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  • 1. Cancer incidence and mortality in Australia from 2020 to 2044 and an exploratory analysis of the potential effect of treatment delays during the COVID-19 pandemic: a statistical modelling study.
    Luo Q; O'Connell DL; Yu XQ; Kahn C; Caruana M; Pesola F; Sasieni P; Grogan PB; Aranda S; Cabasag CJ; Soerjomataram I; Steinberg J; Canfell K
    Lancet Public Health; 2022 Jun; 7(6):e537-e548. PubMed ID: 35660215
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  • 2. Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on faecal immunochemical test-based colorectal cancer screening programmes in Australia, Canada, and the Netherlands: a comparative modelling study.
    de Jonge L; Worthington J; van Wifferen F; Iragorri N; Peterse EFP; Lew JB; Greuter MJE; Smith HA; Feletto E; Yong JHE; Canfell K; Coupé VMH; Lansdorp-Vogelaar I;
    Lancet Gastroenterol Hepatol; 2021 Apr; 6(4):304-314. PubMed ID: 33548185
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  • 3. Estimating the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on diagnosis and survival of five cancers in Chile from 2020 to 2030: a simulation-based analysis.
    Ward ZJ; Walbaum M; Walbaum B; Guzman MJ; Jimenez de la Jara J; Nervi B; Atun R
    Lancet Oncol; 2021 Oct; 22(10):1427-1437. PubMed ID: 34487693
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  • 4. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on cancer deaths due to delays in diagnosis in England, UK: a national, population-based, modelling study.
    Maringe C; Spicer J; Morris M; Purushotham A; Nolte E; Sullivan R; Rachet B; Aggarwal A
    Lancet Oncol; 2020 Aug; 21(8):1023-1034. PubMed ID: 32702310
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  • 5. Trends and projections of cause-specific premature mortality in Australia to 2044: a statistical modelling study.
    Luo Q; Steinberg J; Kahn C; Caruana M; Grogan PB; Page A; Ivers R; Banks E; O'Connell DL; Canfell K
    Lancet Reg Health West Pac; 2024 Feb; 43():100987. PubMed ID: 38456088
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  • 6. Effect of delays in the 2-week-wait cancer referral pathway during the COVID-19 pandemic on cancer survival in the UK: a modelling study.
    Sud A; Torr B; Jones ME; Broggio J; Scott S; Loveday C; Garrett A; Gronthoud F; Nicol DL; Jhanji S; Boyce SA; Williams M; Riboli E; Muller DC; Kipps E; Larkin J; Navani N; Swanton C; Lyratzopoulos G; McFerran E; Lawler M; Houlston R; Turnbull C
    Lancet Oncol; 2020 Aug; 21(8):1035-1044. PubMed ID: 32702311
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  • 7. Long-term impact of HPV vaccination and COVID-19 pandemic on oropharyngeal cancer incidence and burden among men in the USA: A modeling study.
    Damgacioglu H; Sonawane K; Chhatwal J; Lairson DR; Clifford GM; Giuliano AR; Deshmukh AA
    Lancet Reg Health Am; 2022 Apr; 8():100143. PubMed ID: 34927126
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  • 8. Age-sex differences in the global burden of lower respiratory infections and risk factors, 1990-2019: results from the Global Burden of Disease Study 2019.
    GBD 2019 LRI Collaborators
    Lancet Infect Dis; 2022 Nov; 22(11):1626-1647. PubMed ID: 35964613
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  • 9. COVID-related disruptions to colorectal cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment could increase cancer Burden in Australia and Canada: A modelling study.
    Worthington J; Sun Z; Fu R; Lew JB; Chan KKW; Li Q; Eskander A; Hui H; McLoughlin K; Caruana M; Peacock S; Yong JHE; Canfell K; Feletto E; Malagón T
    PLoS One; 2024; 19(4):e0296945. PubMed ID: 38557758
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  • 10. Alternative projections of mortality and disability by cause 1990-2020: Global Burden of Disease Study.
    Murray CJ; Lopez AD
    Lancet; 1997 May; 349(9064):1498-504. PubMed ID: 9167458
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  • 11. [SENTIERI - Epidemiological Study of Residents in National Priority Contaminated Sites. Sixth Report].
