtala S; Mäenpää J; Staff S
    Tumour Biol; 2020 Nov; 42(11):1010428320971404. PubMed ID: 33169632
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  • 7. Immunotyping in tubo-ovarian high-grade serous carcinoma by PD-L1 and CD8+ T-lymphocytes predicts disease-free survival.
    Bansal A; Srinivasan R; Rohilla M; Rai B; Rajwanshi A; Suri V; Chandra Saha S
    APMIS; 2021 May; 129(5):254-264. PubMed ID: 33455015
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  • 8. CXCL13 shapes immunoactive tumor microenvironment and enhances the efficacy of PD-1 checkpoint blockade in high-grade serous ovarian cancer.
    Yang M; Lu J; Zhang G; Wang Y; He M; Xu Q; Xu C; Liu H
    J Immunother Cancer; 2021 Jan; 9(1):. PubMed ID: 33452206
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  • 9. The roles of T-lymphocyte subpopulations (CD4 and CD8), intercellular adhesion molecule-1 (ICAM-1), HLA-DR receptor, and mast cells in etiopathogenesis of pterygium.
    Beden U; Irkeç M; Orhan D; Orhan M
    Ocul Immunol Inflamm; 2003 Jun; 11(2):115-22. PubMed ID: 14533030
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  • 10. Overexpression of ICAM-1 Predicts Poor Survival in High-Grade Serous Ovarian Carcinoma: A Study Based on TCGA and GEO Databases and Tissue Microarray.
    Wang S; Yin C; Zhang Y; Zhang L; Tao L; Liang W; Pang L; Fu R; Ding Y; Li F; Jia W
    Biomed Res Int; 2019; 2019():2867372. PubMed ID: 31312656
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  • 11. Deciphering tumor immune microenvironment differences between high-grade serous and endometrioid ovarian cancer to investigate their potential in indicating immunotherapy response.
    Yang H; Gu X; Fan R; Zhu Q; Zhong S; Wan X; Chen Q; Zhu L; Feng F
    J Ovarian Res; 2023 Nov; 16(1):223. PubMed ID: 37993916
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  • 12. Endothelial Cell Activation Is Regulated by Epidermal Growth Factor-like Domain 7 (Egfl7) during Inflammation.
    Pinte S; Caetano B; Le Bras A; Havet C; Villain G; Dernayka R; Duez C; Mattot V; Soncin F
    J Biol Chem; 2016 Nov; 291(46):24017-24028. PubMed ID: 27650497
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  • 13. Patient inflammatory status and CD4+/CD8+ intraepithelial tumor lymphocyte infiltration are predictors of outcomes in high-grade serous ovarian cancer.
    Pinto MP; Balmaceda C; Bravo ML; Kato S; Villarroel A; Owen GI; Roa JC; Cuello MA; Ibañez C
    Gynecol Oncol; 2018 Oct; 151(1):10-17. PubMed ID: 30078505
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  • 14. High expression of epidermal growth factor-like domain 7 is correlated with poor differentiation and poor prognosis in patients with epithelial ovarian cancer.
    Oh J; Park SH; Lee TS; Oh HK; Choi JH; Choi YS
    J Gynecol Oncol; 2014 Oct; 25(4):334-41. PubMed ID: 25142627
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  • 15. Prognostic value of tumor PD-L1 expression combined with CD8
    Wang Q; Lou W; Di W; Wu X
    Int Immunopharmacol; 2017 Nov; 52():7-14. PubMed ID: 28846888
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  • 16. Postarrest stalling rather than crawling favors CD8(+) over CD4(+) T-cell migration across the blood-brain barrier under flow in vitro.
    Rudolph H; Klopstein A; Gruber I; Blatti C; Lyck R; Engelhardt B
    Eur J Immunol; 2016 Sep; 46(9):2187-203. PubMed ID: 27338806
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  • 17. Profound elevation of CD8+ T cells expressing the intraepithelial lymphocyte marker CD103 (alphaE/beta7 Integrin) in high-grade serous ovarian cancer.
    Webb JR; Wick DA; Nielsen JS; Tran E; Milne K; McMurtrie E; Nelson BH
    Gynecol Oncol; 2010 Sep; 118(3):228-36. PubMed ID: 20541243
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  • 18. Increased HLA-DMB expression in the tumor epithelium is associated with increased CTL infiltration and improved prognosis in advanced-stage serous ovarian cancer.
    Callahan MJ; Nagymanyoki Z; Bonome T; Johnson ME; Litkouhi B; Sullivan EH; Hirsch MS; Matulonis UA; Liu J; Birrer MJ; Berkowitz RS; Mok SC
    Clin Cancer Res; 2008 Dec; 14(23):7667-73. PubMed ID: 19047092
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  • 19. Intraepithelial CD8-positive T lymphocytes predict survival for patients with serous stage III ovarian carcinomas: relevance of clonal selection of T lymphocytes.
    Stumpf M; Hasenburg A; Riener MO; Jütting U; Wang C; Shen Y; Orlowska-Volk M; Fisch P; Wang Z; Gitsch G; Werner M; Lassmann S
    Br J Cancer; 2009 Nov; 101(9):1513-21. PubMed ID: 19861998
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  • 20. [Significance and expression of PAX8, PAX2, p53 and RAS in ovary and fallopian tubes to origin of ovarian high grade serous carcinoma].
    Mao YN; Zeng LX; Li YH; Liu YZ; Wu JY; Li L; Wang Q
    Zhonghua Fu Chan Ke Za Zhi; 2017 Oct; 52(10):687-696. PubMed ID: 29060967
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