    Zona A; Fazzo L; Benedetti M; Bruno C; Vecchi S; Pasetto R; Minichilli F; De Santis M; Nannavecchia AM; Di Fonzo D; Contiero P; Ricci P; Bisceglia L; Manno V; Minelli G; Santoro M; Gorini F; Ancona C; Scondotto S; Soggiu ME; Scaini F; Beccaloni E; Marsili D; Villa MF; Maifredi G; Magoni M; Iavarone I;
    Epidemiol Prev; 2023; 47(1-2 Suppl 1):1-286. PubMed ID: 36825373
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  • 12. The global, regional, and national burden of oesophageal cancer and its attributable risk factors in 195 countries and territories, 1990-2017: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2017.
    GBD 2017 Oesophageal Cancer Collaborators
    Lancet Gastroenterol Hepatol; 2020 Jun; 5(6):582-597. PubMed ID: 32246941
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  • 13. Folic acid supplementation and malaria susceptibility and severity among people taking antifolate antimalarial drugs in endemic areas.
    Crider K; Williams J; Qi YP; Gutman J; Yeung L; Mai C; Finkelstain J; Mehta S; Pons-Duran C; Menéndez C; Moraleda C; Rogers L; Daniels K; Green P
    Cochrane Database Syst Rev; 2022 Feb; 2(2022):. PubMed ID: 36321557
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  • 14. Projected prevalence and mortality associated with alcohol-related liver disease in the USA, 2019-40: a modelling study.
    Julien J; Ayer T; Bethea ED; Tapper EB; Chhatwal J
    Lancet Public Health; 2020 Jun; 5(6):e316-e323. PubMed ID: 32504584
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  • 15. Assessing COVID-19 pandemic policies and behaviours and their economic and educational trade-offs across US states from Jan 1, 2020, to July 31, 2022: an observational analysis.
    Bollyky TJ; Castro E; Aravkin AY; Bhangdia K; Dalos J; Hulland EN; Kiernan S; Lastuka A; McHugh TA; Ostroff SM; Zheng P; Chaudhry HT; Ruggiero E; Turilli I; Adolph C; Amlag JO; Bang-Jensen B; Barber RM; Carter A; Chang C; Cogen RM; Collins JK; Dai X; Dangel WJ; Dapper C; Deen A; Eastus A; Erickson M; Fedosseeva T; Flaxman AD; Fullman N; Giles JR; Guo G; Hay SI; He J; Helak M; Huntley BM; Iannucci VC; Kinzel KE; LeGrand KE; Magistro B; Mokdad AH; Nassereldine H; Ozten Y; Pasovic M; Pigott DM; Reiner RC; Reinke G; Schumacher AE; Serieux E; Spurlock EE; Troeger CE; Vo AT; Vos T; Walcott R; Yazdani S; Murray CJL; Dieleman JL
    Lancet; 2023 Apr; 401(10385):1341-1360. PubMed ID: 36966780
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  • 16. Effect of screening for cancer in the Nordic countries on deaths, cost and quality of life up to the year 2017.
    Hristova L; Hakama M
    Acta Oncol; 1997; 36 Suppl 9():1-60. PubMed ID: 9143316
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  • 17. Projections of smoking-related cancer mortality in Australia to 2044.
    Luo Q; Steinberg J; Yu XQ; Weber M; Caruana M; Yap S; Grogan PB; Banks E; O'Connell DL; Canfell K
    J Epidemiol Community Health; 2022 Jun; 76(9):792-9. PubMed ID: 35750482
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  • 18. Lung cancer mortality in Australia: Projected outcomes to 2040.
    Luo Q; Yu XQ; Wade S; Caruana M; Pesola F; Canfell K; O'Connell DL
    Lung Cancer; 2018 Nov; 125():68-76. PubMed ID: 30429040
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  • 19. Italian cancer figures--Report 2015: The burden of rare cancers in Italy.
    ; Busco S; Buzzoni C; Mallone S; Trama A; Castaing M; Bella F; Amodio R; Bizzoco S; Cassetti T; Cirilli C; Cusimano R; De Angelis R; Fusco M; Gatta G; Gennaro V; Giacomin A; Giorgi Rossi P; Mangone L; Mannino S; Rossi S; Pierannunzio D; Tavilla A; Tognazzo S; Tumino R; Vicentini M; Vitale MF; Crocetti E; Dal Maso L
    Epidemiol Prev; 2016; 40(1 Suppl 2):1-120. PubMed ID: 26951748
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  • 20. Predicted long-term impact of COVID-19 pandemic-related care delays on cancer mortality in Canada.
    Malagón T; Yong JHE; Tope P; Miller WH; Franco EL;
    Int J Cancer; 2022 Apr; 150(8):1244-1254. PubMed ID: 34843106
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